Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ARG 2-0 GRE : Highlights & Goals


Rune said...

This game was a great test for our team. A test for what is to come. Mexico and Germany will also sit back. They will not play the old man marking style that Greece does, but they will try to put many players in midfield to make it hard for Messi. Greece’s #19 followed Messi everywhere for 80 minutes yesterday. It worked well, Messi had a mediocre game with many bad passes and he lost the ball in many situations when trying to dribble. He only came to life when Greece tried to go a little forward the last 10 mins of the game. Marquez will be the defensive midfielder who will take care of Messi on Sunday. It will be a very tough game for Messi again. Not at all like the two first games. So this was a good test for both Messi and our team.
Glad to see us scoring AGAIN from a set piece situation.
This was all in all a mediocre game by our team. Our defence again looked shaky in some situations, although Greece didn’t try much to go forward. Greece is the worst team on the planet. I am so happy that they are now out. Negative football. The ref should have given more bookings to the greek players, in my opinion.
Veron was ok. Some bad passes, like ALWAYS, but most of his passes were accurate.
The players who really did impress me in this game was Clemente and Otamendi. Sad to see Milito…a completely different player than he is in Serie A. He should of course have had a clear penalty though.
Pastore looked really good, but I think we can’t read much into it couse he came on late when Greece started to let up some of their pressure. I have a feeling that IF Greece knew that 0-0 would get them through for sure, then this game would end 0-0. They were extremely hard to break down. I am not at all sure that we will beat Mexico. Dos Santos hasn’t scored yet, so I have a feelig he will on Sunday. Could say the same thing about Messi, but when it comes to him I have a terrible feeling that this will be a world cup where the best player on the planet fails to score one single goal.
This is whatI wanna see vs Mexico:
when attacking 4-3-1-2:
—–Maxi-Masch-Di Maria

when defending 4-4-1-1:
Tevez-Maxi-Masch-Di Maria
——– Higuain

johnny said...

USA robbed of a goal again on a phantom offside ! Hey ! We're sorry we invaded Iraq for no f*****g reason ! Let up already !!

Mohd said...

what the hell...England came second and are now in our half of the draw. I just cannot believe how lucky Brazil are!!!

Anonymous said...

shit, england came through, but great spirit by the usa.

i will root for germany tonight!! yes, the first time in my life i want them to win and get the first place in the group.

england-germany in the 1/8, and we beat the winner in the 1/4 (germany would be much easier).

however, with all the luck germany has, it is possible they qualify second. and then they will reach the 1/2, like always. i mean, germany never loses a wc ko-game against usa, south corea or uruguay.

what do you think would be the best result for argentina tonight?


johnny said...

OK ! I'm happy !

johnny said...

Time for Serbia and Ghana to step up and knock the Germans out !!

Alex Camacho said...

I'm not sure how to feel about group C. I'd rather face Germany than England, so I guess I'll be rooting for the Germans tonight. Anyone else and we are likely to end up playing England in the quarterfinals. We should beat either of them, but England are difficult to break down, have experience, and bring out too much emotion from our team that they make mistakes. But it's possible my hatred of England is coloring my perspective, because I know they dread the Germans.

As for the Brazilians being lucky, I agree that's usually true but not this time. They had a harder group than us, and may face Spain/Netherlands in the 1/8 and 1/4 finals. They probably would have an easy semifinal (now looking like Uruguay) but that's it.

p2bn said...

I will prefer Germany over England any other day for us to face. The English defence if you see has not really made any mistakes despite their attack and all being horrible. And yes; too much emotions will run too high. Diego as the coach; Damn the English will go crazy man. They already are acting as if they won the world cup. Just think it they will face Maradona's Argentina. Rest assure they haven't forgotten one bit of his handball. I see it once every seven days here.

And finally, their commentators are going to be an absolute hell to listen to given the way they were commentating today against Slovenia.

Vamos Argentina

rey said...

If we get england, i say BRING them on!! we will destroy them. Their last 5 mins against slovenia was not football, they were literally holding the ball in the corner.

While we will pass the ball around. It will be great to beat england.

But lets focus on Mexico. Lets not underestimate them.

Alex Camacho said...

I know Diego keeps comparing this to '86, but anyone else see the parallels to WC 2006?

-Beat Ivory Coast/Nigeria by 1 goal
-Thump Serbia/South Korea (and world press makes Argentina favorites for the Cup)
-Tie Dutch/Beat Greeks with mostly subs
-Play Mexico in 1/8 finals
-Play Germany in 1/4 finals

I hope it ends like '86, but this is a closer parallel no?

Joe Gergi said...


As i support the Argentinian team from Sweden i have the "priviledge" to follow the swedish studio during the world cup.

