Sunday, June 13, 2010

Top 5 Argentina goal commentaries by Victor Hugo

You all remember that emotional commentary of that Diego's eternal and immortal second goal v. England in Mexico 1986. Right?

The man with the microphone, Victor Hugo MORALES, is not Argentine. He was born in Uruguay, but he's been working for a lifetime in Argentina.

Here's a great idea by a blog which has put together his best 5 commentaries of Argentina goals (or famous moments) in World Cups with a special bonus track.

I'm sure you won't care if the audio is in Spanish.

Click here and enjoy the ride!


Anonymous said...

So on which channel can I watch the games with Victor Hugo Morales commentating?

Sebastian said...

He is not on TV (never was, except for a few matches in the mid 80s). But you can listen to him on the radio.

Here's the link:

It's been what many people have tried for the first match. Unfortunately it's very difficult to synchronise his audio with the images coming from the TV.

But you can try!

Anonymous said...

Even though I could not understand most of it, it was still beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Seba, what is this I am hearing about Veron? He had a slight bump which could make him skip the next game. So who will start if he misses out on the next game? Pastore?

Pathos said...

Thank you so much for this link, Seba! El relato on the england goal still manages to stir the adrenaline, emotion and passion; it is as ingrained with that goal as the goal itself.

Pai said...

Seb, I have a picture of the Heinze goal. If you wish, i can share it.
PS: If you know anyone who can help me with getting into HPC, that'd help. I'm unable o find out when these sessions are open to public

Sebastian said...

Pai: Unfortunately, I only find out about the open training sessions once they show something on TV right before it happens. The other day, as soon as I found out, I posted something really fast on Mundo to let everyone know. I'll keep my eyes open and the minute I find out, I'll share the news with you.

If you want, you can send your picture to

Thank you very much for sharing it with all of us!

Sebastian said...

What I heard about VERON is that if he doesn't get to the Korea match 100% fit, Diego won't risk him as he would rather have him ready to face Greece.

His injury is not serious. He's got a muscle spasm in one leg.

The way I see it, I would rather have him playing against Greece than against a much faster team like Korea.

No word on who could be his replacement, though I'm leaning towards BOLATTI rather than PASTORE (not because I prefer Mario to Javier, but because if we play like on Saturday (3 at the back plus Jonas in between lines), MASCHERANO and then PASTORE and DI MARIA plus TEVEZ-MESSI-HIGUAIN, then who will we have to do some marking in midfield?). It would be a very unbalanced team in my opinion.

We have to wait until the next training session to hear the news coming from Pretoria regarding what Diego is testing.

johnny said...

Seba-thanks for the Victor Hugo link ! Great stuff !

Anonymous said...

Right, Veron now too old, his pace getting slow and quickly tired. But in this tournament, experiences can not be disregarded. Most of you choose Pastore or Maxi. Pastore, I don't know much about him. At least in national team.
In this stage, with the burden he should bear, I think it's too hard for the younger player like him.
Match against South Korea very crucial. Better for us to push for maximum point (win), so we can little bit relax in final match against Greece. If the team achieve 6 point, Maradona could test several player in starting line-up like Pastore, Milito, Aguero, Otomendi. That's what I think.

- charlie -

Anonymous said...

I little concerned about Di Maria display. With the line-up that Maradona drew against Nigeria, it seems too much attacking player reduced his role. Tevez take advantage from Di Maria position. Messi playing free role was absolutely right and brilliant. Too many attacking players would jeopardize the balance of team. Maradona must sacrifice one. Whether Jonah, di Maria or Tevez. Tevez unlikely happened. Maybe Jonah or Maria.

- Charlie -

NINAN said...

