Thursday, June 10, 2010

VERON and DI MARIA speak

Typed these answers as they were speaking earlier today, but it's only now that I can sit and translate and post them for you.

Juan Sebastián VERON

On their preparations for the World Cup:

"These have been some great days for us and for our manager. We needed to live together. To talk. To interact with each other. We did it here in Pretoria and we managed to spend a lot of time together. Physically, we have no major problems".

"Personally, I felt great this season. I had the chance to have the continuity that I didn't enjoy in previous seasons. I didn't have to do any particular physical preparation for this World Cup. More than anything else, I tried to keep a good level of fitness in these last few days".

"We are here to try and win all seven matches".

On whether there is something that worries him before the match on Saturday:

"There isn't something that worries us in particular. I think the first match is always the most difficult. Especially when it comes to the mental aspect of the game".

"I'm good. I'm calmed. I'm happy and I'm willing for the World Cup to start. To me, it'll be special because it'll be my last World Cup and I'm tasting every minute in a different way. I hope football gives me a chance to win something big. Obviously, on a more personal level, I've got other condiments that are really important and that I have deep inside, but I won't reveal them".

On how he sees Lionel MESSI, being that he is his room-mate:

"I see that he is fine. He's got a great dream and that is to win the World Cup. But I don't think it's a good thing for us to put all the pressure on his shoulders. That's why we are 23 players here. We need to be strong as a group and we need to make sure our team play as a team".

On receiving a visit from Oscar RUGGERI (World Champion in 1986):

"He came to show us his support. He is a very important figure and his visit was good for us. It is important to have his support".

NOTE: MARADONA wanted RUGGERI to be his assistant manager, but Julio GRONDONA (head of the AFA) opposed to this several times. What happened then? RUGGERI got a job as a panellist in a (pathetic) football TV show and got a press accreditation. He arrived in South Africa, entered the HPC with his press accreditation through a press entrance and then someone from Diego's staff opened a door to him (which is closed to the journalists) and RUGGERI was able to get to the training pitch, hug MARADONA and greet every single player. GRONDONA? My guess is that he is a very unhappy dinosaur right now. Of course VERON didn't want to get himself in the controversy and opted for an easy answer.

On his thoughts about Nigeria:

"They are a team that have improved a lot in recent times. Like every other African national team. They have experienced players. Some players with a great future. Most of them play in the best leagues in Europe. They are strong. They are quick. They have a very versatile team. It is tough to face them in this first match. It's going to be a very tough match".

On how much the light mood they are showing in trainings will help the team:

"I think it's important that we are happy. But it's not crucial. If the champions were the players that are always happy and always smiling, then Brazil would win every World Cup. It is important what you do on the pitch".


On Argentina's preparation:

"Even though we didn't play many friendly matches, we are training really well. We know it's not going to be easy, but we are ready and we are having a good time as a group".

On his rumoured move to Real Madrid:

"To move to Real Madrid would be something really nice for me. But I'm not thinking about that now. I'm thinking about Argentina. We've got seven matches ahead of us and I'm focused on that. I haven't spoken to MARADONA to ask for his advice yet.

"It is nice that a manager like MOURINHO has said he wants me at Real Madrid (NOTE: I thought he wasn't thinking about Real Madrid!). It makes me happy that I will have the chance to go to Real Madrid (NOTE: Again!), God willing."

On how he sees his role with the team:

"I know I'm a player that has a tendency to join the attack rather than helping in the defensive aspect of the game. But I know I have the lungs to track back and defend when the team need it".

The rest of the answers didn't have much substance.

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Joe said...

God damn i am getting really nerveus. The day is approching and i cant wait. I have been a fan of Argentina sice 1989. And each world cup have brought me tears of sadness. I pray to God that we succed.

The worst of all cups was the one of 2002. We had such a great team (even better then now in my opinion.). And we dident pass the group stages. I promised after that World cup that i would stop watching football. But hey here i am, still supporting my favorit team of all.

I really, really and honestly do not know what i will do if we win. I think it will be among the happiest times of my life.

Anonymous said...

Seba, there's no confirmation about formation but strong indication Maradona will put three strikers. And some argue using 3-4-3 formation will be dangerous and very risky. How do you see it?

- charlie -

Anonymous said...

dimaria drop the self fart worship it didnt help aguero it wont help you

you got into the best national team on earth from the number 1 footballing nation SHOW SOME GOD DARN RESPECT

maradona never ever put argentina second ££$$ has rotted the modden players brain the world cup is the pinicle stop being a ronaldo like ponce

Allan Ng said...

Mourinho didn't say exactly he will get Di Maria. He only said Di Maria will come at the right price and Benfica have to remember they are from a weaker league.

Given Spain's financial problems, I can't see Real Madrid spending big on foreigners this summer.

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