Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Video from today's training (almost 10 minutes)

Here you have it. What I wrote about in one of today's previous posts, it's all here in video (except for that PALERMO goal which happened just a few seconds before the start of this video).

One thing that is important to point out is that in this exercise, players were asked to touch the ball a maximum of two times in a row. That's why you will see DI MARIA scoring a goal but it didn't count because he touched it three straight times.


Mike said...

looks like the boys are having a good time. imagine diego's explanation if someone were to get injured like that.

Mohd said...

i am worried about the lack of friendly matches. trainings can never be as good as facing real oponents. brazil, spain, england, holland all played 3-4 friendlies and looked sharp.
i know injuries are a concern, but it is a part of football and the majority of injuries occurred in trainings.
do not like the fact that they are going to the WC with just one friendly when Maradona always complained that he cannot deliver his ideas to the team due to lack of time together..well seems he thinks he can do all in trainings. i hope he's right but i doubt it.

GK said...

It is great to see Jonas being used as a RB in training, I really hope he starts in that position.

I like the fast paced type of training matches but why don't they wear shin guards? This worries me....

Anonymous said...

jonas was everywere i love that guy you see why the newcastle fans adore him

oh maradona was the only one who didnt flinch everyone else bottled it in the SHOTGUN moment shooting at there ass's maradona took it like a man or is that like cambiasso WINK WINK lol

Anonymous said...

Perez has lost his mind. Perhaps he needs some professional assistance to overcome it.....

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez: Lionel Messi Is Second Best To Cristiano Ronaldo
The Madrid supremo has declared that CR9 is the best player in the world, over current Ballon D'or holder Lionel Messi...

"In declarations reported by Marca, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has somewhat controversially announced that "[Lionel] Messi is the second best player in the world after Cristiano Ronaldo" and ruled out any attempt by Los Blancos to ever sign the Blaugrana superstar, stating that "it would not be good to have both of them on the same team".

Perez went on to defend the club's €94 million world record purchase of Ronaldo, arguing: "Real Madrid's history has shown that the most expensive signings have always ended up being some of the cheapest in the long run in that they give us a global dimension that we have come to enjoy today."

As for some of this summer's big-name signings, the Madrid supremo labelled a decision to pursue Steven Gerrard or Cesc Fabregas as "not yet made", but did comment that the players are two of the best in their position. Perez issued similar comments about Maicon, Jesus Navas, and Angel Di Maria. "They are players I like very much but I think it is a bit premature to talk about them. What is certain is that we are going to incorporate two or three great players to complete the superb squad we already have."

Speaking of members of the current squad, the Madrid president addressed the situations of Raul, Guti, Kaka and others. About Raul, the president was extraordinarily respectful. "As the world knows, he is an institution within the club and what happens will happen. After his vacation, he will tell us what he has decided and we will accept it. This is his home and it will continue to be for life."

The same was said about Guti before Florentino went on to defend Kaka, whose signing did not live up to the very high expectations of last season. "Kaka has come after having won the Ballon D'Or and the FIFA World Player awards. He did not have luck last season with injuries but I am sure that this season he will be one our major signings."

Of other signings, Perez joked about the purchase of youngster Sergio Canales by calling it "the earliest decision that we have made" before going through the laundry list of players linked to Los Blancos that will not likely call the Bernabeu home next season. Of Franck Ribery, Perez reminded that the Frenchman "will renew with Bayern," and he said of Wayne Rooney: "We have very good players in his position." French playmaker Gourcuff was given a good review by the president. "Some say he is [Zinedine] Zidane's successor. He is a player that the club is following, like many others we believe will be the great players of tomorrow."

Speaking about Gonzalo Higuain's contract renewal with the club, the president qualified the extension as "something all of us at the club have wanted".

Finally, Perez commented on the coaching situation, calling new Blancos coach Jose Mourinho a "new force of nature" in his praise of the Special One's unwavering success wherever he goes. Perez also compared Mourinho with Barca coach Pep Guardiola, calling the Blaugrana coach "very competent and one that does Barca a lot of good, but would not do as well at Real Madrid".

Finally, Perez was asked to comment on Atletico de Madrid striker Sergio Aguero, who has long been rumoured to be on the Blancos transfer wish-list. "He is a great player who would surely do very well at Real Madrid. But he has the bad luck of playing in a position that we already have covered and the coach believes there are other positions where our need is greater."

Renjith said...


Renjith said...


Anonymous said...

Somebody is way too interested in Cambiasso's sexual orientation...

hugo said...

Reading an interview to our goalie Sergio Romero made me think of american football (gasp!). Maybe you saw the recent movie, "The Blindside" where a defensive player is coached to think that the quarterback (the player he must keep safe) is his family. Anyway, in the interview Romero says something like "my family is in the goal, and nobody is going to touch that"...

lz said...

“ Anyway, in the interview Romero says something like "my family is in the goal, and nobody is going to touch that"...

Wow, that’s intense!

Anonymous said...

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