Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ARG 2-0 GRE: Dave P's player ratings

Hey guys,

I'm back from Japan and France, amazing trip, anyway back to the real action good performance tonight and love the passion and chemistry our team has right now....bring on Mexico (again)


Sergio ROMERO, (6): Was not really tested all match until the end of the game when Greece has some desperate shots. However, when he was tested he came through with safe and sure hands, had some clean punches from a few corner kicks. Other than that nothing else to do for ROMERO.

Clemente RODRIGUEZ, (6.5): Very good game from Clemente. Seemed calm in possession of the ball and got involved in the attack very well throughout the match. He did not have to do much defensively because of the way Greece was playing, however, when he was needed he was there. Some dangerous crosses into the box and good combination down the left side. When DI MARIA came in Clemente combined well with him. Good
performance from Clemente and is definitely and attacking back that we may need in future games.

Nicolás BURDISSO, (6): Quiet solid game from BURDISSO. Was not needed much throughout the game because we were in possession of the ball the majority of the game. Made some good tackles and very confident in the air. When DEMICHELIS made a mistake and allowed a break, BURDISSO was there to recover and put pressure on the Greek lone striker. Did not make any mistakes all game, but was not really tested too hard.

Martín DEMICHELIS (6.5): Early on in the game Martin played excellent and was bodying the Greek attack around. Good in moving the ball up to the midfield finding BOLATTI and VERON. However, as the game went on a little bit Demi started to misjudge some balls in the air. He slipped out on one ball he tried to head which allowed a break for the Greek defender. After that mistake he seemed a little rattled, but towards the end of the match settled back down and put in our first goal off a corner kick, good reaction off the deflection from MILITO.

Nicolás OTAMENDI (6.5): Impressed with OTAMENDI's performance tonight. He was
able to get involved in the attack early on because the lack of the Greek attack. Was solid throughout making good runs in the attack and moved the ball well. Made some very strong decisive tackles in defense and worked hard the entire match. Other than DEMICHELIS' mistake our defense performed very well tonight. Much confidence in all our defenders right now if Jonas, HEINZE, or SAMUEL get hurt or suspended.

Mario BOLATTI (6.5): Replaced MASCHERANO as the warrior in the midfield and performed very well. BOLATTI was quiet during this game but ran hard and cut of passing angles and made good tackles to stop any distribution up to the Greek striker. Was always near VERON if he ever needed to pass the ball back which was key in us keeping possession the majority of our game. Unlucky to have his shot saved by the Greek goalkeeper on the corner kick, but good strike none the less. Solid
replacement for MASCHERANO.

Juan Sebastián VERON (7): Played the entire 90 mins and ran the entire midfield. Every ball went through VERON tonight and he started every attack, and slowed the game down when needed. He paced the game with balls across field and attacked with quick combos with MESSI. Some of his passes back and forth with MESSI were a little hard or just out of reach but when they worked well it was dangerous. Great midfield General and you could definitely see his experience pouring out of every touch he made on the ball, he knows what he is doing and where every pass he made is going to go. Had some good corner kicks, as well a solo blast from 25 yards out which the goalie was forced to save. VERON knew that Greece was packing in their defense and was content to just move the ball around midfield and our defense until they pushed up a little, great in possession and keeping the ball.

Maxi RODRIGUEZ (5): Maxi had a very quiet match in his 60 mins. Made some good runs and combined well with VERON but overall did not get too involved n attack or defense. Had a shot which was saved by the keeper but other than that not much activity from Maxi, helped move the ball around but no attacking moves or passes, partially because of the Greeks defensive wall

Lionel MESSI (7): First game as captain and played great in his playmaker role.
MESSI was moving well throughout the game, however, there were times when the Greeks were too strong for him and they would simply push him off the ball. This was because there was lack of movement from MILITO and AGÜERO so MESSI was forced to hold on to the ball a little longer than usual. However, he did make his usual 3 defender beating runs and had some dangerous balls through the middle which were unfortunately not knocked in. Moved around well with VERON, and even better when
PASTORE came in for the last 15 mins. Towards the end of the game as it loosened up MESSI showed off his talent with quick one twos with PASTORE and DI MARIA and was unluckily denied by the left post again. PALERMO eventually got our second goal off of a deflection which was created by MESSI. Great performance by Pulga tonight. Look forward to seeing what he can great create against Mexico.

