Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday's picture special

Apologies to everyone because of the delay on posting this. Another Mundo Albiceleste reader, Craig, has sent us his pictures from Argentina-Nigeria and he wanted us to share them all with you.

He did send those pics before the South Korea match but with so much going on lately for us, we couldn't quite post them on time.

Here they are now.

I have really enjoyed these quality pics. Especially the almost frame-by-frame slideshow of Gabriel HEINZE's goal!

Thank you Craig!


Sebastian said...

Paraguay have won and all the South American teams have at least one win in the tournament, whilst they are all undefeated.

Pressure's on Brazil now. But I'm sure they'll win. They have to! We will all be hoping for it, right? South American unity and all that? ;)

Happy father's day to those of you who have been blessed with a son or a daughter. And happy father's day to each and everyone of your fathers.

johnny said...

How about Crazy Ray's France !!?? What a mess !! France should have deep sixed him long ago. And, why would you announce that a new coach would take over AFTER the WC and leave Domenech in for the WC ? All this plus the obvious cheat to beat out Ireland. Un quilombo !!

Sebastian said...

They are a disgrace. Not only they got to South Africa when they shouldn't have, but they now 'honour' the World Cup like this?

This is nothing less than exactly what DOMENECH deserves. A manager that will check the zodiac signs in order to call up players for the national team deserves to be guillotined to give him a French punishment! haha! Of course I'm figuratively speaking, people!

But I couldn't help thinking, because I love conspiracy theories...

Now the French team is in complete disarray. They hate each other. Some of the players hate GOURCUFF, there is no cohesion whatsoever in that team and the dressing room is of course a mess. Manager knows he'll be out regardless of his results in this World Cup and now the team will not be training ahead of their match against South Africa.

Now we all know no host has ever been knocked out in the group stage. Wouldn't you think they have a chance now? What if there's a winner between URU and MEX? And what if this whole mess in France's camp is the perfect excuse for South Africa to score more than a few goals against Les Bleus?

Hmmm...all of a sudden...a draw gets tastier and tastier for Mexico, it doesn't matter if they have to face ARG. They need to survive first!

Am I seeing ghosts?

andaman said...

Nice pics of Heinze goal.

link to nice pics of the game with S. Korea.

Wow, France is really in a mess.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Maradona will use Messi-Milito-Aguero in front. In middle, Veron-Maria-Bolatti and backline Otamendi-Burdisso-Demichelis-Rodriguez.


rey said...

@ charlie

that sounds like a good line up.. I am glad to see messi playing, remember we have not qualified yet to the next round.

And i want to keep this winning mentality, which four years ago we drew our last game against holland, then beat mexico in extra time.. and u know the rest.

So lets keep winning..

Azideane said...

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