Saturday, June 05, 2010

Red hot Pipita shines in practice as TEVEZ starts

Diego MARADONA said it many times before departing to Pretoria. He said he already had his team in his mind and his starting XI was something everybody could memorise.

But there is also something Diego did many times: contradict himself!

In that regard, the first tactical training that took place in Pretoria (the first week they used it to acclimatise and to rest) and there were changes to that starting XI Diego revealed on TV the day he announced the list of 30 players.

He said: "ROMERO will be my keeper. I will play with OTAMENDI, DEMICHELIS, SAMUEL and HEINZE. MASCHERANO in the middle of the park, VERON next to him. DI MARIA and Jonas on the flanks. MESSI up front together with HIGUAIN".

Well...the first formal training match saw a slightly different set up. No OTAMENDI, replaced by TEVEZ and with Jonas doing a double task: right midfielder when we attack - right back when we defend.

So MESSI-TEVEZ-HIGUAIN move up front.

Jonas (joining the back three if needed, but starting as a midfielder)-MASCHERANO-VERON-DI MARIA

The result?

That team beat the substitutes (without Diego MILITO and Ariel GARCE -recovering from minor injuries-) 4-0, with MESSI scoring one and HIGUAIN getting a hat-trick.

Will this be Diego's preferred choice to face Nigeria next Saturday?

Would you be happy if that was the case?


GK said...

I'm not sure if we will see all of Messi, Tevez and Higuian starting against Nigeria (though it isn't a bad idea) but I would absoultely love if Jonas was to start at right back. I've said it before and I actually talked about this earlier today with my brother, Jonas would be way better suited as a RB than midfield on the national team. He can bring a defensive attack on the flank, something we lack. I'm not sure if Otamendi can provide the kind of style and attack as Jonas can on the wing.

Needless to say I am hopeing for a starting back four of;


....yes, Heinze.

Anonymous said...

Any info on what formation did the substitutes line up in and who played where? Did they try to mimic how Nigeria, Korea or Greece would play?

Anonymous said...

So I guess, besides playing the role of strikers, both Messi and Tevez would have the license to roam? Messi to create and Tevez to track back defensively and win the ball back when we lose possession.

koma said...

I always thought that 4-3-3 suits the team better than 4-2-2...

Tim said...

I must admit, I would be very happy with Diego if he decided to use this lineup. So much more creativity would be possible.

sirus said...

I like this line up. This formation more creative more offensive more fixable than Mara's old 4-4-2. I want see to Burdisso in RB or LB, Milito in CF...

My ideal formation...

Jonas---Masche---Veron---Di Maria

Anonymous said...

i see mario kempes in higuain...have anybody of u guys have noticed it?

mamun said...

this formation is not bad..but if this doesnt work out he should try 4-3-3

Abs said...

That would be the best formation for the group stage round. We should just give more caution on our first game against Nigeria, coz those guys are very fast. And it would be hard to cover a counter attack with our slow defenders.

batigol9 said...

this would work in the first round but against tougher opponents u need Otamendi+Jonas to block the midfield/defense or else we will be fried on counterattacks just like the last loss vs Brazil.

Anonymous said...

A month ago when Diego announced the 23 players I thought this would be the best lineup. Its true we would be a little shaky on defense but in my view this lineup guarantees at least a goal a match. Also we are Argentina, let´s play like Argentina not like the defensive minded Italy. I like it...I like it alot.

Craig said...

Hi Seba
Was wondering if you know anything about gaining access to the training/practices at the HPC in Pretoria? I arrive in Jozi on Thursday and plan on making some trips to see if we can watch the team (and hopefully even meet a few)!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Batigol9. This formation is an attacking formation. It's actually supposed to be the formation in the second half in our first round games against weak teams. Let me confirm it, we should try this only against teams who are not in our class. We can't use this against the big 7 countries.

Actually I see this more of 4-3-3 than 3-4-3. It will be extremely similar to that of Barca. I think Maradona is trying to figure out how to make Messi reach his Barca form. This is the role of the Argentina team:
GK VALDEZ -> Romero
DL ABIDAL -> Heinze
DC PUYOL -> Demichelis
DC Pique -> SAMUEL
WR ALVES -> Gutierrez (a bit forward)
MCR XAVI -> Veron
MCL Iniesta -> DI MARIA
FLC Pedro -> TEVEZ
FRC MESSI -> Messi

The ones with capped are stronger in head-to-head. Barca, in my opinion, are better in 6 positions including Messi. Messi of Barca is better than Messi of Arg, right? Pep is also better than Maradona. But the supporting casts are not that far behind. Samuel, Mascherano, Di Maria, Tevez, and Higuain are among the best in their positions.

Mike said...

I would like to see this at some point in the tournament.

---maxi-----Masche---Di Maria---

It's really hard to pick our strikers.. We have so much tallent up front. I think the key upfront is chemestry and not being greedy... Messi, milito, higuain, tevez and kun all need to realize it doesn't matter who puts the ball in the back of the net, as long as it's an albiceleste shirt with that last touch. We must function and move as a team not as individuals in order to win the world cup.

4 days, 4 days!! I can't wait

GK said...

More training session videos....

Anonymous said...

im a little worried about our defense and fast counterattacking teams. Was samuel and demichelis playing when we lost to brazil last time? Nobody in our back four is very fast

Anonymous said...

the referee of Argentine-Nigeria is the GERMAN Wolfgang Stark. could be better if you ask me. However in the group stage i think the referees are not so important than later. what do you think about him and that he is german? I mean, Argentina has a rivarly with germany, no doubt about it.


Sebastian said...

Thanks for the info, Vitalij. I tell you one thing about STARK. He was the referee when Lionel MESSI scored 4 against Arsenal in the Champions League quarterfinals at the Camp Nou.

Don't mean a thing if you ask me, but some people would see this as a good omen.

I tend to trust all referees and think of them as honest professionals, but time and time again it seems like I was proven to be very naive because you see how some teams (home teams or big teams) get every call going their way.

However, if your team plays better than the opposition, there is only so much a ref can do to hurt your chances.

I don't want to think about the ref as of yet.