Sergio AGÜERO (5): Quiet game from El Kun, did not get as many chances as he would have liked with his time on the pitch. Partially because of Greeks 7 man defense but still was able to beat defenders and get some good looks on net. Had some good movement with MESSI, however when the finishing touch was needed, he could not finish. Missed some of the dangerous movement and runs that TEVEZ would have gave us. The spark plug off the bench may be his best role at this moment.

Diego MILITO (5): Started out this game with good energy and movement, but our
distribution to MILITO tonight was a little off, as well as some of the runs that he made throughout the match. MILITO sort of became anonymous as the game went on and really did not have much to do with our attack tonight. There were 2 chances, one where he could have headed the ball into the net, and the other where a cross came through the middle and he just missed it with his foot. Became frustrated with
himself and eventually was taken off in the 79min for PALERMO. Not a confident performance which we would have expected from MILITO.


DI MARIA (62 min for Maxi), (6): Added immediate pace to our attack when he entered, and played very well with Clemente down the left side. Looked confident on the ball and towards the ened played very well and fast with PASTORE and MESSI. Good burst of energy off the bench.

Javier PASTORE (75 min for AGÜERO), (7): Even though he played only 15mins PASTORE made an attacking impact with every touch on the ball. PASTORE showed his pace and skill when passing with VERON and controlled the game in the final minutes. Created lighting quick counters by pushing the ball up to MESSI and DI MARIA. Used a lot of quick skilful one touches and seemed very confident every time he was on the ball. Looks like another great replacement if we need an attacking punch or want
to control the game.

Martín PALERMO (79min for MILITO) N/A: Came on with 11 minutes left and hold 1 or
2 touches on the ball but was in the right place in the right time to get a deflection off the goalie and place the ball into the lower right corner. Good finish by PALERMO.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand your ratings!!!!!!!!
Romero : "6- no mistakes".... that makes no sense!!! no mistakes deserves at least a 7! don't you think!! so who would be ten? god?
i can't even continue reading the rest, if this is how it is starting!
with all due respect of course.

Anonymous said...


i noticed all your player rankings have one thing in common: the goalie always gets a 6 haha (ok, sometimes 7). but yeah, how else can you rate a goalie who didn't make a mistake and had nothing to do over 90 minutes?

and even if i am still absolutely unable to understand what exactly veron's or mascherano's job on the field is, i think demichelis deserves a 3, and only because he scored (a goal we didn't need). i mean, the only greek chance came from his mistake! he was their best striker. he really must improve, and i believe we should play 5-2-3 or 5-3-2 in the 1/8.


p2bn said...

Umm Romero misjudged that ball completely when that Greek guy hit the ball.But still; I will trust him any day. But Veron a 7, COME ON DAVE. The way he was giving miss passes, not running while messi passed him and while messi was running he was not passing messi; maybe it's my lack of reading the game but except that one shot which went straight to the keeper a 7 to veron is too much considering you gave 7 to Messi as well. And please, although Milito didn't impressed me that much, a 5 to him when he basically never got a proper ball. Payback is a b**** though; he must have known the frustration of Messi and Barcelona when Inter did exactly the same in the second round. I just hope Diego doesn't rate Veron as highly but sadly he will. Damn I am sounding overtly negative here even though we won all three matches pretty easily but this defence just scares the hell out of me man. Anyway hoping and shouting for the best but I have to disagree with the ratings here.

Vamos Argentina!!!

Anonymous said...

where we watching the same game? Veron a 7? come on. he was the bane of our existence. He was simply terrible. Either you're a fan but you could see what a attacking midfielder is supposed to do once Pastore came on. Veron was terrible

Anonymous said...

and i think it was a mistake to make messi captain and even let him play. i am sure he made a good job, but the point is: the team must also have confidence that they can win without him. now it is all too much around messi, but maybe i am wrong.


