Thursday, July 26, 2007

Offseason moves: Carlitos and the rest

I hate to see the blog without new posts in several days. I'm in one of those periods in which I can barely check my e-mails, but that's not excuse! Enough with this inactivity here!

But you've got to help me here...

So here's my idea: Why don't we discuss the best offseason moves involving Argentine players (and why not some of the other notable moves)?

It is obvious, in my opinion, that the biggest and most important one has to be Carlitos going to Old Trafford (or whatever the Court decides). It is the best move in terms of money, relevance and the potential of both, club and player.

But who's next?

Will HEINZE go to Liverpool?
Will Lucho GONZALEZ finally move to Valencia?
What will happen to RIQUELME?

We've got a long list to work with. Here are some examples coming from the top of my head:

Gabriel MILITO to Barcelona
Javier SAVIOLA to Real Madrid
Oscar USTARI to Getafe (will he replace Pato ABBONDANZIERI?)
Daniel "Cata" DIAZ to Getafe
Roberto AYALA to Zaragoza

Let me hear from you and, of course, if you heard of or remember another big offseason move that I'm surely forgetting, just shout!

OK...back to work now...


Rio said...

my opinion on carlito is here albicelestes forever

heinze. if I was AF I'd keep him, especially now Heinze had already pass the deadline to buy off his own contract. The manU defensive problem is Evra, not Heinze. with Pique back to old trafford they could now use him as a primary CB supported by one other person and leave Heinze at LB, where he's natural and reliable.
but even if Heinze does get out of manU, i doubt he'll end up in kop...

Riquelme will either stay in boca or go to a CL side in europe. It's the CWC or CL...

and as a villar fan, I'm heart broken by Ayala's last minute move. he now leaves us with pretty much just Cygan and Fuente. We were going to depend on him to get us through some hard time before we could rebuild, wtf is villar going to do now with 2 defenders...

pablo.d said...

like you seba im still strugling with football but to keep this site updated ill write as well.real and inter could be about to swap cassano and get back solari who by all accounts is still a fan like to see that as im a realmadrid fan(bacause lots of argentines have gone their throught their history)but my 1st club team is tottenham hotspur(thanks to ossie ardiles).

Rio said...

o a spur fan...

did you hear villar is trying to get sol campbell?

Anonymous said...

Carrizo and Lavezzi to Lazio... Lazio decided goalkeeper problem... it is big chance for Carrizo...

alwin said...

Goodday People,

Being a MAN UTD fan, I would be devastated to see HEINZE leaving. Agree with RIO that the problem is EVRA and not HEINZE. I really do hope that the CARLITOS deal gets through and even though I think RIO is going to disagree with this but I feel with CARLITOS in the team, FERGUSON is planning for a flexible 4-3-3. The 4-3-3 can also turn out to be a 4-5-1 with TEVEZ and C.RONALDO dropping deep and leaving ROONEY upfront alone. In the same time I would say that ROONEY and TEVEZ could be swapping positions as I’ve seen ROONEY playing on the left before and TEVEZ can go center. So all in all, it could be very exiting days ahead for MAN UTD.

As for the other transfers, RIQUELME is the one that will worry me the most because, it looks like he is in line to be the playmaker for 2010 and I would definitely want him to play in a Champions League club at least, go out there and mix it up with the big boys, and you become a stronger man. He has the vision at times is second to none but he must be marked by 2 players at least to see how he copes with that more often. If he goes back to EUROPE, I would think that many mangers would deploy a tight marking role on him and he will somehow have to get used to it.

Seba, at the same time I hear that Angel DI MARIA is being sized up by ARSENAL. Would it be good if he goes there? One thing for sure is that if he ever goes there, WENGER will definitely know how to nurture him and bring out the best one day. He can play on the left and central role, and with LJUNGBERG departure, I would think that he stands a chance there.


Seba said...

Thanks Anonymous, CARRIZO to Lazio is another top move.

But I thought LAVEZZI was going to Napoli. Am I wrong?

Some news...

SAVIOLA scored three goals in a training session that Real Madrid held today.

Tomorrow, Marcelo LOFFREDA will announce the 30 PUMAS that will represent Argentina in the Rugby World Cup France 2007.

Seba said...

Yes Alwin, you are right about DI MARIA. I don't think it is too soon for him to move to Arsenal.