They had an intervju with a swedish spy (Jorgen Lennartsson), he is in south africa to study diffrent teams to eventually bring on what he learned to the swedish u 21 national team.

In the intervju they asked him witch team has impressed him the most, he responded Argentina. The asked him if he could learn something from Maradona? He responded that he hade the privilege to have seats just behind the Argentinien bench.

He said that its mostly the assistants who take care about the tactical aspects of the game. But he also said that MASHERANO has alot of influence on how the team should play. The way he said it, its like Macherano more or less controlls how they play.

I thougth it would be interesting to share this info with you. Have anyone ever heard about Macheranos tactical "briliance"?

Paulina said...

Yes - I have to admit the same thing. I want my two most hated sides - the English and the Germans - to cannibalize each other in the next round. Germany HAS to beat Ghana, and then dispense with England. If England and Arg meet, it would just be an ugly dirty and probably unjust game - don't want it. Honestly, though, I think that Arg can beat both teams. Germany would be harder but England would be sweeter.

salvio supporter said...

I'd like to play with both Germany and England. Specially Germany. We're trying to be the champions here, not the brazilians winning against nobody.

Anonymous said...


yes, england and germany are also my most hated teams, england clearly the one i hate more. i even don't hate germany so much anymore, but if we play against them the hate will return:)

however, i watched the german game just minutes with a german friend minutes ago in dortmund, germany. hahahaha!!! i was sure they tie 0:0, and manage get second and a freeride ro the 1/2.

but no! mesut özil shooted them out of the wc! the germans celebrated like crazy, and i laughed may ass off.

i even expected an own goal from germany in the last minutes, and didn't understand why ghana attacked having sure the great second place.

thank you mesut özil! thank you for killing all german hopes to win the world cup! they have a better team than in the last 15 years, but their usual luck seems to leave!

i want germany in the 1/4. england has a great defense, they will become stronger every game, and they always play good against us. so i am sure we will defeat germany, the referee is their only hope, but we are not in europe!

hope germany wins after a 120 minutes fight, with many germans yellowcarded (many have one yellow card). but most important is that we defeat mexiko, we must defeat them.


Anonymous said...

my dream is still on course..

dream quarter - Arg vs England
dream semi - Arg vs Spain
dream final - Arg vs Brazil


Anonymous said...

hay i wonder ))))))) is argentina worldcup blog.com still saying canivaro shoulkd be argentinas 9

bunch of wankers how face palmed do they look now FAKE SUPORTERS

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint but we will not win the World Cup. While we can beat any of Mexico, Germany, Spain and Brazil on a given day, no way can we beat all 4 in the span of 2 weeks.

I am just being realistic enough. And that is not a knock on our team. It is a reality that to win a World Cup, you need to be lucky and get a easy path to the finals with a few pushover teams. In 2006, Italy faced Australia, Ukraine and Germany before the final. In 2002, Brazil faced Belgium, England and Turkey. In 1998, France faced Paraguay, Italy and Croatia. In 1994, Brazil faced USA, Holland and Sweden. In 1990, Germany faced Holland, Czechoslovakia and England. In 1986, we faced Uruguay, England and Belgium.

Notice a pattern? No team has ever won the World Cup facing 3 strong teams in the Round of 16, QF and SF.

Now if we were in Uruguay's position, then maybe we could expect a World Cup winning run, facing South Korea, USA/Ghana and 1 possibly strong team.

So it won't happen for us this year, just bad luck with the brackets.

GK said...

I agree with rey, let's not get ahead of ourselves. As great as it would be to face and eliminate either Germany or England, we first must get by the Mexicans. I really don't have any doubts about that we won't get past Mexico but remember the ball is round and this is the World Cup where anything can happen....

Alejandro said...

In order to win the WC you have to beat everyone in the way people, whether it be England, Germany or Brazil. Just look at France in 2006, one head butt away from winning but they beat Spain, Brazil and Portugal on the way. You can't just hope for a good draw. No fear!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who says we will not win this wc,

how can you say that? so should we stop dreaming and play for third place? we must believe that we can win the wc, and go step by step. our wc starts on sunday, while germany at this point had 2 hard games.

and germany 1990 was not easy at all, but they won one game in penalty shootout and the final with a dive. and think of italy 1982! it can't get tougher, and brazil 1982 were stronger than germany 2010 + england 2010 + mexiko 2010.

and maybe no big team will have an easy road to the final, but one will still win it, and i believe we can be that one.

and if we face germany in the 1/4, i really think we can beat them "easily" this time. but now i only think about sunday.


Anonymous said...

That guy who wrote we will not win the WC is atomicbloke on BS.He calls himself a Boca/Argentina fan. What a joke you are.

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