Friday, June 11, 2010

So, what do you do to kill time?

How are you waiting the game?

What are you doing to kill the nervousness and the anxiety?

What time will it start at your corner of the world?

What will be your ritual?

Who will you watch it with?

Any superstitions?

What will you be wearing for the game?

Come on, people! Share this agony with us, please!


Anonymous said...

i'm going crazy!!!! I'm going to my local argentine bar in costa mesa, ca wearing my albiceleste jersey with my family!!! VAMOS ARGENTINA

TQ said...

Man I can't not wait I didn't sleep since yesterday I'm so excited couldn't fall asleep
Now I wanna go to sleep to kill time but I can't by the way I'm haitian.. I lost a lot of family members on the earthquake now argentina can make a smile in my face
Ima be watchin it with friends I don't speak spanish vamosssss argentina

Anonymous said...

I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight, after getting up early (by my standards!) for the opening match. Very early start tomorrow morning for South Korea against bloody Greece though.

I'm not that nervous yet, but I will be come kick off because I'm watching the big match with an American, and if we slip up at all I know he'-

Oh, the ARGENTINA game.

No idea where I'll watch it yet, perhaps a cafe in San Telmo or I might head up to Plaza San Martín to watch it on the big screen. A lot will depend on how awake I feel after the first game of the day. I'll be wearing my Argentina shirt for their game, then rushing home to change into my England shirt as soon as it's over. Just hope both games are better than Uruguay vs France was today!

Anonymous said...

its a long day here and i am wearing my long sleeved shirt to show all and the k.o time is really bad at 2.00am and surprisingly im not happy about it.
im getting very excited but also nervious.
vamos argentina

Anonymous said...

I'll be taking my 5 yr old to her last futbol practice of the Spring season about 10 minutes after the game is scheduled to begin. I'm letting her wear my lucky Albicelestes t-shirt - the one I bought the day before the Italy semifinal in Naples. I'll tape the game and pray the boys play well.

Vamos Argentina !

Anonymous said...

i never wear my argentina shirt during a game its been bad luck for me but always around games/tourements just not during a game, i also kiss the badge 3 times thats usualy a good one in terms of results,i always watch alone or in small group never in pubs public etc its dear to me i focus its something personal that iv waited for (ill be in bedroom hd tv and hd sky satalite box) recording it also,,thats about it oh 3pm im in uk right in the center of england city of leicester witch is next to nottingham probably more nown to yoy OUTSIDER'S lol for the robin hood (made up crap lol)thing,all family freinds etc are going to be following england obviously of course my country winning would be cool but im argentina thru and thru to the end noone's guna change that i was 14 in 1986 and then i watched argentina dominate in copas youth but sadly not wc,i couldnt live with brazil getting ALL the luck again it will kill me seriously iv had it up to here with brazils luck i cannot take any more,its time the hex ended there the best nation on earth at this game and we have messi its got to hapen no more bad luck from the gods we have paid enough argentina need that consistency back like the 80s 90s 70s and earler in the last centery we got to get back on top if argentina win this and copa and next olyimpics theres no douting whos number 1 its trime for domination and the respect of the world

olympic records most winners/all time top scorer/best possesion% all argentina

copa america again argentina dominate,youth woreld cup again best records top scorer all time 6x u20s champions south american champions league again argentina no 1 and look at europe champ leage uefa cup spain england italy its all about the argentina players

this cup is ares god damb it so go get it boys VAMOS ARGENTINA

GK said...

I am born and raised in Canada. I am of Italian decent. I have never been to Argentina (yet). But my father was born and raised in Buenos Aires. We (myself and my brother and sister) have been brought up to cheer and support the Albiceleste no matter who the opponent. My first memory of football is the penalty shootout against Italy in Italia 90. That is a moment I will never forget and that is the moment I truly fell in love with the white and sky blue.

I love football on every level but it is really special to me when Argentina plays because it becomes more than just a game. When Argentina plays it is always a family celebration. Whether it be a friendly, an U20 match or a World Cup competition.

Anytime the Albiceleste take the pitch there is a party at my fathers house. We go there wearing our shirts, waveing our flags and cheering on our men in blue and white.

We have waited a long time since we were left in tears (literally) in 2006, and tomorrow will be a very very special day for me and my family. Kick off is around 10am our time but I will be at my dad's house for 7am sharp. I will be wearing my long sleeve South Africa Messi jersey, scarf around my neck and full size flag in my hand.

I can really go on forever about our traditions when it comes to the national team but I would be up all night typing when I really want to get to bed so tomorrow comes sooner. Just ask John, I have told him about the parties we have when Argentina plays in the past. Tomorrow will be no different.....


Anonymous said...

some great fans in here. So does anybody know if we are going to line up with messi, higuain AND tevez up front???

SunnY said...

The match starts at 8 Pm local time over here in Bangladesh. We will all be watching the match at a local cafe on a huge tv screen. Most people in Bangladesh are Argentina supporters including me. We are very passionate about the team. I will be wearing the Argentina jersey and be carrying the flag in my hand to cheer the team. VAMOS ARGENTINA....!!

lz said...