I don't see him as a replacement for LJUNGBERG and he could be up for some time in the bench.

But we have to see how the new signing Eduardo COSTA (Brazilian-Croatian) will do with the mission impossible of replacing Thierry HENRY.

I would pick Angel DI MARIA every day of the week instead of Emanuelle ADEBAYOR. But it is all about the chances given by the manager.

I would hate to see him warming the bench. If Arsenal are to buy him, then why don't they send him on loan to my beloved Queens Park Rangers! Everyone will be happy then! hahaha!

gonzo said...

solari to real if they dont seal up robben.

and the roman situation is saddening, he was the toast of europe, we get to the finals, he hits a post and now noone even knows who he is anymore. I HOPE, he ends up in italy somewhere. hopefully inter.

allan ng said...

I think with Ljungberg and Henry gone from the side, Di Maria can expect plenty of playing time with Arsenal.

Ezequiel Lavezzi has joined Napoli. He signed a five year contract.

Sergio Bernardo Almirón has joined Juventus for 9 million Euros.

Hugo Campagnaro has joined Sampdoria from Piacenza

Pablo Daniel Osvaldo joined Atalanta. He will wear no. 10 for the team.

But I guess few of us ever heard of these players...

Anonymous said...

I have been doing some reading today about some youths in the future of the football and name that named that stuck out was Fernando Forestieri.He went back and forth between playing for Argentina or Italy. First he said he wants to play for Italy, then he said it would be a dream if he can play for Argentina because his hero is Diego and he finally picked Italy just because his grand pappy was from Italy and his parents thought it was too "dangerous" for him to play in Argentina. HA! I laugh@ that, he was a BOCA property and was sent out to Italy but then Boca wanted him back but did not work out. I find it a bit of a shame, he is a attacking midfielder and some say he is better then Messi@ the same age Messi was. I say go out and prove it. I am not a fan of players who were born in one country and play for another. When being born in one country and spending more then half your life in it, then sure you have the right. This is why I have such a bone to pick with Higuaín, sure he picked Argentina but why was he even thinking to play for France? Because he spent ohh 6months in France, and coming from Argentine parents? Camoranesi is another person, but I do not think he would be good enough to play for Argentina, too many good players in the spot he plays. But back to this superkid Forestieri, how will he fit on the italian side? Italian football puts me to sleep, but what do you guys think about being born in one country living in it for more then half your life but having great great grandparents from an other country. Sure the debate can be more then half of Argentina players names are coming from Italian heritage, hell from what I have been told, my ancestors came to Argentina 200 years ago from Italy. But what about Americans? the country was build on Dutch,English,German ancestors so does that give them the right to play for them?


Rio said...

Me thinks the Di Maria to Arsenal thinging is garbage. Even the Benfica rumor sounded more realistic.

let me take a step back.
Even if he really signs with Arsenal, it would be meaningless. Look at Insua and Paletta. Sometimes not playing is better than getting the chance and fuck up...

EPL = toughest league for any argentine.

Anonymous said... here gpes a clip of the kid. He can either be a messi or a d'alessandro. I know Argentina always produces a superkid every couple of years, so it just can be another thing.

gonzo said...

ill tell u something, this little fernando forestieri better not show his fucking face in argentina effective immediately.

allan ng said...

Hey Gonzo, take it easy. Do you hold the same grudge against David Trezeguet?

gonzo said...

david trezeguet is a panzy. still though, he is another guy that chose not to represent argentina. so yes i automatically take offence, panzy or not.

for me its simple; i disdain what i cannot have. if i loose my vision, ill forget about watching movies. same with these guys that are born in argentina and then their parents say its too dangerous, or they think its more prestigious to play for a european country.

if a player snubs argentina to go play for spain, france, italy, or w.e. then good riddence. its almost like a soldier defecting.

if they arent with the national team because they simply werent born in argentina fine, but if they arent in the team by choice, that to me is unforgivable.

for him to show his face in argentina after snubbing the team would warrant a: "tiene la cara como un poste" out of me.

John said...

Glad to be back,

About the TEVEZ transfer saga, yes I'm going to agree with some of you that he should stay in England. The EPL is the most exciting league in the world and to have an Albiceleste doing his stuff week end week out is something that I long to see. And what better place if not Man UTD.

