Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Time for the boys to become men!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the tremendous response during our game against Colombia!

It was really entertaining and I enjoy the game much much more when we are a lot discussing here through comments! A big thank you for the great support! (A special mention to Alwin, in Malaysia, who was able to watch the game live -online- thanks to our tactics-wizard Rio and the softwares he recommended. That was the highlight of the night for me!).

And Alwin, by the way, you may want to stay tunned as tonight (early morning for you), Argentina will take on Panama in our boys' second match at the Youth World Cup in Canada.

A very busy day for me today (and they will only get worse!) and no time to write a proper match report and a one-by-one ranking for Argentina 4-2 Colombia.

But I wanted to kick the ball now and start a thread about our U20 team and tonight's match against Panama.

The keys?

PASS THE BALL AROUND! Don't try and do it all yourself, Mauro ZARATE and Kun AGÜERO! Did you hear me?

And Mr. Hugo TOCALLI, please, for the love of God, I'm fed up with your excuses, what is that non-sense about the field of play? (he publicly complained about the artificial turf).

My patience with you is non-existant. So don't push your luck further. You know you are in a situation in which you have the best possible tool, and if you don't -at least- get to the final, it'll be like crashing a brand new Ferrari going backwards.

See Johnny? Seba is unleashing the beast (for the first time outside the comments's box!)


johnny said...

Let him go Seba ! Great blog last night, I agree ! Almost the most fun I have ever had when battling a cold !:)

Soyderiver said...

Well said Seba, the passing of our forwards will be the key. Believe I like a greedy striker but there are times when a pass is called for. ( but not many, hehe)

If the strikers can get a goal a piece, it will set us up for the rest of the tourney. I think they are a little tight.

As for tocalli.....
He has a bad job having to follow the success of Pekerman. So far he has come up short in every category. Lets hope he finally gets something done this time around.

Seba said...

I understand that the comparison with PEKERMAN is tough on TOCALLI.

BUT, I'm not comparing him to José (who by the way has become the new manager of Mexican side Toluca -somehow I never found the right moment to write about it-).

There is something about his negative approach that doesn't seems to go away. No matter if he has great, good, average or poor players at his disposal.

Something that is beyond this tournament. Like him not being up to the task.

That said...I hope he really shuts my mouth forever!

And, of course, I believe we will win tonight against Panama, despite TOCALLI being our manager.

Soyderiver said...

I agree. Even Tocalli should be able to win this game.

Seba said...

Czech Republic and North Korea have played to a 2-2 draw. The Koreans got a late equalizer (89th minute).

We only need a win to take control of our group.

In other results, the surprising Poland (that defeated Brazil 1-0 in their opening game), have lost 6-1 against the USA (eternal teenage sensation Freddy ADU scored a hat-trick).

Brazil will face South Korea in about 20 minutes and that will kill me as the local TV will show that match instead of our game against Panama.

Rio said...
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Rio said...
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Rio said...

Thanks for the kind words, hope I've helped out a little.

if you want to watch all the games you need both programs. pplive and sopcast channels aren't all the same.

you can go to the following URL and see what channel on which program will broadcast the games.


edit. url didnt seem to work. should work now.

Rio said...


argentina game
click on the feed to enlarge to fullscreen

you have to open with IE, cant be firefox. also must have windows media player

Rio said...


johnny said...

Looks like they heard you Seba !

Seba said...

2-0 now!

ZARATE now...(I don't care where he plays! hahaha!)


I'm watching now!

I'm watching!

I think I'll stay here at work (better internet access).


Seba said...

3-0 now!


But I've missed it as I typed my previous comment!

Anonymous said...

4-0 now


Seba said...

4-0. AGÜERO to MORALEZ and MAXI scores in front of an empty net.

4 goals in 8 minutes! Not bad, right?

Not bad at all!

Brazil 0-0 South Korea (so far)

Anonymous said...

If you are in the USA they are showing the game on www.ESPN360.com but I don't know how long they have been playing since I just got it to work


Anonymous said...

Horrible call, that didn't look offside


Seba said...