Great story, GK. I can almost envision you and your folks wrapped in white/sky blue. Such a great family tradition and passion for the ARG squad merits an albiceleste victory tomorrow--just for you up there in Canada, in your family's honor! You guys should not emerge from that loud TV-room (I can hear it ;-) without having witnessed at least a 3-1 win. My forecast is a 2-1 for us, but I'm sure we'll all be equally happy with that.

For us in California will be an early rise: 7:00 am kickoff. There will be just 3 of us in my house, but will chant like a million. My all-American neighbors were conveniently warned ;-) They laughed, and said that very likely will end up joining in "to finally learn what real good 'football' is all about"! Got to love them!

Vamos Argentina!

Anonymous said...

As an American with an Argentine father I've always supported the sky blue and white. My first memory was also the 90 copa. Goycochea made me want to be a keeper. Alas, my 5'9" frame would not allow it, hence center mid. I've watched every copa with my tio and this will be the first as I recently moved to North Carolina and he still lives in Miami. Watching the Albiceleste without him will be difficult, to say the least. However, we haven't won while we were watching so maybe this is what it takes. I've been a follower of Mundo since the '06 World Cup. Seba, Roy, & John do a great job and please keep up the good work. Vamos Argentina!


lz said...

Go SunnY go! A big transnational "hello" for you and your Bangladeshi friends over there. Thanks for your support! (smart people there in Bangladesh, I can see that! :-)

Sebastian said...

I've found a picture of an Albiceleste street in Bangladesh!

Scroll down to the second entry from the top and see the picture at the end of it.

Luc, you speak Spanish so you can also read the article if you feel like it.

It's almost 3 AM now in Buenos Aires. I better go to be now if I want to watch our Group B rivals playing each other very early in the morning.

Argentina_fan_from_India said...

Match starts here at 7.30 pm in the evening. I have been supporting Argentina from the year 1986!! In fact there are lots of people in Kerala ( A small state in India) support Argentina!

Read this report to understand how passionate we are :-)


Carlos said...

i'm korean, born in argentina, living in LA. i'm staying up to watch the Korea-Greece game at 4:30am with my 2006 Korea home jersey, then i will switch to my brand new Albiceleste Messi #10 jersey to watch THE GAME at 7am. a couple of friends are coming over. we will have some breakfast to celebrate the argentina victory and then watch the US-England game. Then comes sleep.

as for the korea-argentina game on the 17th. Vamos, Vamos Argentina!

Tanguero said...

I take my mind off by listening to tango music.

p2bn said...

I have to be at work till 3 which is when the match starts and then I have to do a 100m sprint to come home which is 3-4 mins away. In a way this is good cause oh my god! my head and my heart are killing me, one is full of hope and the other is it might just get bad like those brazilian matches. Man, it's tooo much. And the decision to stop the chat is a good idea, we really need to enjoy the game to the fullest.

By the way Seba, maybe you should post some permanent post at the top for the links . The myp2p links are always the best and they have a forum where all the pre-recorded matches can be downloaded in hd. So if someone missed it, they could simply go there and download in 720p hd :)

Vamos Argentina

Anonymous said...

in germany we have the perfect time to watch the games! today Argentina kicks off at 4.00 pm, couldn't get better.

i have a theory: the only wc-hosts FIFA allows are:

1: germany
2: countries with the same time-zone as germany

i will the Argentina game with other russian friends, many of them also support Argentina, but i am by far the biggest fan.

i am surprised that i am not much nervous. but i am really absolutely convinced we will easily progress to the 1/8. and also the group-stage doesn't give me the chill the ko-games have.


Martín said...

I'm a little nervous, but since I am a university student in the middle of the exams the game should be relaxing to me. Unless Nigeria turns out to be stronger than I thought...

I think I'll prepare a good mate (which none of my Belgian friends here like to drink) and put on my leather hat I've been wearing forever since I've bought it in SALTA, Argentina :-)

Mikey said...

I'm glued to the TV watching TyC Sports and ESPN checking for updates constantly. I also have Pro Evolution 2010, so been playing that and having torneos at my house with friends haha!

Argentina plays at 11am here in Buenos aires, my ritual is to get really hammered of Antares and Quilmes beer with my friends and hope for the best ;)

I'll be probably watching it in San Telmo at my friend's new bar "The Northside." If anyone is in Buenos Aires and wants to meet up, its on the corner of Venezuela y Bolivar.



OM said...

I'm here in Gainesville,a little college town about 380 miles from Miami,Florida,USA .Kick of is in an hour or so.I can't wait !Watching the Greece-Korea game but with my mind on the important one.
I was about to wear the national shirt but my son was faster than me.

Messi to score.

Vamos Argentina !!!!

lz said...


thank you so much for the reference:

Wow, that was beautiful and the pictures moving, really. If anyone reads Spanish, I strongly recommend a visit to the site above. Caparrós is a "maestro," big time. Thanks!

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