Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feel like playing Fantasy WC with Mundo?

I have created a league for Mundo Albiceleste readers.

It's the official World Cup fantasy game.

Click here to visit the website and enter your team and then join our league.

To do that, go to MY LEAGUES and then to CREATE/JOIN.

Where it says: JOIN PRIVATE LEAGUE, enter the following code: 178045-131646

That's all you need to participate. I hope to see many of you in that league!

Let's see who wins it!


Anonymous said...

copy cat

schmuck said...


Anonymous said...

do u have the Code of any other exciting 'Private League' like 'Tiki-Waka WC'? I wanna join one or two more leagues....

Anonymous said...

your count down clock is wrong boss

Sebastian said...

I think I finally found the batteries for that dodgy countdown clock we have up there.

Hope this time it's right.

Anonymous said...

The countdown clock is off by 3 hours.

Sebastian said...

The countdown clock is timed exactly as FIFA's. If ours is wrong, then so is FIFA's. And Clarin's.

Enough with the countdown clock already! We've got a World Cup coming up, people!

Sebastian said...

New post is up on my Soccernet blog. Maybe it's like therapy for you too (if you read it, you'll understand).

Anonymous said...

I see what the problem is. The countdown clock will show the correct time only in the same time zone as you. In other time zones, the clock will be off because it will be counting down to the first game in terms of your time zone.

So you have the right clock with the wrong settings. Because for me your clock is off from FIFA by 3 hours, and I am 3 hours behind you in the Mountain Time zone.

But anyways, the big day is finally here!! 4 long years and finally the pilgrimage starts again.... vamos Argentina!

alwin said...

Vamos Argentina Guys...Count Down clock here shows KICKOFF..oh yeah :)


Anonymous said...

Uruguay and Argentina officially make a joint bid for the 2030 World Cup.

Renjith said...

Maradona playing..

koma said...

I was told that Diego Maradona have shaved his beard, is that true?

Minacapelli said...

Guys, I have a proposition for you. I will stream the argentina games live for you guys. I will stream them at JTV, and provide you with a password.
This is up to you. it will be great quality from ESPN, for those that dont get it. what do u say?

Anonymous said...

minacapelli.. what do you think we would say? I will worship you if you do lol

johnny said...

OFF TOPIC-surprisingly impressive performance from South Africa, no ? Outplayed much of the first period, scored the first goal, and with a little luck could have come out on top.

salvio supporter said...

What a disaster the Mexican defense. A disaster. I couldn't stop thinking about Heinze.

And Uruguay-France will be THE match!

messidona19 said...

well since the world cup has just begun and i'm now feeling the world cup vibe, I want to see what's everyone's favourate line up for 2mrw?
I know that our line up for 2mrw will be Romero - Jonas - Samuel - Demi - Heinze - Masche - Veron - Di Maria - Messi - Tevez - Higuain.
Would anyone change something from this? I think I would keep with this except put Milito instead of Tevez! Imagine Higuain and Milito being the two strikers with Messi and Di Maria playing from behind. That would be something else! But Tevez would be fine for tomorrow but I always prefered Best striker in the world Milito even before the end of this season!
Personally I really like the fact that Otamendi is dropped from right back and Jonas really suits the right back position! That really gave me optimism. I just don't feel Otamendi should even play in the world cup! and the good thing about Jonas playing in right back is that it frees up a striking place for one of our strikers!

Happer said...

Minacapelli, thank God that we have you. I'm a student in Finland now (I'm from Vietnam) and couldn't find any good link to watch the first match today. So I ended up watching the game in Finnish which is the most boring language in the world. If you can stream the game? Yes, I will be more than happy to watch it, and so are some other people I guess.

Thank you in advance.

Minacapelli said...

Okay, Ill set it up today. Ill give you the info when im done. It will have to be in english because espn online broadcasts in English, Portuguese, German, Arabic, And Korean.... Yeah i know... they have every language but spanish. owell

So yeah, let me set it up and i will provide you the link tonight and tomorrow morning when it starts.

Anonymous said...

I would go with Romero - Jonas, Demi, Samuel, Heinze - Maxi, Masche, Veron, Di Maria - Messi, Higuain with Tevez in for Maxi later in the game. I would start out safe and see how it goes from there...

Anonymous said...

those stupid childish moronic african horn things are ruining the world cup its like bees constantly TV STATIONS please filter that CRAP sound out of your broadcasts its terrable

Sebastian said...

Minacapelli, in the name of all of Mundo Albiceleste readers, take a bow! Thanks for such a great idea. Whenever you have the details, post them here as you wish.

If time allows, we could even make an entry about this so it gets more exposure.

Watching Uruguay-France now.

What do I always say about Uruguay? They are masters at self-destroying!

Nicolás LODEIRO, probably one of their most talented players, gets introduced to play in the second half and sees 2 yellows in 18 minutes.

Didn't see the first yellow, but the second could have very well been a straight red (nasty kick on SAGNA).

Stupid boy. Four minutes to go. Still 0-0, but he is already out of their second match and he compromised his team in the last ten minutes of the game when he was supposed to become the owner of the ball.

Anonymous said...

hahaha henry wants a penalty for a handball! i think it should have been a penalty, but it is funny that henry was the one who claimed for it.

however now in both games today there was a situation where a penalty could/should be given, both time denied. do you think the referees were right?

well, i think Argentina will beat any team of group A. they all lack in true goalscorers. can't wait for tomorrow.


Fadi said...

The most team I fear from this group is Mexico. Anyways I'm happy for uruguay for the point they got, and more happy for France for the two points they lost :) I think Mexico & S.Africa will qualify from this group

Minacapelli said...

Alright, here is the link.

I might start broadcasting 5-10 minutes before game time so dont be scared if u dont see it 20 minutes before.
This channel is for me and bell to watch movies. So before a game u might see a movie playing or after. but i will always broadcast the game when its on.
Should be HD as long as's quality is good. I will post the link tomorrow morning if theres a chat on here like there always is. have fun guys!
good luck argentina!

Anonymous said...

Fear the Mexicans? hahaha, get out of here with that Fadi. Mexicans back is a joke and they will be lucky getting out of that group.

Anonymous said...

Just one suggestion to Minacapelli... when you put the link, please don't name it Argentina World Cup game and put it in sports section... the problem is that then it will become easy for the FIFA gestapo to find the link and shut it down... give it some movie name or some uninteresting name and out it in some section besides sports.... and tell us here so people can go to right section....

p2bn said...

Damn I am so nervous, excited and waiting in the same time. Just like in the article you wrote Seba, my heart says we can win but my mind says what if it's like the qualifiers! But if we dare to dream to win the cup, we really need to play it easy tomorrow and win without much fuss. I sure hope so. So see you guys in the match.

Vamos Argentina

Minacapelli said...

I know. i have it in social, and told it not to be in directory for jtv, and it cannot be embedded. so should be good. no password. its ready for 2morrow morning. Great quality.'
hope to see u guys there

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