Monday, July 02, 2007

A bit of history between Argentina and Colombia

There is a lot more history between both sides apart from the famous 5-0 that Colombia scored against Argentina in a World Cup Qualifier in Buenos Aires (1993).

We will concentrate on the Copa America head-to-head history between Albicelestes and Cafeteros.

Here are some facts and figures:

  • This will be the 11th Copa America match between Argentina and Colombia.

  • Argentina won 6, scoring 34 goals.

  • Colombia won 2, scoring 12 goals.

  • They only drew twice (1-1 in Ecuador 1993. Diego SIMEONE (ARG) and Freddy RINCON (COL) beind the scorers and 0-0, also in Ecuador 1993. That match was decided with a penalty shoot-out and Argentina won 6-5).

  • The first time these two sides met in the Copa America was in Santiago de Chile in 1945. Argentina demolished Colombia 9-1 with goals from PONTONI (2), MENDEZ (2), MARTINO, BOYE, LOUSTAU and FERRARO (2). MENDOZA scored the only goal for Colombia.

  • Last time they faced, Argentina won 3-0 (Copa America Peru 2004) and advanced to the final match. The scorers that day were TEVEZ, Lucho GONZALEZ and Juan Pablo SORIN.

  • The last time Colombia won, was also 3-0 in Copa America Paraguay 1999. The scorers were Iván CORDOBA, Edwin CONGO and Jhonnier MONTAÑO. But that game became famous because it was when Martín PALERMO (ARG) missed three penalty kicks.


Seba said...

Roughly one hour to go for the match!

Who's going to be out there watching it?

And where are you in the Mundo Albiceleste (Blue and White World)?

Paraguay having a hard time against USA. The Americans actually deserve to be ahead but they are wasting far too many chances.

johnny said...

Hunkered down here at home in Buenos Aires, fighting a cold and imbibing coca colas to stay awake. I am looking for a more wide open, entertaining display tonight !

Seba said...

Well Johnny...bad news for you as Paraguay scores the second.

Undeserved in my opinion

johnny said...

I'm rooting for Morel !:)

Seba said...

Now you really are a head-case! hahaha!

I prefer your Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris metaphors!

Seba said...

I like that Eddie JOHNSON boy who's playing up front.

Can Racing Club buy him? hahaha!

Seba said...

Jesus!!! I can't believe that header from 3 yards out to the keepers' hands!

USA should have won this thing...

Seeing Paraguay struggling against a team we controlled at will, is a good sign indeed!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the game from Singapore !

Asian Fan

johnny said...

Absolutely amazing all of the chances gone bad for the USA ! I think both defenses are totally winded at this point.

Seba said...

Now it's over, Paraguay through to the quarter finals.

Now we need to beat them if we want to finish first in our group.

It'll be very difficult for us to match their goal difference (we need to win by 4 tonight in order for us to claim our group with a draw against Paraguay).

Why is it important to win our group?

Because if we win it, then Brazil, bound to be second in their group, will only play against us in the final.

Good morning Asian Fan!

Nice to see there will be support coming from Singapore!

johnny said...

Oh NO-Taco !