Anonymous said...

i agree romaro should be 7
as for the rest
bud 6
demi 6.5
rod 6
ota 6
the defence was shakey and a better team could be bad for us.
VERON 5.5 he slowed down the game way to much and again to many mis placed passes and way few killer balls a playmaker should deliver,i agree with those who say bring him on when we need to close a game.
he looked tierd within 20 mins.
maxi 5 did not do a lot at all and is not good enough to start/to slow.
bolatti 6 played well but again i would not be happy with him starting
messi 7.5 played well but looks best whan the game is fast paceed ie when pastore came on.
auoro 5.5 did not take his chance at all
milito 5.5 again looks lost in the blue and white.
pastore changed the game in only 15 mins, he allowd argentina to play to its strenghts and its at pace.

totti said...

Hey guys
How can you say, that Milito was bad, when he didnt have chanches to show himself. even Messi was bad (ok, not bad, but not good).

Argentina was slow, bad, and bad and bad.....

But we will win world cup anyways :)
When ew have tevez and messi both, we are unbeatable !

Alex Camacho said...

Anyone know if Mexico has anyone missing next match (i.e., suspensions)?

Anonymous said...

sorry, but messi had a bad game. in particular picking up the ball in the center of the pitch (near the middle line) an trying to get past the defender is a huge mistake, since: 1. it slows down the game tremendously (everyone else just stands and watches), 2. if he looses the ball the opponent can have a quick counter attack, and 3. even if he gets past 1-2 or even 3 defenders it is still too far away from the opponent's goal to be of any danger. a huge tacktical mistake by the new capatain and all in all a dissapointing performance with too many bad passes.

ARG4LIFE said...

Veron had a great first half but later faded off for a while then picked up his game again towards the end. On average he played a great game. He is not the type of player you bring on as a sub and expect him to change the game in the last 15 or 20. His style of play is very different from just for example Aimar who can change the game in the short period. Veron needs to be involved from the start, he is more an intelligent player rather than an instinctive player.

Anonymous said...

veron is perfect for bringing on late in a game to hold up play to close out game, slow it down.
he does not have the legs for much more then 20-30 mins.

Sebastian said...

Those were not my ratings. Those were Dave's.

My man of the match was Clemente RODRIGUEZ and I'd follow that with Nicolás OTAMENDI. Our two wing-backs were our highest points.

Anonymous said...

Pronx (Australia)

VAMOS ARGENTINA, happy with the win, frustrating at times having to break down compact defences, but we did it. We have an amazing attack, defence worries me but I will support all of them 100%. Great seeing Pastore get a run, really graceful on the ball. Does anyone know where you can buy those black jackets they wear on the sideline. Got to get me one. Lets keep supporting our boys. VAMOS ARGENTINA.

Anonymous said...

veron was a 5 at best, he was too slow to play the ball to the wings when they were open, took too many touches other times, missed passes all over the pitch. due to that messi had to track back all the way to midfield to receive the passes, obviously if tevez was on the pitch that would have been his job but i dont even think veron should be on the team, cambiasso would have been more fitting for this team since he also tracks back and makes tackles. i remember one tackle by veron the rest of the time was him being lazy in the middle.
also no way clemente was just a 6.5, if it werent for him we couldnt have stretched the width at all, and half the time veron missed him out wide making great runs and when he did get the ball his passes were insicive and forced the greeks to just kick the ball out, had a beautiful chip that was just an inch too tall for milito. i think he proved he can start for this team.
if samuel is healthy i think the center back should be him partnered with burdisso who is just a solid consistent player, unlike demichelis who has ups and downs and i think mostly downs
so far i havent been impressed by di maria, while the only time pastore was on the field made things happen, i think we can use him on the wing with tevez and messi and milito up top and i bet you milito would get more chances and finish more chances

Mohd said...

