Friday, June 25, 2010

I have a dream now!

And that dream stayed alive after Brazil and Portugal played to a 0-0 draw today.

If everything goes just how our hearts are planning it and we keep advancing, this result guarantees that there is no way we can meet Brazil before the final match.

And that's my dream. I dream of a final between Argentina and Brazil. I don't think my heart will be able to endure such a classic match, but I'm willing to test it!

You all know I'm really cautious and that I never think ahead and that I always take one match at a time, but in this case, I think it's worthy to at least mention it and why not, secretly (or not so secretly since I'm writing it here!), start savouring it while there is still a chance for us to witness such a memorable epic encounter between us and the men in yellow.

Do you think it's possible? Do you want it to happen?


Vanda said...

If this does happen I hope our men don't choke like they usually do against Brazil. Its like they come out with fear--- that won't win us anything. Fear no one; you have the best players on your team and you are being lead by the best player in the world of all times... Vamos argentina el pais tienen el mismo sueno que vos...

Abs said...

And I want it to be 3-0 for the Albiceleste .. It'll be enough to quite them till the day I die !!

Anonymous said...

its impossible!!! now way brazil and argentina will be meeting in the final!!! its impossible really!!!

Sparrow said...

What a dream !

As far as i can recall, Brazil has never been able to beat the Argentina at the World Cup.

Fingers crossed! One match at a time.

Let's enjoy the journey...


Anonymous said...

Guys, don't get excited that soon. We still got England to take care. Remember?

hugo said...

And how about an all-South America semifinal: Brazil v Uruguy, Argentina v Paaguay/Chile???

Argentina_fan_from_India said...

Mark my words, they won't reach the final this time :-)

Chris said...

Would be great, but they will be beaten by USA in semis- haha

Vishnu said...



want brazil to b out at quarter or p-quarter...
like evry1 i too wud love to see Albiceleste thrashing up brazil in the finals... bt they r lucky in finals and v r not(i wud prefer to say unlucky especially against them,recently!)

i cant even adjust with a nightmare in whch we loss to them...

so i now want spain to draw with chile and become 2nd!!!

max said...

we'll meet brazil in the semi and spain in the final if everything goes standard

Vanda said...

if we meet with Brazil at all it can only be the final

LaTiNo said...

Sebas? Are you CRAZY????? I don't want to play them! You know how it works. They play horrible football until the final and argentina shines, and then in the final we lose 3-0 because our system (especially with a slow defense) will be ripped apart by their counter. And you also know that every time they shoot on goal it goes in (against us).
So please Spain, draw with Chile, then go on to beat brasil and lose to us in the final ;)

Apocalyptic Creator said...

drawing with chile will probably make spain not to qualify..
remember swiss will in all probability beat a horrible honduras team.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer an Argentina vs Uruguay final myself. I can imagine FIFA wouldn't though; generations of children thereafter would be banned from watching any televised football by parents traumatised at the bloodbath. But it'd still be funny.

Sebastian said...

I know about the dangers and I think in my case it could be worse than for many other Argentina fans because I've lived in Brazil for a year and I've got a lot of friends from there which will be forever willing to remind me of a potential World Cup final win by Brazil over Argentina.

And I know our style suits them perfectly and their style is the worse possible we could face in this World Cup or elsewhere. I know.

But I still think football is football and if we score first...

Again...I refuse to get ahead of myself, though I'm doing it and it is perhaps because I can't stop dreaming about that particular fixture in that particular stage.

Both teams would need a lot of luck (we know one of them already has and more than any other team in the planet) and there are still plenty of dangerous teams waiting for both of them, but there is no denying that it would be a dream fixture.

We know Brazil will have refs calling everything for them and giving their players a license to kill (like Felipe MELO getting away with two assaults -because those were not tackles on PEPE, those were just nasty attacks on him; or JUAN hand-balling it when Cristiano RONALDO was getting mano a mano with Julio CESAR or LUCIO hand-balling it in the penalty area near the end with no penalty for Portugal given) and it's going to take some doing for any team to be able to beat them.

And we need to improve at the back or else...

Anonymous said...

Hey Sebastian, I am the one who posted that dream here first, remember? Are you copying my dream? ha.. ha..

dream quarter - Arg vs England
dream semi - Arg vs Spain
dream final - Arg vs Brazil


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