Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some info before the Super-Sunday

Argentina lineup to face Brazil on Sunday:
Alfio BASILE confirmed Argentina will start with the same eleven men that defeated Mexico 3-0 in the semifinals. That is: ABBONDANZIERI; ZANETTI, AYALA, G. MILITO, HEINZE; MASCHERANO, VERÓN, CAMBIASSO, RIQUELME; MESSI and TEVEZ. Coco also said: "I'm very happy!"

Roberto AYALA:

Even after he signed a pre-contract with Villarreal, a surprising move by Real Zaragoza, will take El Ratón to Estadio La Romareda to play next season.

Zaragoza pay the "buy-out" clause and they will leave Gabriel MILITO go to Barcelona but will bring in his national team partner to cover as center back.


He was the missing link when we talk about Argentineans in the NBA. Not anymore! Luis have signed a 3-year contract with the Houston Rockets and will fulfill his dream of playing in the most important basketball league in the World. Congratulations for all his hard work and for this impressive move to the Rockets. I'm sure their fans still don't know how good a player they are getting!

He joins Manu GINOBILI, Fabricio OBERTO, Carlos DELFINO, Walter HERRMANN and Andrés NOCIONI to make it 6 Argies in the NBA.


John said...


I just can't wait for this to happen. I still believe in this team and much so I believe in Coco BASILE.

By the way, shortly after the final, it will be under-20 turn to make our dreams come true when they take on Mexico.

Great news for everyone in Malaysia, the match is shown live on Astro Channel 80 at 7.40 am

Rio said...

i just finished watching the recording of u20 games today.

USA ran out of gas and couldn't keep up with Austria. For teams lacking depth, tournament becomes increasingly difficult as it progresses due to fatigue and injuries. Honestly, this is probably as far as USA could go...

The other game, Czech was CLEARLY UNDERATED by media! Their defense is physical and solid, and their goalie Radek Petr is just unbelievable.

we couldn't get a break in our group meeting, it really didn't surprise me that spain couldn't pound one in after such intensive bombardment today. They were really lucky to get the equalizer at the beginning of second extra period, and Czech deserved the PSO win.

I'd say the winner of tomorrow's match between us and mexico will be the favorite to win the trophy.

John said...

I echo your words Rio

allan ng said...

I saw the Spain-Czech Rep game... the Czechs did the same against Japan and won on penalty. Japan had a legitimate penalty claim that was not seen by the referee. Czech's style is really physical. Spain was quite unlucky, they hit the post and the bar before... But I think they must be suffering fatigue now that they have played 240 minutes in their last two games, and Austria don't look easy either. I think they will not have any remaining strength if they reached the final.

Anyway, if we win the Copa tomorrow morning, we will qualify for the Confederations Cup in 2009 in South Africa. It will be quite useful for our 2010 WC preparations. I believe we will win it and get there.

Philip W. said...

Believe me, I know exactly what we are getting with Scola. This trade amazed me when I first read about it...and all we lost was Spanoulis(Done in the NBA),a second round pick(Late pick), and some cash. I can't wait to see him play for us, he is our starter without a doubt!!! He will be a double-double guy for us, and TMAC and Yao will make his game come even easier.

John said...

Welcome to our blog Philip W.

We do hope that SCOLA could be the catalyst for the ROCKETS just as much as MANU is for the SPURS. I'm really looking forward to the new season much more than before because of SCOLA's arrival.

Please do spread the word around about our blog to all the ROCKETMANIA in Houston.

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