Veron 7!!

Varghese Mangalath said...

Why Veron is given 7 points? What impact he made in the game other than slowing the game? That long range directly to the hands of the goal keeper deserves 0.5 points, but on what criterion you give the remaining 6.5 points. The first half was terrible with Veron worked like a bullock cart, no pace and full back and miss passes.

I will give Clemente Rodriguez 7 points, he give some life to our left wing. Tevez absence made it clear that how important that player is for us. Against teams playing defensively, Tevez will be our key. I feel that Messi had a better game yesterday, he was not so great against the teams playing defensive style, but yesterday he was able to pass through them many times.But poor Leo, his dream for a goal still remain as a dream. Hope he will make it in the right time when the team need the most.

Anonymous said...

My points:
1. Our 3 midfielders are too similar in that they all didn't dribble and have no ability whatsoever to dribble past players. It's almost like Gerrard, Lampard, and Beckham together. 3 players with good passing n shooting but no dribbling. But this is Argentina. The reason why when Pastore n Di Maria came on, we looked better was that they both did dribble and didn't just stand around waiting for the ball n then passed the ball as soon as they received it. When we faced a very strong defensive unit, we need someone who can penetrate.
2. Maxi can't be our Xavi/Iniesta :p He blocked Messi's way on one occassion.
3. Let me say it again, Milito is a FLAMBOYANT striker, which means that he must be the vocal point of offense to make him look good. Flamboyant strikers are like: Bati of Fiorentina, Maxi Lopez of Catania, Thierry Henry of Arsenal, Tevez of City and West Ham, Ibrahimovic of Inter, Torres of Liverpool, Drogba of Chelsea and Ivory Coast. Flamboyant strikers are different from Inzaghi type of player. Inzaghi type of player doesn't need the teammates to always give him the ball to score. Inzaghi type of players are: Inzaghi, Crespo of Milan, Figueroa of Argentina, Higuain of Madrid, Solksjaer of MU, Palermo of Boca n Argentina. That's to explain why Milito can't look good for Argentina. Messi, Tevez (last night, it was Aguero) were the flamboyant strikers. Tevez had difficulties with Argentina because of the same. When he was the ONLY partner of Messi upfront during the qualifiers, he failed to shine because we needed an Inzaghi type of playe, not a flamboyant striker.

Luckily Tevez has learned to play being not a flamboyant striker now (more of a versatile forward/role forward now).

Higuain and Palermo have an edge over Milito in terms of scoring for Argentina because they both are not flamboyant strikers. What that means? You don't needto give him the ball, but they will still score anyhow. In the last 3 years, Higuain was never a flamboyant striker. Raul (in the last 2 years and CR7 this year have that role), but Higuain still finished first in Madrid's top scorer. I watched all Madrid n Barca games this year. I have seen him almost not touching the ball at all but still managed to score 2 goals by the end of game. How come? Because he's not a flamboyant striker. His skill is a flamboyant striker, but he's not.

Henry looked amazing in Arsenal and just look like an average striker for Barca for this reason. The role of flamboyant striker is held by Messi. Henry, who's been a flamboyant striker in his career can't adapt that easily. Ibra is the same case....

Milito was/is a flamboyant striker for Zaragoza, Genoa, and Inter. What that means? He needs to touch the ball and be the vocal point of offense to score. Now with Argentina, he can't have this role...it's Messi's. He's a good striker, one of the best in the world, but he won't be the same for Argentina.

My rating yesterday:
Romero 7
Otamendi 7
Demichelis 7
Burdisso 6.5
Clemente 7.5 I was the one who thought that he's our best wing back (both) a year ago when he shut down Iniesta of Barca.
Bolatti 6.5
Maxi 5
Veron 4.5
Messi 7
Aguero 5.5
Milito 5.5
Di Maria 6.5
Pastore 7
Palermo 7


Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I would rate Veron as 6.5, he was not so bad.

