Friday, June 11, 2010

Important announcement on Mundo's coverage

Hola, my friends.

We don't have a countdown clock anymore, but it's only a little bit more than 10 hours before we take on Nigeria to start this new adventure.

I'm here to make an announcement after Roy, John and I discussed about it for a few days until we came to an unanimous conclusion. As most of you know (and those who don't will find out right now) we've been covering every Argentina match using a chat tool live during the match. We did that for our friendly against Haiti and also for the one in Munich v. Germany.

We've been thinking: what will we do for the World Cup matches? And we though it would be best if we didn't do this live coverage during the game. What we will do is to gather for an hour before the game starts so we can discuss on the latest details, on the match between South Korea and Greece and other stuff, but then when the match is about to start, we would shut it down and enjoy the game in front of a TV.

I'm sure you'll understand the reasoning behind this decision and I'm sure chances are you will be nowhere near a computer as you'll be glued to your TV set or at a pub or something.

For those looking for links to watch the game, I'm sure there will be plenty coming in during that hour-long chat.

Thank you for always being here with us here at Mundo Albiceleste.

Vamos Argentina!


Minacapelli said...

I see that you want to watch the game on your tv without the hassle of moderating a chat. thats ok. still think you should keep the chat even if its not moderated. or find someone else who can moderate it for you. some people dont have the advantage of seeing it on their tv's. but gain the advantage of watching here online with other fellow argentinians following the game online.

Eitherway, i will not criticize your decision but just stating my opinion. I will be broadcasting the game, if u really dont want to have the chat opened here then my room could be used as discussion during the game for those who cant watch it on their tv, as well as a place to see the games.

This is far is one of the best argentinian sites around. and i will keep coming here because of all of you.

If worse comes to worse (being banned) i can just open a new channel and password it. That will keep it from being banned at all. but right now i dont want to deal with that password deal because it sometimes messes up and doesnt let some in. we will see.

Thanks in advance seba, i know u do the best you can. and u do have the freedom to watch the game on your tv without having to deal with us here heh :P. have fun!

Sebastian said...

Thanks Minacapelli!

The problem in leaving the chat unmoderated is that once it reaches a limit of users, the messages don't get published automatically. There has to be someone moderating to post them one by one.

We will have the chat session in the build up for the game and we can probably organise something so nobody miss out on the chance to watch Argentina.

Let me thank you in advance for all you're doing to help our fellow Albiceleste fans.

johnny said...

A very understandable decision to avoid the chat. I was planning not to participate so my attention would be focussed only on the match. Good to know I'm not the only one !

South Korea up 2-0. Greece looks awful.