Monday, June 28, 2010

ARG 3-1 MEX : Highlights & Goals


Anonymous said...

some german fans want gabriel heinze beeing banned for the 1/4 because he hit the camera after it bumped his head! they want revenge because frings was banned against italy in 2006, after he was involved in fighting against Argentina.

now i want heinze score the winning goal, lika against nigeria. or tevez in the 90 minute, and he is 5 meters offside hahaha.

maradona must say how violent the mexicans played and once again reminf fifa to protect messi from fouls. the mexicans got away with everything.

i know we shouldn't complain about the ref this time, but we have to think forward. against germany we need a fair referee.


NINAN said...

Any update on Samuel's fitness? Demi is scaring me to death!

Sebastian said...

Mohd said...

Brazil have missed Elano and Melo and still their midfield looked solid as a rock and they played with Chile. that's the effect of actually having a coach who knows tactics.

a coach that knows that throwing 3 forwards and play the game of havoc won't succeed when playing with big boys.

@thinkingzombie said...

I am sick of hearing bad words about Diego's coaching.
I definitely wouldn't want a coach like Dunga, who packs tall hefty thugs in his team and relies on the pace of 2-3 skillful players to get him goals from a set piece or a counter attack.
Thats not the football I want to see from a talented Argentinian team nor a talented brazilian team.
of course I will love and die to win but not at the expense of playing good football. Brazilian football is no longer fun to watch, Brazil is just a better version of a defensive portugal.
and it especially sucks because they have the potential to do much much more.
So if by saying Dunga is tactically brilliant or Lippi, Domenech is tactically awesome or even for that sake Mourinho is tactically the best doesnt matter to me because I won't, can't support or appreciate football played in that manner constantly on a regular basis. A team can play such football once or twice when its absoilutely required but if that becomes the principle of playing football we are in for "boring boring" football for a long long time.
Go and support the Italians for that matter, they won the WC 4 yrs back on those principles, and the french reached the finals on those principles.
I can't and won't be a glory hunter for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys..i'm a diehard argentina fan..but i must admit that i've seen the world champion way this brazil is going to loose any game from now on..they have best defence in the offence the are lethal...every personnel from top to bottom is efficent enough not necessarily the most talented in the world..

hugo said...

I also support Maradona as coach. And in general, I think people are having too short a fuse with coaches at the club level.
Turning to my "fashion police role": The only reason that I can think of for wearing blue shorts/socks vs Mexico was that the alternate blue kit got mixed up with the "albiceleste". I hope they don't keep them as good luck charms, we looked like Honduras. Also, my local newspaper had a large frontal picture of Tevez, where I noticed that under the AFA logo it had embroidered the game date "Junio 28 2010" Do they do that for every game, or just for these final rounds?

Rune said...

Hi guys!
I’ve got so many things to say……..
The game yesterday was a poor game by us, but we won. I am extremely happy that we won and also very happy that the germans beat England. I hate England more than anything(together with Brazil)and a defeat against England would be impossible to take for me.

Tevez, Masch and Heinze were all great.I am so incredibly happy that we have Carlos Tevez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Messi mediocre like last game because he is obsessed with scoring and is dribbling too much. Otamendi and Higuain were good, but Higuain should have burried his header. The problem with our attacking play is that everything that happens is due to coincidents….Messi or Tevez doing some magic. There is no real plan and cohesive movement. I HATE to see this.

This german team is NOT as good as everyone says. They have 1 great asset: fantastic counter attacks. But that is their ONLY real strenght. To stop them is easy: prevent them from getting chances to counter attack. Park the bus and let those bastards taste their own medicine. Defend low in 4-4-1-1, play possesion football, and they will not do us much harm. BUT will Tevez do all the dirty work that is required, for 90 minutes, if he is played as a side midfielder? But just the thought of this team without Tevez scares me to death…he is essential! So I kinda find it hard to agree with myself on this…….
One way to get eaten alive by Germany: play kamikaze 4-3-1-2 and they will counter attack us to death. We would have absolutely no chance with this system against the germans, I repeat absolutely no chance.

Anonymous said...

brazil is very strong, but they will make one crucial mistake, and that will be against us in the final. and against germany we must slow down the game and play like in 2006 till ayala's goal. we will have our moment against them, and this will decide the game.