Guys, this is the way to handle ultra-defensive team, and Maradona knows that. I know you all like Argentina to attack the goal mouth rapidly like a machine gun ala Barcelona, but it doesn't always work. Remember Inter Milan?

So, Argentina have to play patiently via Veron's reading game. Veron cannot play in a pace, that's why he flopped in England. In this sense, Maradona is better than Pep Guardiola who knows only to attack like crazy.


ak said...

very much impressed by clemente. he's like our roberto carlos.

messi didn't have a good game. maybe the pressure of being the captain affected him but he had more miss passes than the first 2 matches and he also lost the ball trying to get past the opponents in the midfield. killer moves should be used in a better position up front instead.

veron.. ar.. when would we stop playing him? everytime i see him starting i start worrying for the whole match...

Happer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Happer said...

Very good points from the Anonymous said about the cases of Henry, Ibrahimovic, etc. I agree with that, one will play well beside Messi only when he realizes that Messi is the star of the team, no matter how good he is when he plays for other teams. Tevez knows that, Higuain knows that, Xavi and Iniesta fully awear that, Ronaldinho didn't agree and he had to leave. And I guess that's why our Diego shined in Argentina and Napoli, but not that good in Barcelona where his former teammates might see themselves as stars...

I do love Milito, but honestly, Higuain has a very high goal-per-shot rate, anywhere he plays. In Madrid last season, he needed about two shots for every goal he scored. That means he does not get the ball much but still manage to have chance to score. Well that's what we need from a main striker I think...

Apocalyptic Creator said...

Hi Seba,
I really want to get acquainted to all the members of Diego's coaching staff and their roles.
Where can I find that information ?

Forza_albicelestes said...

Good Diff from Anonymous about being a flamboyant striker and a penalty box striker.

But plz plz plz do not ever put BATI and Maxi Lopez in the same line again....


Azideane said...

as my opinion, i think last night we played a bit to slow but i understand that we were on position that don't have to be rush, just play as long as we can kept possession, but i think Messi was too much to kept da ball with him, and we were using him abit too much, thats not good, other than that was okay, thats all for me


Anonymous said...


GK said...

Otamendi in for Demichelis vs. Mexico anyone?

I sure hope so. If someone is going to have a slip in the knockout rounds that will be costly I think it will be Demichelis. Otamendi would be a great replacement, if not Burdisso.

Anonymous said...

Veron deserves just 3 points for his performance. Everytime he comes on, I make sure I get a pillow to doze off. Diego should have been aware that when his plan of drawing the Greeks outta their shells didn't really work in the first half, he should have substituted Veron with Pastore right away. Do we really need a playmaker like Veron (looked like he needed a pacemaker at 90 mins)??
With all the world class strikers at our disposal, how is it that our defenders get the first breakthrough and not the other way around?
You have to admit - if it weren't for that lucky corner and that Messi rebound, we'd have drawn the game and probably outta the group stages. And with the big guns coming up, Veron is the only obstacle between us and the worldcup. Sit the old man out please.

Anonymous said...

ill translate the above post

lucky courner = mgreat set peace by the great messi and cleanly put away by one of are many set peace finishing defenders demi/samuel/henzie/bardisso as practiced in training

the palermo goal was a lucky rebound=messi weaved and ran across the defensive line powered a shot at goal resuilting in a rebound finished with experiance and pure 1000x better than milito punash

above what are you talking about messi has been involved with every single goal scored lucky shut up please

Apocalyptic Creator said...

how come by drawing the game against Greece, we wud have been outta of group stages.
we wud have qualified still

ARG4LIFE said...

whatever man. I'm just happy alot more players got a chance to play and we made an impact and won the game. Thats all that matters here. Whether you play good or bad doesn't matter anymore.Veron can play the worst game of his life but if he can make only one pass that will help us win game then so be it. Only winning matters from now on.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how ppl see Veron?!I really like Dave's rateings!!!Veron
deserves 7!!!And he will play a pivotal role for Argentina!!!Veron
is a great player.I think ppl here
need to watch lots of football!
Vamos Argentina!!!

Anonymous said...

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