Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hola, soy Diego MILITO

Translation: "Hello, I'm Diego MILITO"

What does this subject means?

I think it would represent something he really needs to do: Introduce himself to international football.

The irony puts him in a very ankward position. After all those years in which Hernán CRESPO suffered for being in Gabriel BATISTUTA's shadow, now MILITO sees himself in a similar scenario.

And as CRESPO is slowly but surely becoming the favourite striker for the vast majority of the Albicelestes supporters, Diego is in a position in which he will enjoy very little credit from the demanding fans and critics.

Even more so, when the people's player, Carlitos TEVEZ, is out there fighting for a place as the emerging starting striker after CRESPO's injury.

Diego MILITO played 70 minutes against Colombia and scored a goal. He also missed a couple (one of them being his responsibility. In the other one, all credit should go to CALERO as he made a fantastic save), but I don't recall anybody keeping track of how many BATISTUTA or CRESPO have failed through the years.

Coco BASILE needs a big target man. Without CRESPO, everything suggests that Diego MILITO will now become that reference our team needs inside the box. COCO sees Carlitos as a replacement for MESSI or even to try and change a game by using both, him and Lionel on the wings and keeping a striker in the middle.

Carlitos fans (remember, I'm one of them), should have to bite the bullet and keep waiting.

The time for Diego MILITO to play a few consecutive games as a starter has finally arrived.

It is not an easy task for any striker to score 23 goals in La Liga (only two goals behind Pichichi winner Ruud VAN NISTELROY), ahead of players of the like of RONALDINHO, KANOUTÉ, FORLÁN, Fernando TORRES, David VILLA, RAUL and many others.

The way I see it?

Diego may not have all the speed in the world, but his brain is faster than most defenders' and he has a full arsenal. The most important assets any striker should have: powerful, accurate shot, excellent heading skills, very good ball control and great positioning.

I'm confident Diego will convince those who doubt (or simply don't know him) and I hope he can start doing it on Thursday against Paraguay.


Gonzo said...

i am a huge fan of milito and i want him to go to a big team like manchester united so people can notice his skill. though instead we have idiots like wenger going for silva instead trying to be all crafty, while ignoring saviola and milito. this is something that sickens me.

John said...

The most important thing is that we need to ask ourselves, what did DIEGO such a lethal striker in La Liga?

Well I guess it all falls down to the ZARAGOZA factor. He has the likes of AIMAR and D’ALLESANDRO behind him and with this two together it just simply complements his lack of pace at the same time

I’m not saying that COCO should consider revamping the starting line up but the fact is DIEGO plays very often with those two names that I’ve mentioned above.

Maybe he needs time to adjust himself with this team once he begins to click I’m sure it will be goals galore all the way.

Asil said...

He's a hard working player and good at pressuring the defense. But I like him to relax a little bit, focus on off the ball and get scoring position...get a simple goal.

allan ng said...

He got too far back into his own half at times. I think he will play better with Tevez than Messi.

I hope Coco will allow Aimar and Tevez to start against Paraguay. In any case Roman looks like he can do with a game's rest. (Although he always looks that way.)

Copa America Blog said...

He needs to play better than he did against Colombia, thats for sure.

Roy said...

I completely agree with John. Milito is used to playing with Aimar. What I think Coco should do is to start Aimar versus Paraguay and see how he does with Milito. Also give Messi a bit of a rest and put in Tevez. Messi had a very physical game versus Colombia and it would give him and Riquelme time to rest for the Quarter Finals.

johnny said...

I don't think Coco will make many changes, but I actually like Roy's idea. Getting Aimar and Tevez more work while resting Riquelme and Messi some seems logical. Maybe Coco will make those subs if he doesn't change the offensive starting lineup. Damn fine thinking Roy.

johnny said...

Then again, on second thought, since Crespo is likely gone for good and Milito is going to be the man in the middle from now on, Coco might want to keep Riquelme and Messi in to see how Diego meshes with them over a long period. You could make a good case for either scenario.

Roy said...

True, I understand what you mean Johnny. Testing him with Messi and Riquelme because chances are(unless someone gets injured or he does really bad), hes going to be playing with Messi and Riquelme for the rest of the tournament. But I would still like to see Messi and Riquelme rest though. Give Tevez and Aimar a chance to get in the match. Because Tevez has only played about 30 minutes in 2 matches where as Aimar has barely played at all. And at the same time it would test out the Milito/Aimar/Tevez combination.

niraj said...

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johnny said...

Right. I would actually like Coco to try that out, but I bet he will bring in early subs instead. It's easier to maintain attitude and motivation if you don't change the starting lineup too often. Players are like dogs, they respond well to discipline and consistency.:)

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