Saturday, June 12, 2010

ARG 1-0 NGA: Highlights & Goal


p2bn said...

Only if those shots by Messi went in!!! Oh by the way, I just read a news from my country and it was about a die hard argentine fan who named his daughter after messi,'s the photo if u guys dun believe me :P

salvio supporter said...

Hahaha still way better than Lionela, or Diega :S

GK said...

Does anyone know the status on Veron right now? Apparently he is getting examined by the medical staff today after his injury in yesterdays match.....

Anonymous said...

Mascherano was brilliant. Now, in case he picks up an injury or is out due to a few yellow cards, Who's our replacement??? Oh! Yeah! Bollati!!!
Maradonaa... you are a genius. I heard there is a player by the name Cambiasso who is not as good a player as Bolatti. May be he can learn a trick or two by watching Bolatti play! Maradonaa... you are a gem. Here is a news flash, after the Nigeria game Zanetti called up Maradona and thanked him for letting Jonas teach him how to play in that right back position! Maradona in return has allowed Garce to train Zanetti during his free time. Oh! Maradona you are simply great!! I heard that these days Banega is training with a 20 kg Jack fruit tied to his legs and a jack ass called Grondona tugging on his shirt. But still he has not succeeded in running as slow as Veron. And without beating Veron's record of being the slowest man on the football field, Maradona will not consider him for the national team. Maradonaaaa.... you are phenomenal!!!!!!


Renjith said...

Mr. Anonymous, too much...
It is not the superstars who are bringing victory, it is just stars who are working passionately, sincerely, most important without egoistically....Y brazil is doing wonders even without as stars as Argentina is bcos simply their team spirit...Argentina had this team spirit in a great form when they were in 1986 WC..Just see this video:

Anonymous said...

You guys!! Maradona's tactics were spotless! sp please...
You were bashing Heinze non-stop before, the world cup. even the previous one. Seba especially. And you probably will after this world cup- I think it's just because you are stuck with it. I don't have any objective basis for that...
Anyhow, I just would like it if people who are proven wrong would admit it.
Thanks for all the effort btw, this blog is phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. I like how ppl who were criticizing Diego and Heinze are now saying, ok we won, but what iffff this guy is injured! or what if Heinze does one of his flops later. I hope you won't be proven right later, but for now, it would be nice to say: "well done, we were wrong".

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Veron in his interview stated that Maradona was the mastermind of Heinze goal.

- charlie -

Renjith said...

I guessed that..his face was like that, with less surprise and more joy..Diego is still a genius...

Renjith said...

Yes, he is a genius in setpieces...
Samuel's header on a corner, Messi's a curling shot on the top corner after an excellent pass from Masherano(I think)....lets hope many more things from Diego will come out in this WC...

Sebastian said...

I stick to my guns regarding HEINZE and regarding how I think ZANETTI and CAMBIASSO should have been called up and regarding how I think Diego MILITO is the striker this team needs to play 90 minutes every match.

The fact that HEINZE scored a goal from a set-piece yesterday, doesn't make him an idol in my book.

Don't get me wrong, me and Felipe were among the supporters who celebrated the most when HEINZE scored!

You me, our national team comes first. There will never be a player who I will consider more important than my national team.

I have said this many times, whether I hate the system we play, the players our manager picks (any manager, not just Diego) I will still want Argentina to win.

There are, however, many critics that hate MARADONA, or MESSI, or VERON, or even HEINZE and they are waiting for Argentina to collapse so they can rejoice afterwards.

I'm a person who will always admit if I'm proven wrong. I have to ego when it comes to that.

HEINZE scored a great goal yesterday and had a good game. That doesn't change my mind and I still don't like how he plays. And it still doesn't change the fact that I will support him all the way!

Anonymous said...

But Seba, why did not u utter a single word about those set piece tricks of Maradona??

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