Mohd said...

Apocalyptic Creator-->

with all do respect, you cannot be more wrong.
in 2006 Italy had good luck facing Australia and Ukraine until they faced Germany in the semis. you remember Germany in 2006 and how the idiot and crazy man Peckerman cost us the game against them? while Italy played good tatics, dominated the game and went to the final.
As for France, after the group stage they were the best team with increasing momentum. you do not defeat spain, brazil, and portugal by chance. granted it was not Dominique who masterminded it, it was Zidane. but they again played right tactics.

as for Brazil playing boring football. i will have to disagree again. they are not plying the "show" football, yes. but they are very effective. it takes them 4 touches to reach the opposition's goal. love it or hate, that's effective football and you cannot accuse Brazil players for lack of skill. Kaka, Robinho, and Maincon can rip any defence apart. who do we have? Messi, Tevez, and Higuain. so we are not exactly better in that sense.

i won't give a damn if we play solid effective football, win every match 1-0 and win the world cup. i prefer that on showing up against Nigeria, Korea, and Greece, barely make it against Mexico and then loose against Germany, Spain, or Brazil.

again i say despite all the missing players, still with the current players we have a good team. just we need a footballing brain on the bench. i hope Maradona will take actions before it all ends in agony.

Mohd said...

oh Apocalyptic Creator-->

by the way, do you call what we played against Mexico "good football"? for god's sake we were not able of putting together a single decent team attack.

Maradona must have watched Brazil today and try to learn how to organize one.

Anonymous said...

above snivling cunt !!!!! brasil are sooooooamassing the guy says wilst watching brasilian gay porn on his pc above

DID IT CROSS UR TINY FUCKING MORONIC BRASIL LOVING MIND that chile them selfs were like 7 players under strength YA DUMB MOTHER FUCKER!!!!

dont go around bigging up fifa's special little team with insane FANBOY remarks no were in ur post does it hail how well chile played the 3-3-1-3 formation how they deserved to beat spain and how chile are themselfs missing half the team due to yellow card shit



dunga the great coach shut up

HAY GUYS acording to the above morfukingon diego has just invented the 4-3-3 its based on no tactics you just thro on 3 forwards

so barcalona play with out tactics its a insane thing thought up by diego barca are allso dumb and stupid and 3 up front is stupid and diego is stupid

the fact argentina's 4-3-3 destroyed the hyped holland 4-3-3 in 1978 seems to not regester in the above brasil fanbitch brain
and its all about maradona being dump

i didnt know time machines were invented did diego go back and tell holland about 4-3-3 did he infact manage the 78 team as a teenager menoti in the dug out maradona behind the seens telling him to chuck on 3 forwards

try harder you inept brasil fan

last time i checked argentina had the best passers and the best ball posession in the wc

brasil are riged and only getting respect from scared teams and infact are playing shit


maradona invented the 4-3-3 in 2010 thats a priceless pele fan moment I WOULDNT EXPECT ANY BETTER

lz said...

Mohd, I venture to say that your "i won't give a damn if we play solid effective football, win every match 1-0 and win the world cup" is definitely NOT the way any of us from Argentina was brought up to think about football. When I read your words I can only think you don't understand what kind of football we were raised to see and play in Argentina. To sacrifice certain qualities for the sake of pragmatism once in a while, as someone said above, is one thing (we can be OK with that). To play dryly or without class for the sole sake of effectiveness as a rule, however, is something else: it means going against our own football roots, and I can guarantee to you that not many Argentina fans would be proud--and much less happily identified--with such kind of football. That is simply not us.

This said, with all due respect, your rants against Maradona are starting to feel tiresome to me --and likely to many others. At this point, he IS our manager (and he has been for a while now as you well know), so I fail to see what's the point of your relentless attacks and condescending comments. What are you expecting to achieve with them? We have heard you already. Please spare us, would you? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Mohd, saying Peckarman is an idiot and crazy is beyind acceptable. He is a genius, and we didnt lose one game with him. He got us glory on all levels except the FIFA world cup where we were out on penalities against eh hosts. Man, I respect your opinions, but there are things you say that negate common sense... just to let you know, Peckerman was the man who put together the team that everyone wanted Diego to use for the finals, he is the one who let our previous team blend. Anyway, enough of the past, but please when a great coach like Peckerman is called an idiot, what have we come to? Are we the new Italian fans or the new English fans, who boo their team as after a game? This is not Argentinian at all. I'm not saying don't criticize, I' saying we should have respect for ppl who got us glory man!!!! Criticize, but you're not fooling anyone by degrading a coach like Peckerman. Maybe Riquelme should not have been subbed, but that doen not make him an idiot!

Vamos Argentina.

@thinkingzombie said...

I never said "we played great football in the Mexico game" - please do not put words into my mouth.
I am equally saddened by the way we didnt play possession football and play with more calmness and build attacks and win.
However, just because we didnt play very very well doesn't mean i will throw my hat and start screaming that everything is wrong with this team and with Diego's tactics. - thats insane.
There are things that probably did not work out to the best in the Mexico game and I hope Diego and his staff will recognize them and try to find solutions to them.
(Ofcourse I have my own ideas on how they can be solved) - yet I will not scream and rubbish everything Diego is implementing.
For a fact I was quite impressed to see how Diego had the flexibility to put Otamendi in place of Jonas when the RB was clearly a huge problem for us in the 1st match against Nigeria.
I wonder how everyone was almost gloating on how Diego is a magician in finding the right way to utilize messi in those 1st 3 matches.
I will just say this: both the euphoria over a win is wrong as well as the pessimism over a bad match being played is hugely wrong.

If Diego had found a way to use Messi in the best way, the other teams have watched that and is & wil try to nullify it, now a good coach will adapt and find better ways.
remember Diego is still not proved to be a good or a great coach. But since he is at the helm and we have seen he has been able to get quite a few things right in this world cup :
1.getting the team spirit up, 2.inspiring players to give their best which in my opinion is the most imp.
3.getting setplay formations correctly to get good goals
4. finding a formula to use Messi
I think the least he deserves is a lambasting from us the fans after we have won a match just because we didnt play to our max capacity and show our best.
I hope Diego doesnt let me down and will find the right solutions.
I dream to see Diego with the Cup once again.
And I know for a fact that my lambasting the team or the coach isnt going to help in any way especially when I don't find Diego to have done a really bad job till now.
I will still give Diego a rating of 6.9 for the game against Mexico.
We had to win the last WC Mexico game in the extra time with a team which was playing the best football at that time and Pekerman was hailed as the genius.
It is hard to win a WC match and if we hadn't been 2-0 up in the 1st half we may as well have seen a diff Argentina in the 2nd half (speculation I know) but different games need different approaches.

@thinkingzombie said...

Now about Dunga and the point about skillful football:
Brazil has 2-4 very good skillful offensive players. Their strategy is:
defend defend defend well..
and hopefully their forwards will get them a counter attacking goal in a swift move or set piece goal,
And we can see how Brazil struggled against teams like N.Korea and Portugal. Even against Ivory Coast, Fabiano's handball goal killed the match otherwise it would have been a fight.
Arg didnt have such matches in their group stage.
I agree Brazil football is effective and works in many times, but thats precisely why they won the WC '94 finals in a penalty shootout. Just like the italians did in WC-2006. To play for the penalties is a disgrace. (especially in a WC)
That is why I feel very strongly that if Brazil progress then against Uruguay's good defence it will surely result in a penalty shootout or even an Uruguain victory.
(obviously considering ghana is overcome by Uruguay)
I know we all love to win and will give anything to win at any cost (even just effective football) and I will voice a big big YES too at times.
However in perspective being a lover of the game, I started loving Argentina from Maradona's time when I saw him dribble past a whole Eng defence and I crave for that fantasy football still with a desire to win too. So I simply cannot completely discard my inherent love of the game for a simple pragmatic approach because then I am sure I will sooner or later fall out of the love. :)

Anonymous said...

Peckerman is a great coach. he made only one mistake in 2006 and sadly we lost. lippi made 10 mistakes, and italy won. that's life. to blame peckedman is idiocy.

we were very very unlucky in 2006, that's all. the draw, the disallowed goals, the bullshit slowak ref against germany would be too much for every team. now we have luck, at least till now.


@thinkingzombie said...

Seba and guys anyone who can help ?
Can someone give me a english translation of Messi's comments after the Mexico game:

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
Enough of the personal attacks. It is okay to be passionate, but not to be rude. If you swear, you are discrediting yourself.

Brazil is a good team, so is Argentina. Neither team has truly been tested. This will happen when we face Germany and Netherlands.

Brazil plays defensive football. We know that. They did not achieve anything against Portugal. Again, they have not been tested. Go down 1-0, and then we can see what they are made of.

As a football fan, sorry guys, beating Korea, North or South, Greece, Ivory Coast, etc...These are all B or C rated teams with maybe 1 good player.

To beat anyone going forward, it will take the following for Argentina or Brazil. Discipline, great teamwork and a bit of individual brilliance.

We have Demichelis so discipline is not in our corner. We have great teamwork, and I love Argentina. But mark my words, if we happen to meet in the finals, and alot can happen in the next two games for either team, Messi must score goals. Just like Tevez has an amazing work rate, Messi must find the back of the net. I honestly believe he has a mental block. Look at the individual play Higuain had against Mexico, or Tevez. Messi had one such play where he bounced the ball off the post and it was knocked in. To be a legend, an all time great, Messi must find the back of the net against Brazil in the finals if we make it that far. That is how legends are born like Diego, Kempes, etc.

Thang Nguyen Cong said...

Hey guys, so in next 3 matches, maybe PK is the case we have to do to win the world cup. So, which players of our team are capable of taking this ?
Are they : Tevez, Milito, Messi, Veron, Maxi.... ?

~ KinaZ ~ said...

Walter Samuel return to full training...should be ready for game against Germany.

Mohd said...

lz -->

so your from Argentina, and i am not. so of course you know more about your contry and i won't argue with that. but what loss of class are you talking about? the only two world cups that Argentina won were actually:
1- 1978 by playing effective (totally non entertaining) football and benefiting form the home advantage
2- by having maradona, and 10 players who can defend.
and the other final in 1990 was again by having maradona, canagia, and 9 players that can defend.
since then we have failed to go beyond the quarter finals!
Brazil were kept searching for their first title since 1970 until someone changed their style and according to you, lowered their class.
this is modern football, love it or hate it.

regarding Maradona "rants". please feel free to skip my comments and spare yourself, easy no? glad i could help.

for the anonymous defending peckerman-->

i am not degrading anybody. that's my opinion of peckerman. you say he brought us glory with youth levels. man we did not need peckerman for that! peckerman left and still the youth teams kept winning virtually every competition.

Apocalyptic Creator-->

i am not voting for ugly football. far from it. and you really cannot accuse brazil of playing ugly football. still if we do not win the WC then i will be rooting for Spain because they have that "natural" sense in playing football. but for us to win, MUCH has to change.
and regarding Maradona, i really do not care if i bother everyone here when i say for the 1000 time the man does not know tactics. just like it has been written 1000 times about people who love Milito vs those who adore Higuain and many other topics. no one is reading us really but that did not stop anyone, right?

eager to hear you back up your opinion that Lippi made 10 mistakes in 2006 with some proofs...just curious!

messidona19 said...

Now that's good news! Samuel is the most important and essential player in our team! I just hope that Burdisso takes Demichelis' position in defence. I knew even before the world cup when everyone was praising Demichelis as out best defender, I was one of the sceptical ones who didn't like him and didn't rate him that highly.
Now the lack of World class depth is where Maradona has mistaken in this world cup. His big mistake in his selection was not choosing Gaby Milito in defence. If he was partnering Samuel in defence we would have had the best defence in the tournament. Now Burdisso is not my favorite defender for Argentina but he's better than Demichelis.
So as of now, A Samuel-Burdisso partnership would be our best choice.

gebrihell said...

guys, the thing is brasil is soooo boring. yes, they look like champions when they play, a champion like mourinho. they have no art, no soul. they only do their dirty job. they're like a fierce headmaster while our team is like an art teacher. get it? i believe maradona's charm and luck will get us through. i admit, tactically he's not so strong, but he has been there and done that, and there's what nobody can take awat from us. he is the greatest ever!!! we'll win the cup Insya Allah, brothers

Joe Gergi said...

Considering that Diego had Veron on the bench makes one believe maybe he will leave Demi out of the team against Germany.

I am truly greatful for one thing, that is that we played a bad game and still came out on top. The biggest lapses was we lost possesion to easy and felt that players dident keep there positions. Di Maria, Maxi, Macherano underperformed. I really would like to give Pastore a chance in place of Di Maria.

I got a strong feeling we will beat the germans without to much problem. I saw them against Ghana (the most skillful team they played sow far) and they left massive laps in there defence. I even thought to myself my God if Argentina had those counterattacking chances that Ghana had, we would rip them apart. England is a strong team, but they seriously lack flair.

Per Mertesacker is big and strong but very slow, this should suit Messi well. And the Germans do not posseses the same speed and skill as the Mexicans. Thou they are much more leathel in there finishing.

Another interesting aspect of the game is that the germans play with three in midfield like us. Sow it will be a nice battle.

Finally i really think that there is not one player in there starting eleven who would take a place in ours. Not even Özil.

gebrihell said...

mohd, just like the millions of people who weren't conviced we could win all 3 games in the first stage, you are using the 'no tactics' excuses. diego has brought shame to those who were hoping for our team's downfall. everybody attacked him. now we're in the quarterfinals, we have scored more goals than anyone, had the most shots, played very entertaining football, we didn't have the easiest group (for me england and holland's group was so easy), and still you recycling these ideas? I know it's your opinion, but please, if you dare to critisize, you should also dare to swallow your words. be a man, don't hide behind the we-haven't-played-any-good-sides story or we-haven't been-tested-yet! give the man some credit. It's way easier to sit infront of your laptop and bark rather than get 23 players with different levels of ego, attitude and mould them into a favorite. Spain lost 1 game, england played shit, france and italy are down and out since the beginning, hell, germany lost too! we should be proud of our team and give that man a break! salud my friend, we're all albicelestes!!!

Just1n said...

Hi guys. I will be watching the game at the Cape Town Stadium on Saturday. Any Argentina fans want to meet up beforehand?

Anonymous said...

gebrihell where are you from brother? I agree we shouldn't bash Diego as he has already proven his worth and without a doubt will confirm it against Germany.


sirus said...

my starting 11 against Germany.


Anonymous said...

Rumours Surface Of Unrest In The Argentina Camp

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
This is amazing article about the unrest...
Let me get this straight, a washed up 35 year old and a second division player in England are pissed they got yanked.

I hope it is not true, but one more reason, VERON SUCKS.
Oh, where is the maturity if this is true?

Anonymous said...

Oh No! Paul, the Octopus has predicted a Germany win :(

Mohd said...

Maradona is saying:

"First we will evaluate those who played and those who didn't against Mexico then we will find the best team, the elite team, to play Germany. It will be the team that gives me guarantees to win the game,"

i take this as good news. hopefuly he spots the problem and fixes it.

Argentina4life said...

what the hell?? wht unrest??? we are supporting ARGENTINA in each and every way!!!!! we are leaving all thing inorder to see them lift trophy and they are fighting there !!! shameless people!!! dont they care about their country?? selfish!!! shit ... its so snnoying news!! we are the crazy to support such selfish players!!! i m really pissed off!!!

Mohd said...


i believe this report is a pure nonsense. why?

think about it. the report mentions Samuel, Veron, and Jonas. first Samuel knows very well that he is an absolute first choice and he was injured. so why would he make an issue about it?!

the report describes these players as high profile players. Jonas - as much as i admire him - does not fall into this category.

veron..could be but i doubt it. he has too much respect to maradona

Argentina4life said...

thx bro for ur opinion but dont know why i m feeling very very bad....from 2 years i have counted each day man each day to see Argentina play in world cup and seeing these players i though they have great chemistry and understading... and they all respect each other and from yesterday i have been dreaming of germany match but now the news are coming of this types!!! still really depressed... I HOPE ALL PLAYERS RSPECT THE ARGENTINA SHIRT AND PLAY FOR THEIR TEAM !!! i really hope this news is false.... VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!

@thinkingzombie said...

I fully agree with Mohd..
the unrest rumour seems to be very very unlikely, maybe one of those typical rumour stories.
Veron has too much respect for Maradona + he knows this is his last chance.
How can Wall be unhappy, he was injured and Jonas.. oh come on.. he must still be thanking maradona to having him in South Africa 1st of all.

niklucky02 said...

Hi 2 albescestle fan's across Globe,
please check this link:

'German octopus predicts Argentina W.Cup exit'

Don't worry this is just an animal but a caution 2 us!!!

@thinkingzombie said...

come on..
I have better things to do than looking a a octopussy .. :D

Alex Camacho said...

There is no unrest, just unconfirmed rumor, even the story said no player has complained, they just assume so because they are not playing. Everyone of the players not playing should be disappointed, I know I would be, but they all know the only way to address it is to play hard and wait for your chance.

And I think it's both unfair to attack Maradona now because he does have them playing well, and winning. And no one in Argentina (and few in Brazil for that matter) would like to be playing Dunga-style football. It's unclear to me why anyone outside of Brazil could be a fan of such tactics; I mean, I would get it if you are Brazilian, that's your country, by why would anyone without any connection to the place want to support such a dour style? It really makes little sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where this rumours come from. It could be wrong. But it could be true. Why? Tevez attitude after being substitute by Maradona. He admit that he's angry. I can see clearly some of our 'star' player show their ego. Oh man, that's why we never success in WC after Maradona era. Players put their ego rather than team unity and shirt. Poor Diego, from the begining he receive a lot of criticsm. It's not easy to coach a team with a lot of 'stars' like argentina. Trust me guys, why Argentina never win WC? Coz they act them self bigger than NT. It's not solely on technical and coaching matter. If it's true, I fully support Diego. You can imagine guys if Maradona must unite Veron, Riquelme, Zanetti, Cambiasso in one team. An average star like Tevez brave enough to confront his coach....

Anonymous said...

Guys, I can accept if you, media criticize Maradona. But I can not accept players ruin the national team dream. Maradona build this team from zero, with such a pain. We have been through hardest moment and the player itself fighting each other, stab Maradona. Sad rumour.

Anonymous said...

this german octopus also predicted that germany loses against ghana! so very good he predicted that we exit, that is a very good omen.

i can't wait for thos game! and don't worry about our team spirit, it is great. and you need a big ago to win the wc.


Alejandro said...

This is tabloid BS. We should be talking about Germany, not this junk. It's us talking about it more that creates more waves, just drop it.

Anonymous said...

once again an offside goal! sweet when it helps you, bitter when it helps someone else. the refereeing is awful, though villa was just centimeters offside.


MZK said...

Well regarding the Octopus remember that it had an 80% prediction rate for Euro 2008. So far the first 4 games it has called for Germany were correct. Hence, this 5th one should technically be incorrect. Basic math tell us it will get every 4 out 5 matches right. So nothing to worry about boys and lets enjoy Saturday's game...

Unknown said...

WHy is Tevez's reaction such a cause for concern? This is nonsense.

I see it as a good side - He always wants to be out there. And I'm so happy to see him hit a good streak at such an important moment.

All this supposed rancor is just fire in their bellies for the next match. I'm sure they're like lions in a cage right now. They probably can't wait to spring.

All the "discord' is just background noise to that.

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
Look at
It looks like people in Argentina want the following lineup
Otamendi Burdisso Samuel Heinze
Maxi Mascherano Pastore
Higuain Tevez

Not alot of people happy with Demi or DiMaria

@thinkingzombie said...

I think we should discuss the offside and referring stuff.

In spite of benefiting for the referee's decision against mexico I am totally against any wrong decisions that turns a match. The agony of injustice is far greater and I feel talented teams get punished more often than not due to dubious decisions esp because they create the most chances.
I have heard FIFA has removed Rosetti (arg-Mex game), Eng-germany game ref and the Mali ref (of USA game) from their list.

I am quite surprised bcoz both in Arg-Mex and Eng-Germany game, it was a wrong call from the linesman and not the ref. Punishing the ref makes no sense in those cases.
Also refs do a job in the split second and is highly difficult. Blaming the ref is easy but to actually make the game more just, FIFA needs to do a few imp changes to the game (in my opinion):
1. Introduce video technology.
which a fifth official will sit in front of the monitor, and keep informing the ref of the situations. The ref can also have the option to consult the fifth official over the microphone if he wants to.
(it gives rise to the qus of stopping the flow of the game).
Well it doesn't necessarily stop the flow of the game if implemented correctly.
if the game has been stopped already (like say a foul or a goal) it shud be open for review by the fifth official and corrected. As we as an audience can see any such wrong calls even before the restart of teh match I am sure the ref can be informed too.
2. Now come offsides - this is tricky, refs shud still hold the upper hand in that and keep calling or not calling off-sides. However if the off-side has resulted in a goal and the match has stopped, I think its okay to review it and get the correct decision.
In all cases of marginal or not being 100% accurate about the decision, the decision of the ref on the field is to be respected.
3. And finally FIFA must also introduce post game video analysis.
And this should be just for red-card worth fouls and for cheaters or fakers who dive to con the ref.
For all teh divers and fakers who try to con the ref or even have conned the ref and got an yelow on the field. If that conning is actually a valid fake dive then it shud be automatic suspension for that player for the next 10 games.
I know many of you will say that its not always evident if it was an actual dive or if there was actual contact. Well as I had previously suggested for all such non deterministic cases, the ruling of the ref on the field will hold and be respected.
and many will also say 10 game suspension is harsh. i will say "NO". For all I love Spain's football, the acting of capdavilla today was shameful and got a diff player sent off for no reason. What would have resulted in the match had that not happened can never be found out and hence such a fake dive or con must be severely punished so that players will think 10 times before they try that cheap trick.
Again I repeat apply this to those cases will are visibly evident and cannot be doubted at all. Like say today Capdavilla clutched his face when nothing happened, like rivaldo who caught his face when the ball hit his leg.
to stamp out the conning and diving, suspend the player for the next 10 matches and make the team in which the player plays play the next match starting with 10 men.
Lets see how many teams then will keep encouraging their players to try to win fake penalties and free kicks.

@thinkingzombie said...

ALso wanted to note that in the Arg-Mex game,
the stats say that Arg had 51% possession and Mex had 49% possession.
During the match however I dont know how but it seemed to me Arg never had the ball :P
and I think all our rants are based on that.
Somehow the stats show something else.

Anonymous said...

Tevez seem fine to me!

2010 WC is ours!

Anonymous said...

what i saw after we were 3-0 up was arg trying to play an inter type of game and it did not work as we will not win the w.c with defence its out offence that will win it for us with the players we have.
maybe this was an experinent for the upcomimg games but it did not work and a lesson to learn is dont do what perkerman did and try to defend lean no matter how big or small.
keep attacking at all times and to me is the lesson from the mexicoian game is were are an amazing attacking team and not a kill the game defending

Alex Camacho said...

At the WC, referees and linesmen work in teams, if one makes a mistake FIFA cuts the group.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. look at Veron trying so hard to block that pass to Hernandez.. You gotta give it to such a hard-working genius.

Anonymous said...

Argentina will beat Germany 2-0. I picked 3-1 victory over the Mexicans and now I feel a 2-0 is in our horizon.

gebrihell said...

i think it's not true there's an unrest. i refuse to believe it. now we need to be 100% confident in our minds that our beloved albiceleste will eat the germans head off. i believe that if we all 100% believe this, we will indirectly help our team.

the lineup from clarin is awesome i think. we just need to block spaces from being used by germany. then concentrate our game. masche must handcuff ozil; we'll be good after that

and JB, i'm from kuala lumpur. have been a supporter since 1990 :)my fav palyers has been from time to time; maradona, batigol, veron, aimar and currently tevez. my most hated country NT is england,brazil and yes, germany.

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
I agree with you Gebrihell. Also, I would swap out Maxi for Jonas, or DiMaria. He killed Germany last time and he is an open field player.

We will now see Paraguay try to do the same crap Portugal did and lose. The only challenge to Spain before the final is Argentina, and I believe we will beat them. Funny how everybody talks about our defense being weak, Spain's defense sucks. If Portugal had more than Ronaldo as a striker, they would have stuck two in the net.

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