Thursday, July 12, 2007

U20: First ever Mundo Albiceleste's correspondent!

Yes, Copa America is getting all the attention these days, but here at Mundo Albiceleste, we don't forget the Youth World Cup is happening!

The knock-out stages have started yesterday and Brazil were knocked out of the tournament by Spain (in extra time). The eight-finals will be completed today and Argentina will be taking on Poland.

Last Friday, our boys played against North Korea and Mundo Albiceleste had the pleasure to have Roy, one of our regular visitors, attending the match and very kindly giving us his views as well as some pictures and videos.

Roy made it to the Frank Clair Stadium in Ottawa and it was a unique experience for him. Sometimes, we Argentinean, take our National Team for granted and we don't get too excited to go to matches in Buenos Aires. Through this blog and after meeting a lot of Albicelestes supporters in the World, I learnt that there are a lot of people in different latitudes that don't get that chance too often.

Roy had his and he is now sharing it with all of us.

Thanks you very much for your work, Roy! You are a true Argentina supporter!

Before we got to the stadium, people outside were selling flags, headbands, jerseys, you name it, they were selling it. I ended up getting 2 flags and a headband for the record.

We got to the stadium with it being 3/4 full, with the rest being outside trying to get in. My section was pretty much 90% Argentine fans which made it that much better.

Onto the action. When Korea scored, I think there were more Brazil fans cheering than Korean fans, thankfully the goal was disallowed.

As you can see in the video the few seconds leading up to the Aguero free kick(in which he scored on) many people were anticipating a goal... Aguero shoots... GOAL!!! Everyone(including myself) went crazy. It truly was a fantastic feeling. Half time consisted of buying water and getting back into our seat.

Argentina's Goal

During the second half when Aguero got substituted off, many people had that "What, why? Is this Argentina/Germany all over again?". And it seems as if once Aguero got subbed off, Argentina lost its concentration a bit.

We had a few more chances(one of which we hit the post), but the rest was all Korea. Korea had some very nice chances, including one in injury time, but thankfully our goalkeeper was at the top of his game. But once the ref blew the final whistle, thats when the celebration really started. People throwing confetti, music, chants, EVERYTHING!

Argentina hits the post

Following the match, there was a one hour break between the Argentina match and the Brazil match(which I still ended up watching). People in the stadium chanting, celebrating and thats when the fans poored outside the stadium and started celebrating. Argentine fans were celebrating until half time of the Brazil game(which is 1 hour and 45 minutes following the match).

My first "Official" FIFA match and what a feeling. I couldn't of been happier.

Argentina fans celebrating

Overall, a day I will never forget in my life. I couldn't of been happier. And here's some pics aswell.


soyderiver said...

Roy - Arg10

Thanks for taking the time to share your pictures, videos and commentary with us. Much appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

3-1 for Argentina. Two of them by Kun.

Anonymous said...

And Brazil was kicked out by Spain .

John said...

Great stuff Roy!!! Gracias Amigo,

Hopefully there is more from you, as the tournament progress.

Well we could have an Argentina vs. Mexico Part II, should Mexico defeat Congo in their game.

Currently their leading 1-0

Kirat Hang said...

Can anyone give me link to watch Agueros goal against poland.
Thank You.
Viva Argess!!!

allan ng said...

It is going to be Argentina vs Mexico in the U20 quarter finals. I saw Aguero's two goals against Poland today and the first was a real beauty.

Aguero has scored 5 now and he just needs one more to equal Messi's 2005 tally. Even Saviola's 2001 11 goals record might be under threat.