Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A place for your catharsis

Not long for our match v. Greece to start. We won't be running a live chat before or during the game.

So, here's a space for all of you to come and vent your anger, share your joy or just write whatever the hell you want to write using our comments' box during the game.

Lineup confirmed:


Blue shirt like the one we wore exactly 24 years ago when Diego scored those two mythological goals against England.

Uruguay waiting for the second team from our Group whilst Mexico will be facing us like in 2006 if we manage to win the group.

Right...I'm off to watch the game!



Dave P said...

excited to watch the different squad play...will have ratings am now back in NY.

Sebastian said...

Oh! I just realised 'catharsis' is surely a Greek word! Oh...what the hell! hahaha!

Great to hear from you Dave. Hope you had a great trip.

Match started. I'm off!


johnny said...

5 minutes in and we already miss Carlitos !:)

p2bn said...

Not liking the performance. Yes it is hard with 11 people staying inside the goal line but if we can't break the greeks; its going to be very hard. And our defence looks realllly shaky. Sorry for being so pessimistic but man, the way greeks are entering the defence line so easily. Hoping for a better 2nd half now.

Vamos Argentina

Sebastian said...

A frustrating first half. If this is not the match in which Greece abandon their negative attitude and look to score, I don't know when that day will come.

I mean...they could be out with a draw. They really need to win this. What is wrong with them? I mean...I don't care about them, but they are making this a boring too one-sided match and I'm afraid they'll stay the same if we manage to score one.

I wish Greece and Switzerland would get together and take their negative football out of this World Cup for good. They may as well play without a ball! They're not using the damn thing anyway!

South Korea 1-1 Nigeria. As it stands...it's South Korea advancing and facing Uruguay. Same goal-difference than Greece, but 4 goals scored to Greece's 2.

Sebastian said...

One other point...I'm disappointed with the ref. Number 19 (the one marking MESSI) should have been booked. Now he has the license to give MESSI one more proper kick before he sees yellow. He should be walking on thin ice already, but the ref just talked to him after a tough foul on Lio from behind.

lz said...

Johnny, that's exactly what I thought--just 10 minutes in! Is it that obvious, then? Now the Greek will have to recharge their batteries and move their lines forward because SK is ahead as it is.

Fuerza (más)!

lz said...

Our defense, OMG! Unbelievable. Where are they?! Are they playing?

johnny said...

Gol Demi !! And now-MARTIN PALERMO !!!

johnny said...

THE TITAN !!!!!!!!!!

Sebastian said...

I'm out of words right now.

Anonymous said...

we will not win with veron,bolatti and maxi in the same team.
we were slow until pastore came on and he changed the game, im very sad pastore was not given far more game time as his introduction changed the match.
pastore was fast and allowd us to play to our strenghts and thats pace.
pastore was what the 3 above were not and pastore should be starting.

Raj said...

Great result against a team not ready to play football. Am sure the game against Mexico will be more open. Was just amazed at the combination between Messi and Pastore. Even if it was only for 15 mins, they were perfect.

Hope against Mexico the team is

Burdisso DeMichellis Samuel Heinze

Messi Pastore
Higuain Tevez

Veron looked out of breadth 10 mins into game and after the 60 mins his legs gave up. He will be the biggest handicap for us against Mexico considering the fast paced game they play

Raj said...

Missed Bollati in the lineup

Anonymous said...

I hope pastore starts against mexico. He completley changed the game when he came on.

against mexico:

Burdisso Demichelis Samuel Heinze
Veron Mascherano
Messi Pastore
Tevez Higuain

Apocalyptic Creator said...

Palermo scored and Milito didn't...
Comeon Seba.. time for you to bow down to Diego..
if not now .. when ??
Ha Ha Ha...

johnny said...

Pastore looked good, but remember, the match was nearly over by the time he hit the pitch. I'm not a big fan of Veron at all, but he looked better today than during the first match.

I'd prefer the lineup without Veron or Pastore, and with Maxi handling the playmaker duties, with Carlitos and Messi dropping back.

p2bn said...

Guys! I have been in this blog for a long time now. I have supported Argentina since I have watched football. I have grown with the legend of Diego and loved him without ever seeing his picture let alone watch the game. But with this defense and with all due respects to veron, we are just not going to win this world cup unless messi absolutely performs out of this world like he did against Arsenal in all the remaining games. Its not that we do not have players; celemente rodriguez was far better then guiterrez but I do not think Diego will play him. Demi scored a goal but he has made mistakes that just defies my belief. The greeks with all due respect without any quality were regularly breaking in our defence with ONE guy at front!I hope we win; it will be just all my dreams come true in one shot if we win this time. But really, I am finding it hard given our defence and the way Diego seems to favour some players when there are better ones. I hope I will be proven wrong.

Vamos Argentina!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
Veron should not be on the field. I am not being emotional but If you replace Veron with either Maxi or Pastore things flow better. While Veron played better than the first game he is too slow to compete on the international level...We have better players, we need to play them to win against the big boys. Clemente, Otamendi, Bolatti all played well. My lineup would be
Jonas Burdisso Samuel Heinze
DiMaria Pastore
Higuain Messi Tevez

Happer said...

Greece are soooo awful. If they don't want to go to the round of 16, why do they come to World Cup then???

Raj said...


I have been following Pastore with Palermo this season. He is really good at pacing the game and controlling the ball. Yes he did come in when the defenders were tired. But still his vision and understanding with Messi was far better than Maxi and Veron. There were atleast 4-5 instances today where Messi expected Veron to make a run, but Veron does not have any legs left after playing 2 matches.


The reason I want to play Bollati instead of DiMaria in your lineup is we need to take into account the fast paced game that Mexico play. We need help for the back four, Mascherano cannot do it on his own. The choices are Veron, Maxi and Bolatti. Defensively I feel Bolatti is the best amongst the limited selection we have.

Anonymous said...

Go figure, Milito plays over a hour and does not come close to score a goal. Palermo replaces him and less than 10 min he scores a goal.

Raj said...

I think Milito had a decent game considering the way Greece played. In tactical games like these u need luck to score. Maybe Palermo is the lucky mascot for Argentina. This game reminded me of the Spain vs Swiss game.

One thing that stands out for Argentina is their play in set pieces. Need to applaud Maradona and the staff for that.

Anonymous said...

Argentina's biggest weapon seem to be dead balls. 4 goals in 3 games, and always the 1:0 goal. if we can manage to produce the same danger from corners and freekicks, we don't need to depend on messi so much.

and veron is good at taking a corner, maybe that's why he is in the team. and we need heinze, he is a great header.

is it true it was palermo's 9th goal in his 15th game for Argentina? this is not bad at all. but yeah, the defense is shaky.

but i think against mexiko we will play much more defensive, i even hope so. we will score definetely, so we just need to keep our goal safe.


Ujwal said...

when i saw that blue argentina shirt today....just as u said...memories of maradona vs england flashed infront of my eyes....:)
-An indian but an argentinian soccer heart pumps blood in my body!

Sebastian said...

Apocalyptic Creator and Anonymous: Come on, amigos! Are you serious? Are you really going to compare those 80 minutes MILITO played and those 10 played by PALERMO?

It was a different game. Very different. There were more spaces. Greece had already given up after 1-0. They gambled their everything on getting a point and hoping for another result to go their way. They lost their bet and they lost all hope.

Look at how PALERMO was absolutely unmarked (and another Argentina player behind him too) and then admit it that it's impossible to compare that match when it was 0-0 and when it opened up for us when we scored our first goal.

All credit to PALERMO. Don't get me wrong. He was there to score. And he did. But you should also be fair on MILITO and admit the ball never got anywhere near behind that Greek wall.

Apocalyptic Creator said...

Hey Seba...
I was pulling ur leg...
No comparison btw Milito and Palermo ..
the scorer wins hands down .. he he he !! (winks)
On a serious note I was impressed with Clemente and if as Diego says he can do the same on the right side, I wil definitely definitely have him replace Jonas.
Jonas is a nightmare as RB. High time we get the right side sorted out once and for all.
Pastore looked sharp.
I prefer to start a game with Maxi with Di Maria as a sub, because Maxi is more experienced, more solid and helps in defence and so against stronger teams its good to start with Maxi and then use the fresh legs of Di Maria later on.
Mexico has a serious issue with scoring, they dont have a CF who can put in goals.
So I hope and expect us to pull through against them.
But I absolutely do not want Jonas on the pitch as RB - thats a horror story.

Sebastian said...

It's OK, amigo.

Plenty of time to talk about Mexico and our upcoming match.

My only point about Maxi? He is still feared in Mexico for that rocket he sent straight to their hearts in 2006. Give us a repeat, Maxi! ;)

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