About DI MARIA, I guess there is nothing wrong with his move to Arsenal. WENGER is always on top of the game when it comes to producing young talent, so please tell me why ANGEL doesn't stand a chance if he goes there?

I wouldn't mind seeing HEINZE moving to Liverpool but since that is unlikely then as long it is not Chelsea, that's fine with me.

Today I was reading an article from a local newspaper about our team massive success at youth level but somehow it has been elusive to win something when these boys become grown men. One of the major factor is that many of these players are moving abroad at a very young age.

Seba or anyone for that matter, in your own point of view is this true?

John said...

Some updates from the Pan Am Games.

It was close call but still dominated in the field hockey event by grabbing both gold. The men had a tough encounter the Canadians after drawing 2-2 manage to beat them 5-4 on penalties.

While Los Leonas defeated the USA 4-2 in their final

Our men's basketball team manage to post two win out of two after defeating Panama (76-71) and Uruguay (71-69).

As of now, we currently stand at ninth place with 9 gold, 9 silver & 28 bronze.

Anonymous said...

So the latest on the Heinze saga is that he has employed Liverpool's lawyers against Manchester United. Kind of surprising if you ask me. I mean I'm neutral to both clubs and really just want Heinze to end up somewhere where he can regain his form, but I still think it's a stupid move on his part to get so hostile (if it's true).
It's not like he doesn't have other clubs interested. Juve is looking to offload Chiellini, who is a LB, and would leave a place for Heinze to take over. Liverpool on the other hand still has Riise who, from what I've heard, has been playing really well. Heinze would still have to fight for a spot which would pretty much put him in the same position as he is currently in at United.
Massive drama. Does anyone know if Heinze has said anything?


Roy said...

So Di Maria and Andres Diaz are gone to Benfica!

Rio said...

there ya go.

forget arsenal.

gonzo said...

"About DI MARIA, I guess there is nothing wrong with his move to Arsenal. WENGER is always on top of the game when it comes to producing young talent, so please tell me why ANGEL doesn't stand a chance if he goes there?"

oh yes arsene knows... always...

quincy owusu abeyie, dutch striker.... 1 league start, 3 years in arsenal.

eric chukwunyelu, 2 and a half years... apearances... zero.

guy demel, apearances zero.

stathis talvaridis, 3 years, 1 league apearance.

sabastian svard, 5 years, league starts zero.

alberto mendez, 5 seasons, league apearances ONE...

rami shaaban, 3 apearances in 3 years.

fabian cavallero, 1 game.

kaba diawara, 12 apearances, goals: zero.

francis jeffers, 8 million pounds, 10 years, 69 starts.

junichi inamoto, 1 season, apearances zero.

juan, 3 years, zero apearances.

william hook, zero apearances.

the list goes on and on and on and on, he simply signs 100 strikers a year and hopes 1 or 2 of them stick.

Rio said...

the point is moot.

Anonymous said...

Gonzo I have to agree with you on the whole thing about not rep Argentina. I can recall Spain BEGGED for Messi to play for them, even when he was a 13 year old and he said NO! Now on this Forestieri kid, I see him as a traitor to the Albiceleste, how can you say Diego is my hero yet play for Italy? Because Mommy and Daddy could not make it on their own and they need to use their 16 year old kid to get out of "dangerous" places. As for Trezeguet, I can care less about him, I just can not see him in a Argentina jersey.Higuaín is nothing but a spoiled kid, not going to the U-20's to get some vacation time?, good I am glad you missed out on playing with Aguero,Bangera,Maxi Moralez and etc. I find it very disrespectful not rep your country. Forestieri better then Messi, let him go to a decent team and a decent league and make a impact, I hope he enjoys playing for a boring team like Italy.

P.S. My IT@ work blocked all bloging sites, I can not get on no more lol! First youtube,then dailymotion, now blogs!


Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, I am very much into nationalism, I am sure most of us are as well.


Rio said...

David Trezeguet is still a decent target person, 6 feet 2, come on. he could of helped Crespo fill in the gap between Batistuta and our next target person.

Rio said...

btw, AC milan started negotiating for Roman

gonzo said...

roman to milan would be a dream come true right there.

i had heard berlusconi wanted some new non-euro guys on the squad, but that old fart talks a lot of shit so i disregarded it. but it is still awesome news if solid.

