Saturday, July 14, 2007

Me, The Albiceleste Supporter

The other day one of my colleague ask me why am I getting so much into the Copa America when there is an equally big tournament going on in my own backyard? When I mentioned to him it's because of the passion and love that I have for our beloved Albiceleste, his reply was that I must be a real fool.

Well then I guess that I'm proud to be the fool that I am for the last 21 years and will do so proudly for the rest of my life.

You see everyone, here in Malaysia we are currently hosting the 2007 Asian Cup (alongside Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam) but as you can see I've been hardly mentioning anything about this tournament throughout the last couple weeks. If you wish to know my reason, well I've mentioned this in one of my comments on the "How Little Argentina won the "Malaysia War"......." article as a response towards Rio's comments.

It's because of the MIND and SOUL.

My feelings about tomorrow's Final is not something new. I've had this with me in 2002, but it was not meant to be. I did have this again in 2004, but again it was not meant to be. Then again in 2005, and once again it was not meant to be. And to not forget in 2006......Ok I think you all know the rest.

Disappointment is not something new to me, it has haunted me in many ways through out my whole 27 years life but that is only temporary because in many ways it can also be a source of energy that grows within me when time goes by.

It is this energy which will fuel my fire and burns my desire when tomorrow's match kicks-off.
As I'm writing this article, it is almost 1.00 pm here in Malaysia and after this I'll be meeting up Alwin for a futsal match and then after that we will be heading to Bukit Jalil Stadium to watch Ali KARIMI and Sun JIHAI in action in the Iran v China game.

After the game, we will head back home to get some sleep as tomorrow we'll need to be up (that is if I'm able to get a good night sleep, if you know what I mean) around 4.00 am in the morning to be ready for the match, as it will start at 5.00 am.

Am I nervous about the game? To be honest, yes I am. Am I scared? Well maybe a little. But as I've found out in Seba's article "Is it just me?", I know that I'm NOT alone in this mission. So if someone were to ask me d
o I feel confidence about the game? 120% yes.

Just to calm my nerves before the game I've found the perfect motivation through the following lines.

May the laurels be eternal

that we knew how to win,
that we knew how to win,
let us live crowned with glory...
or swear to die gloriously!
Or swear to die gloriously!
Or swear to die gloriously!

Sounds familiar?

And once the match is over, irrespective of the result and I pledge to continue to remember these words for as long as I live

Blue & White Till I Die


allan ng said...

Well, John, I am from Hong Kong and I also do not care too much about the AFC Asian Cup. OK I will be happy to see China win, but it is not uppermost on my mind right now, especially I can't get live TV coverage of the games on my cable tv.

But I do get Copa America and the U-20 World Cup on my cable tv. There is not just one but two big games tomorrow for us. Let's not forget the U-20 team.

Seba said...

I can't stand this pressure!

I slept only 3 hours so I could change my working shift for Today.

Left here at 3 AM last night, arrived at 9 AM (six hours later, that is). And will leave roughly one hour before kick-off.

And all of that time, I MEAN ALL OF THAT TIME, I'm surrounded by smiling Brazilians telling me how hard they are going to hit us today!

I'm keeping it quite. I'm not accepting any bets or questions about a prediction for the game.

But all of this is making this pressure to be impossible to bear.

Here...take my brain...put it away!

johnny said...

I enjoyed Coco's recent comments about the starting time for today's match. He's unhappy about the match being played during the middle of a very hot day. Not that it ever makes any difference, but it always does my heart good to see people in high places fight the "money at any cost" machine. Get 'em Coco !

johnny said...

"The Circumference of Riquelme"

Tell me of your magician soul Roman.
Did Houdini's ghost kiss you in a dream ?
How else do we explain your love/hate relationship with the chains ?
Spinning in an imaginary circle with your
nemesis flailing in exasperation.
Creating a box of mystery for which only
you hold the key.
The dime you start and stop on must
be very weary.

Rio said...


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