Monday, June 14, 2010

Picture special: Argentina-Nigeria

These pictures are courtesy of our friend PAI who is in South Africa and very nicely offered to send them to us. We appreciate this lovely initiative and we encourage others to do the same! Just send them by e-mail to

In return, Pai asked us to give him some lyrics so he can join the Argentina fans singing in the upcoming matches. are some of the most popular songs for you to learn and join the 'hinchada'

"Vamos vamos, Argentina... Vamos vamos a ganar... esta barra quilombera no te deja no te deja de alentar"

"Volveremos volveremos, volveremos otra vez, volveremo' a ser campeones como en el '86"

"El que no salta es un inglés"

"Brasilero brasilero, que amargado se te ve, Maradona es más grande... es más grande que Pelé"

This is a new song they are trying to make popular among fans in South Africa (if they can beat the noise of the vuvuzelas!):

Can't translate them for you right now as I'm on a rush. But you need the lyrics in Spanish, don't you?

And here, my friends, are Pai's pictures. Thanks again, amigo!

Is this MASCHERANO rehearsing?

Diego waving the Hand of God (or was it the other?):

Are these Los Pumas? Emotional anthem ceremony:

And here's HEINZE flying with (Super) Eagles! Get in there, you beauty!


Anonymous said...

Dan said
Beautiful pics!


Can someone explain what happens if the 2nd and 3rd place teams in a group have the same number of points and goal differential? Who gets to move on to the round of 16?


p2bn said...

Beautiful photos but wow the tune of the song is sooo nice...will try to listen to it before every match now...

Vamos Argentina

Sebastian said...

Dan, to answer to your question, I've consulted the official rules from FIFA.

You can find the complete pdf at:

(check out the cover. A little not up to date! haha!)

Here's the part which is relevant to your question (PAGE 40):

If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above three criteria,
their rankings will be determined as follows:
d) greatest number of points obtained in the group matches between
the teams concerned;
e) goal difference resulting from the group matches between the
teams concerned;
f) greater number of goals scored in all group matches between the
teams concerned;
g) drawing of lots by the FIFA Organising Committee

Sebastian said...

p2bn: It's a tune from a local rock band. Actually, the original is a little faster and a little better than what you saw. I reckon at the stadium it'll be even faster with the fans singing.

I don't know the name of the original tune or the band. I'm trying to find out.

I knew this song because Racing Club fans (my team) have the same song with different lyrics, of course. And it's a song that really helps increase the atmosphere.

Here's a sample (we even have the same colours. Albiceleste!):

Not the same song, but while we're at it...check out these other two:

Alejandro said...

Hey Seba, great job! I've been reading various stories about a change coming in the right back position, perhaps Burdisso replacing Jonas there and either Jonas moving up to his natural position (leaving no room for Tevez) or just being replaced outright by Burdisso and a possible Maxi inclusion for Tevez. Any word on this?

Anonymous said...


Renjith said...

Watch Maradona...

salvio supporter said...

Thank you very much Pai for these pictures!

"Brazilian brazilian, how unhappy you seem to be, Maradona is bigger... is bigger than Pelé" - I always loved this one :D

andaman said...

Thank you for the pics Pai. I love the new song. Beautiful.
Translate please.

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