Pablo PIATTI (number 19) looks like a Lionel MESSI's clone!

Without Lio's superb skills, but PIATTI is not a bad player though...

Rio said...

I turned to watch the bolivia game after they scored. what a heart breaking game for the bolivians btw.

Seba said...

Great link you sent us here, Rio!

I owe you one!!

Now I was able to watch the 4 goals during half-time.

The curious thing (apart from scoring 4 goals in 8 minutes) was that in all four goals, the scorer shot in front of an empty net (the "exception" could be second goal -ZARATE's- as the keeper was still in front of him, but with no chance).

That tells you one of two things:

1. Our passing is being almost perfect, to the point that the strikers is left with a 100%-sure shot.

2. Panama's defense (and the goalkeeper) are just horrible.

I think it's maybe a little bit of both!


Especially AGÜERO with two great assists to MORALEZ.

Roy said...

Thanks for the link Rio. I live in Canada and they aren't even airing this! They said it will be on GolTV, but GolTV is airing Copa America.

Second half just started and I must say I'm truly impressed. I wasn't that worried going into this match because I know that the Czech's played a defensive game.

Also Seba, seeing as how I'm goin to Argentina/Korea and Brazil/USA, Im obviously going to take pictures and videos. I was just wondering how would I send them to you?

Seba said...

Send them to argentina.correspondent@gmail.com


Really looking forward to receiving them and share them with the Mundo Albiceleste's Nation! ;)

Roy said...


Seba said...

5-0. AGÜERO.

Another empty-net goal!

This is a rarity!

5 goals in a game in front of an empty net...

Don't remember seeing it before.

Roy said...

Man, Panama's jersey resembles Serbia and Montenegro's. They have the white jersey with blue stripes and stuff. And of course Argentina is wearing their navy blue jersey. I swear, if this ends 6-0(or even 5-0), this is Serbia and Montenegro all over again. All we're missing is a 24 goal pass.

Seba said...

You're spot on, Roy!

We are even attacking to the same goal (according to the angle of the cammera I'm watching).

What was the score against the Serbs at half-time?

Don't think it was 4-0. Maybe 3?

Roy said...

6-0. Yup, Serbia and Montenegro ALL over again. BEAUTIFUL last pass. Amazing.

Seba said...


Great combo between DI MARIA and AGÜERO.

Now it's 2 goals and 3 assists for AGÜERO.

Wish I had him in my fantasy team! hahaha!

Seba said...

Full time

Bring on North Korea!

Brazil 3-2 South Korea (with a couple of minutes to go. South Korea scored twice in the last 10 minutes and they are pushing hard for the equalizer).

I wish them the best of luck in that! hahaha!

Rio said...

that game was 3-0 first half
maxi cambiasso maxi
then the 3 forwards in 2nd half.

U-20 plays a lose form of 4-3-1-2 also. (almost 4-4-2). banega yacob cabral and moralez midfield, where moralez is almost like a CAM. then aguero and zarate forwards.

Rio said...

oh and against serbia we upgraded to 4-3-1-2
which is exactly what they did in this game against panama.

do eet!

atleti said...

Vamos Argentina! :)

I couldn't watch it (not on TV, ugh!), but I'm happy to read that AGÜERO has had a positive goal-scoring game!

alwin said...

Hola Amigos,

I totally missed this game and im gutted as i had a morning meeting..damn, but i enjoyed reading the comments and Thank you RIO for the links your provide, now im able to watch live games over the net using a dedicated line from the office :)

You see SEBA, you blog really introduces people to new ventures and technologies, could not thank you even more for that.

A big toast to all you guys :)


Anonymous said...

Post the goals!! My laptop turned itself off and I missed the end! It was still 4-0 in the half when it crapped out.
Awesome game from what I saw though :)


Seba said...

Argentinafan...they are nowhere to be found yet!

Visit www.rojadirecta.com

Register there as it is a great site for football videos.

They have all the other U20 match highlights and I think it is a matter of time before they post our goals v Panama.

Seba said...


You may want to try this link:


There are videos there. Haven't watch them, but the match coverage looks good

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :)