Friday, June 25, 2010

News from training. Any ideas of our lineup?

It seems Diego is still to make up his mind regarding the starting XI.

When Friday's training session started, Jonas played as a RB and VERON played in the middle. Exactly the same lineup we started with when we faced Nigeria.

Later on, Diego tried Nicolás OTAMENDI at RB and Maxi RODRIGUEZ in the middle. A lineup that we never tried entirely. It looked like this: ROMERO; OTAMENDI, DEMICHELIS, SAMUEL, HEINZE; Maxi RODRIGUEZ, MASCHERANO, DI MARIA; MESSI, TEVEZ and HIGUAIN.

Nothing decided yet. I will keep updating when I hear something relevant.

Oh, by the way, I'm leaning towards the option with OTAMENDI and Maxi as I think it's a much more balanced team than the other.


Anonymous said...

why not get rid of demichelis and put burdisso in?

Anonymous said...

OTAMENDI,MAXI I like. Demichelis alone is crap, with Samuel he is a lot better.

Apocalyptic Creator said...

well I would start with Otamendi/Clemente as RB and Veron+Mascherano in the middle.
Maxi in for veron in the 2nd half.

Abs said...


Abs said...


Sparrow said...

With Otamendi and Maxi inteaad of Jonas and Veron the team appears to be more balanced indeed

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
Are you guys watching the same games I am????? Why the hell would anyone want Veron in the starting 11. Even Veron fans must admit he played like crap...Seba, can someone break down the stats of how many bad passes he has had in these two games and how many completed passes... This is now 1 and done. You lose, you go home...Mexico is fast, and Veron, in there starting 11 is their only chance of being competitive.

Argentina_fan_from_India said...

Juan Sebastian Veron both made (153) and completed (131) the most passes in a #worldcup What’s happening? game since 1966. Extraterrestrial. #arg Argentina #gre Greece

Sebastian said...

Dan. According to FIFA's official statistics.

VERON completed 50 of his 68 passes v. Nigeria (ran 8621) and one of those passes was an assist for HEINZE's goal.

Against Greece: 118 completed passes of his 151 attempts.

Ran 10.8 km.

On the basis of passes completed, I think his average is quite high and very good indeed.

I'm not a fan or a hater. I'm just thinking, objectively, that with Maxi in the team, we have more balance. I don't know. It's my impression.

Duong Nguyen said...

I would prefer to play Jonas or Bolatti as a midfield beside Mascherano, Otamendi/Burdisso as RB. The fantastic 4: Lio, Angelito, Carlitos, & Pipita would be enough for goals.

Anonymous said...

Veron? Oh hell no. He really slows the game down to a complete halt. The passing is average at best 'coz strikers like Milito can while away their time trimming their finger-nails when Veron is around.

If that's not worse, I haven't found him attacking with a spirit to reclaim lost balls or intercept passes. If Messi is our firework, Veron is the rain pouring down.

I'd love to stand corrected but I don't think its happening.

Mohd said...

Perfect, just pleaaaaaase play Pastore instead of Tevez...this will be my dream lineup of the current team.

Anonymous said...

I read the latest news. It's almost confirmed: Romero; Otamendi, Demichelis, Samuel, Heinze; Mascherano, Maxi, Di Maria; Tevez, Messi, Higuain.

For me, it's the strongest line up we can possibly have. Gutierrez as right back is only against weaker teams. Otamendi, Demi, Samuel, and Heinze are proven. We won't be vulnarable on opponents counter attacks with them.

I'm glad, though, that it's Maradona's third favorite player, Gutierrez that is sacrificed. Before the WC, Tevez was supposed to be on the bench. Then the rumour says that Di Maria will be sacrificed for Gutierrez. I'm really glad that's not the case.

I also notice that Maradona's coaching decision is improving. He dares to leave Gutierrez and especially his real leader, Veron on the bench for the sake of the team. That's good.

I think Mexico will have difficulties scoring against us. It's just now up to Messi, Di Maria, Tevez, and Higuain to score.

For those who demand too many changes...I'll remind you, let this Argentina team build their chemistry. 1-2 changes at most for the worst players of the team is OK, but not 4-5 changes of the winning team.


GK said...

My main concern/worry is our backline, and when I say backline I mean Demichelis. I think it is time for Diego to sit him and give the others a chance. Demichelis has faltered in all three group matches and we can't afford another slip in the knockout rounds. I even had an actual nightmare last night that we were up 2-0 to Mexico and Demichelis had an own goal, and Maybe, but I'm really hopeing he is on the bench against Mexico.

I have been flirting with different back four lines in my head the past couple of days, maybe you guys also have some opinions?




....there are a few others but I'm sure you all get the idea.


Mohd said...

guys, no way Maradona will drop Veron. No way!

Duong Nguyen said...

@GK: I had the same nightmare (1-3 by a hattrick of Guille Franco). Wish we two were totally wrong :( Knock, knock, knock.

GK said...

I guess before I hit 'publish comment' I mistakenly deleted a part of my post, the nightmare part. As I was saying....

We were up 2-0 to Mexico and Demichelis had an own goal, and then later in the match he had another slip and aloud Mexico to equalize. I coudln't believe it and I was so so relieved when I woke up and relaized it was a dream, it seemed so real. Sounds dumb maybe but I just really hope Maradona doesn't allow this to become reality and starts Otamendi or Burdisso in his place.

Mohd said...

seems spain are going first after all. damn that saudi referee who screwed switzerland against chile.

and the hell with diver torres who keeps climbing my list of most hated players.

now hope chile advances as second at least. they were playing a great first half!

johnny said...

I heard Veron will sit.

Anonymous said...

veron out and pastore in is what i want and also no maxi, he also is to slow.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice move Diego! Veron, sit down so that we can all have a better chance at kissing that cup we so deserve.

Maru said...

Dan, Veron actually has the most passes out of everyone, and most importantly, the most completed passes out of everyone. I think him being in midfield makes it more noticeable if he loses the ball, but really he's had very good games.

I think he is very important for the team in terms of mentality, and leadership, and most important decision making in the pitch. Though the negative side is that he is slower than the rest.

Which is why I stand by the decision of leaving him out of the Mexico game, which requires a more fast paced midfield. For other matches (like example, against Spain) Veron would be very important, but against Mexico I think other players are more important.

So I think it's important that Maradona makes changes and approaches each game different. Because each team is different and therefore requires changes.

I like the team that he set up in training. I would actually change Demichelis though in the defense (really happy that he left Jonas out, he was my main concern). But I don't see him doing that since that would kind of translate as Demichelis losing the little confidence he gained back after scoring the goal.

Anonymous said...

i hav been dreaming of that line up since b4 we played s.korea, guys we cant win wc if we gona use guiterez as RB,YES he's tall and tough bt got no experience in that possition,i ll prefer him play sub wth maria or maxi,,seriously we dont need veron unless our formation is 4-4-2 where he will be replacing pastore where is need,,,,,im a new fun in givivg out my comment bt had been reading mundo albiceleste since may 2008

Anonymous said...

i hav been dreaming of that line up since b4 we played s.korea, guys we cant win wc if we gona use guiterez as RB,YES he's tall and tough bt got no experience in that possition,i ll prefer him play sub wth maria or maxi,,seriously we dont need veron unless our formation is 4-4-2 where he will be replacing pastore where is need,,,,,im a new fun in givivg out my comment bt had been reading mundo albiceleste since may 2008

p2bn said...

Dam Nightmares!!!I sure hope I don't see Argentina winning in my dream cause as far as I remember, every time I see them winning; we get smashes to smithereens. About the formation, we should not play veron, demi or jonas in wrong position. Man, 1 and half day to go. I sure hope I won't have to be pissed on my birthday on Monday.

Vamos Argentina

Maru said...

Thinking it through, I think Veron has to play against Mexico. At least he should start playing at least. He's the player that kind of takes charge of the game, he's the decision-maker on the pitch, he's kind of like the coach there haha.
And according to FIFA's statistics he's the player with the most completed passes, and most of them to Messi. He's important, he not only makes Messi play but he makes the entire team play.

If we have to control our side of the pitch amd keep posession of the ball - which we do - it's important that he plays. What I'm not sure about is who goes out for him...

I don't know, really tough. I'm too nervous about sunday, I'm really not confident. Mexico seem to really want to get revange and they are really gonna go out to win this. =S
Plus Mexico always plays better against the "bigger" teams. They seem to always play really well against Argentina, and they are going to want to make history here. Ahhhh

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to sleep for the last 2 nights. This game is giving me nightmares. Why couldn't we face France or South Africa?

I know Mexico is not Brazil, but for some reason I am feeling so uneasy, especially after what happened in 2006 and the Copa 2007. What are the odds of beating a good but not great team in big games thrice in a row?

GK said...

Argentina 2
Mexico 0

Faith my friends, FAITH!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with some of you? Acting like a bunch of girls. Be a damn boludo. This is MEXXXXXXXICO, the team we have been beating for years. Don't worry. This game will be a piece of cake.


Anonymous said...

veron may have a lot of passes but he is supossed to be the playmaker and a most of hs passes are sideways or backwards.
i cant remember to many fast breaks or out and out chances created by veron.
by playing veron and or maxi they slow down the team to much, it stops us playing at pace and that is our best weapon we speedy players like messi, de maria and higuain.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all albescestle fans,
Please don't b pessimistic about our match against Mexico.I think we h've d quality 2 beat them unless we don't play like we have.So please don't sleep until tomorrow midnight b'coz we could thrash them (3-0) and finally our Messy will score!!!.
1)Another way around I think Veron should play coz tactically a team that are pacy would like 2 keep possesion and veron is slow and hence that would be his biggest strenght.
2)Also in earlier matches ,we n'vr attacked like from the word go and we kept possesion and slow'd d match,which frustrate tother teams and lead to 2 many fauls and we ere 2 good in set pieces.WE should thrive on that(Veron had an important role in set pieces)

What do u all think about this!!!!


Batigol said...

My preferred lineup:




---------Maxi--------------Di Maria



In terms of the right back position experience, Clemente has the most, he has been playing this position for Estudiantes for some time. Moreover, he was playing well in the Greece game too, should give him a chance.

Demichelis is not as bad as you guys think, he is defintely a more consistent player than Burdisso. Burdisso used to make serious mistake in big games, I cannot trust him, and that is why Inter do not trust him.

Veron has been making a lot of wrong passes that is causing our possesion and fluency of our game. Veron is slow, slower than Maxi. Maxi is a much consistent player. Remember, Maxi has 3 goals in World Cup and Veron has ZERO!

BATIGOL9 said...

I AGREE With Pablo,it doesn't matter if Veron completes a 1000 pases that are all sideways or backwards.Ideally,I would have liked to see Pastore i/o Veron and Burdisso i/o Demi but i think that Maxi is a solid player who has always done well for the National team.It would be a brave decision if Maradona leaves Veron and Jonas out.Also,I think it's time Di Maria steps up his game and starts playing like he should

Thang Nguyen Cong said...

hey guys, in case of taking PK, which players of our team can take it?
Are they : Tevez, messi, veron, maxi, Milito... Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Team chemistry has a lot to do with winning the WC. I hope a guy like Veron will not poison the locker room if he has to sit, but instead realizes that this is a necessary tactical move. Too slow to play against a quick team. He will be very important for a Spain vs. Argentina move. Also, Samuel better realize he needs to get healthy. If he gets healthy we have Samuel and Burdisso....Money back line.

Anonymous said...

By slowing things down, Veron lets everyone get into position to launch an attack, rest and find the right moment. The team can't be running full on all the time. Having said that - I would agree that he should be left out when the opponents are fast on the break from midfield.

I think Maradona knew this for the South Korea game, but told the press he needed to rest Veron due to not wanting to risk his injury further to save face. Hand of god is doing a great job with his substitutions and handling the press. It could even be that he left out Cambiasso and Zanetti because they had been running probably more than Messi this year...a tip from Mourinho perhaps?

Joe Gergi said...

I can tell you it is essential that Otamnedi plays instead of jonas. We need much moore stability round our flanks.

The advantage of having Maxi instead of Veron, the Speed. We will be able to match the mexicans speed an counterplay. Macherano, Di maria and Maxi are all quick players. With Maxi in the team our defence will be stronger.

Now Veron. Veron will be vital, absolutly vital for our offence. The mexicans play a game where there wing backs go high up. Here is were Verons long range passing will be vital to go behind there wing backs.

I would honestly choose Veron for a start.

But the essential thing is to play Otamendi because to strengthen up around our flanks.

Finally, you can not imagine how nerveus i am, i swear its like i am going to thow up. I am actually feeling better when i visit mundoalbiceleste knowing that i am not alone.

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