Rio said...


it's a perfect fit for both sides. for milan, roman can give them composure upfield and push kaka to a more forwarded position.

for roman, milan has pirlo who could be a secondary playmaker to ensure stability even if Roman gets contained.

Perfect fit man. now the saying is, Milan's hierarchies. from Berlusconi to Galliani to Ancelotti have all given the go to pursue Roman.

gonzo said...

if this is a palacio to arsenal kind of thing im going to pluck my eyes out though.

John said...

Thanks Gonzo for coming up with the list of players that never shined for the Gunners. Really do appreciate that.

But I'm not going to argue further on this since DI MARIA and DIAZ have sign for Benfica, let's hope that they will do well there. Just like what LUCHO has done for Porto.

johnny said...

San Lorenzo's Ledesma to Greece. A small item. I have been without internet or tv for two days. Glad to be back ! The Clausura starts next week and I am happy to have local football back. Now if we can get Tevez and Heinze straightened out-full speed ahead ! I would be surprised if Roman goes to Milan, unless they are somehow upset with Pirlo. Berlusconi is a bag of shit who looks for anyway to keep his name in the paper and his face on tv. He is constantly throwing around names to stay in the limelight and still be "the man". Don't do it Roman !!

Rio said...

remember where kaka played?
pirlo played behind him, not replacing him...

push kaka from the SS to one of the 2 forward positions, then you got a CAM perfect for Roman.

Rio said...

gonzo said...


linda said...

Benfica seems like a good place for Di Maria to go and grow as a player.

On the note of players and their country, I have to say I'm still really disappointed by Higuain's behaviour so far. He has to realize now that he's not going to be guaranteed an automatic place in the senior side, given the competition (Aguero, who went to the U20 WC without complaining and came out with his reputation enhanced, and of course Messi and Tevez).

Rio said...

higuain sucks in the air for how tall he is. and his finish isn't very refined either.

gonzo said...

i agree with rio 1,000,000 percent on that one, he can thank his lucky lucky stars he is playing for madrid.

Anonymous said...

i heard... arsenal bought di mario and they loaned to la liga?

gonzo said...

that boy is in lisbon. and its di maria. he still has to pass a physical and all that but its close, sport lisboa e benfica.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rio, I am glad you see Higuain is not that great of a player. He really thinks that the#9 is going to be his, give it a rest, he should of got rocks thrown@ him for taking such a long time to play for ARG/FRANCE or even missing the u-20's. Whenever he gets called up,(Maybe for the Olympics next year) I have to see how he does for me to give him any respect as a footballer. What I am going to give him respect because he had a couple good games vs BOCA?


johnny said...

I agree with Rio. Higuain is not a great finisher, and despite his height, not a real physical player. He does have some skills though, seems to play hard, and of course, is awfully young. Before we consign him to anti-argentine hell, let's see what happens with him when he grows up.

allan ng said...

Let's see if Higuain turns up to play for Argentina at the Olympics next year.

We should have quite a strong team to defend the Olympics Gold, Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Moralez, Zarate, Zabaleta, Gago, Banega, José Ernesto Sosa... etc. Higuain may not even make the squad if he does not perform well.

johnny said...

Villarreal is now making some noise that Roman might be welcomed back in their arms. The truth, or some sort of ploy ? I was hoping that the longer this went on, that Riquelme might end up back with Boca, but some statements by Boca players on the Boca official website indicates that they don't expect him back. Oh well, time to let Banega take the reins ?

Rio said...

forget it johnny. I'm so disappointed in these ppl... Ayala screws us and leave a big hole in the middle, Roman value the south american trophies higher than all european titles. It's hard to understand them sometimes.

Now, here's a more important matter.

Please Vote for Diego

I'm not saying Diego is absolutely the best choice for NT coach. But we need Please Vote for Diego changes, and installing him will be able to initiate that. Like Beckenbauer and Cruyff, Diego has the tactical vision few other in the world could rival. It's only fair if we give Maradona a chance too, no?

so if you agree with me, please click the "Si" on that page.

Rio said...

rough translation of what diego said

johnny said...

Reported today that WestHam has agreed to a settlement and Carlitos will soon be off to ManU. He won't play this weekend against Chelsea.

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