It seems my criticism (filled with sarcasm) of Maradona's selection policy did not go down well with some of our friends. They even questioned whether Seba had the strength of character to admit his mistakes if proved wrong. I think Seba's fitting reply should settle the issue. Seba was absolutely right in saying that no player or coach is above the national team. We are not fans of any particular player or coach. We are proud fans of the Argentine National football team, though we may have personal likes and dislikes regarding particular players or coaches. But that is strictly based on footballing reasons. It is our love for the Albiceleste that unites us in this blog though we may be hailing from different nations. I am, and will always remain an ardent fan of the Albiceleste. Irrespective of whoever plays for Argentina, I want the team to win always, and whoever scores for Argentina (whether it is Heinze, Palermo, Veron or Garce), deserves to be cheered for and congratulated. And that is exactly what we all do when we watch the Argentine team in action. My opinions regarding a particular player is not based on the heroics in a single game, it is based on the performance over a period of time, and I guess that is exactly why Seba said that his opinion of Heinze will not change only on the basis of his brilliant goal against Nigeria. I don't mind if my favorite players (D.Milito, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Pastore, Banega etc) are not called up for the national team or not picked up in the starting 11, as long as it is based on footballing sense and reasoning. The selection or exclusion should not be based on personal favoritism or grudges or because someone appeared in the Coach's dream (Garce). If a coach does that, that means he is putting himself above the National team. And that is exactly why I have a problem with Maradona's selection policy. I still adore Maradona the player, the best footballer ever, who gave me immense happiness by lifting the '86 World cup. Having said all this, I will be the happiest man, if Maradona makes me look stupid and proves me wrong by lifting the 2010 FIFA world cup. When it comes to my passion for Argentine football, I consider the Argentine team much above my personal opinions. Vamos Argentina.


johnny said...

Applause for NINAN. Eloquent, though the sarcastic piece was much funnier. Saludos !

Anonymous said...

pastore i dout that more likley bolatti as he is a deep passing player like veron but pastore if they feel korea are weak enough to risk it

the scum of argentina just came on for italy

Anonymous said...

those talking COMPLETE AND UTTER SHIT OF VERON please look up how many meters he covered at altitude vs nigera

i rest my case

Anonymous said...

veron was going to play many sweet long balls but felt the altitude wasnt helping they stayed with the short passing

veron clearly the on pitch coach talking to diego all match genius at work

please keep OPINIONS TO ONES SELF i prefer the FACTS verons a god

Anonymous said...

after seing the games till today, i think Argentina managed once again to get the toughets group, after the brazil group!

ok, nigeria was much weaker i thought, but the other african teams are even weaker. australia, slowenia also a total joke.

ok, Argentina's group is not really hard, but still once again: fuck fifa!

i want an Argentina-Germany quarterfinal. After the yesterday germany game i am sure we will beat them. 1:0 with a header from heinze after corner from veron, but this time we will hold the advantage till the end.

till now it seems there is little violence on the pitch, which surprises me. i know it will change. the problem is that Argentine players got usually fouled very much, not only messi. i really pray everyday no one gets injured and the referees don't screw us. i don't fear anything else!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how Houllier thought that Di Maria was fantastic on the left!!! I mean, what is it that those "specialists" (altho I can't deny Houllier probably knows more about football than most of us) see that we don't!!!
It is strange!

Mohd said...

germany looked very strong. yes they were playing "only" australia, but there midfield is very strong.
our midfield on the other hand was a joke against "only" nigeria. so unless the midfield improves A LOT we would have no chance against teams like germany.

Mohd said...

last Anonymous and everyone else,

stop bashing DiMaria. he fulfilled his role defensively to the max. that is why Heinzi was safe during the match because he got a very decent support from DiMaria.

now with Tevez in the team there was no way you will see DiMaria much in attack because this will leave even more gaps in the midfield.

if Tevez is droppped to the bench next match (which i doubt since maradona loves his friends), then only you will see DiMaria in attack.

and that was also the reason Jonas was so much exposed. tevez did not support him in defense and he was left alone facing overlaps all night long.

Anonymous said...


of course germany is strong. but they disqualified themselves possible winning the cup because they were so stupid to score 4 goals in the first game. now i hope they score 6 against serbia, then they will score nothing from the quarterfinal on.

and i can't italy what luck italy has. the easiest group, and they they play possibly japan in the 1/8, and we must maybe face france.

this year luck MUST be again on our side, it must be.


JoeGergi said...

I always use my name "Joe" when writing a comment, But ive seen we have been joined by another "Joe", sow from now on i will use my full namne when commenting. "JoeGergi"

On the other hand check out this article. What baffeled me was in the en when a journalist asked Bolatti if he is ready to fill in for Veron?

Bolatti responded:

"I am ready to to come in and do whatever the boss wants me to do. I am a winger essentially but I can fill whichever role the coach wants me to," he told reporters.

I am winger essentially?!!!?

Can anyone verifie if he played as a winger, or on occasion plays as a winger?!!

Anonymous said...

Mohd, take it easy will you? Where did you see me bashing Di Maria? I was asking a question.... some ppl are just unbelievable, cool down man!

Mohd said...

by bashing i meant criticism, i think i used the wrong word...

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