Thursday, June 17, 2010

ARG 4-1 KOR : Highlights & Goals


Anonymous said...

Dan said,
Our team is loaded with talent for scoring, midfield. We need to sort out the defense a little. My recommendation is this for Greece. You rest Mascherano. We don't need him to pick up a card so why play him if we have a good chance of winning against Greece without him? So lineup the following.
Clemente Otamendi Burdisso Garce (no jonas 2 yellows, rest Samuel, Demichelis sucks, Heinze has a yellow)

Pastore Bolatti DiMaria (Pastore needs to be discovered before the knock out stages and needs the experience)

Tevez, Messi, Higuain (I would play them for 50-60 minutes. These guys need minutes together to gel even more. Then replace Messi and Higuain with Milito and Aguero. I would even pull out Tevez, for Palermo, but this is where you can really benefit from having a Lavezzi instead of the mule Palermo)

Anonymous said...

We will not lose Masche or anyone with one yellow if they get another yellow with Greece, playoffs start with a clean slate. Right?

Sebastian said...

Nope. That's not correct. If one of our booked players sees yellow again v. Greece, then they will miss out on our second round match.

They only clear the disciplinary record after the eight-finals.

So don't expect to see MASCHERANO or HEINZE on the pitch v. Greece.

I also hear that after the semifinals, all cards are cleared again. They do this in an attempt not to miss out on a big start suspended for the final (like what happened to CANIGGIA for us in 1990 among others and I'm sure there are other examples in recent World Cups).

salvio supporter said...

Well I guess I'll finally get to see Clemente for Heinze, but Heinze has been doing great... who would have said so?

M3SS! said...

It is outrageous to even think that higuain is better than Milito coz of this hattrick. If we see last two games, higuain was easily one of Argentina's worst players. The three goals he scored yesterday were absolute freebies in my opinion. Even yesterday, he missed sitters like he always does. Now some smarta$$es are gonna compare a guy who played 160 minutes with a guy who played 10 mins. In this first 80 minutes, he was the WORST player of the team. Period.

rey said...

Greece will be a tough game. They play defensive
. we need to atleast draw

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