Sunday, July 01, 2007

2007 BDO Men's Champions Challenge - We Won!!!

It just keeps getting better. In what turns out to be a sensational finale, Argentina came back from the dead to beat New Zealand 3-2 and to win the 2007 BDO Men’s Champions Challenge.

In the first half, both teams had their opportunities but could not make anything off them, and no goals were scored, though not for a lack of trying. The Black Sticks looked slightly stronger, but Argentina held up to them, and were able to create danger on a few quick counter attacks.

After the break, Argentina soon found themselves one man down after repeatedly breaking the line early on a string of short corners, then had to swallow two goals from Hayden SHAW, first sinking one of his trademark cracker flicks, then surprising the Argentineans with a tempered ball to the bottom left corner.

After failing to convert a number of penalty corners, Jorge LOMBI delivered when it matter the most after finally he sanked his first four minutes from the end, slotting a ball in between the goalkeeper and the left post. Later on with a minute left to play, Argentina were awarded another penalty corner and once again this time LOMBI scored to push the game into overtime.

Within five minutes of overtime, Jorge LOMBI went on to pronounce himself the undisputed man of the match, sinking another penalty corner as the golden goal that gave Argentina the tournament win and the coveted berth in next year's Champions Trophy tournament, to be held in Rotterdam during the last week of June 2008

Congratulation to Sergio VIGIL and his men on this tremendous victory



Asil said...

Watched the last 10 min of the game, last night. It was pure joy till the end! Can't bear to watch the last penalty corners N. Zealand had before extra time. Against 10 men?

John said...

I was terrified too Asil, but somehow I just had this feeling that we were going to make it. We could have finished the game within regular time if we had taken our chanced well through the numbers of penalty corners that we had.

Oh yes, I’ve just visited your blog and good to know we both have the same passion for the Albiceleste and Tranformers!!! On Sunday, Alwin and I were lucky enough to get tickets despite the presents of huge crowd.

Let me tell you this, it was simply awesome. You better hurry up because you just can’t afford to miss this.

Tomorrow I’ll be on leave from work as I’m looking forward to see our Autobots on the football field taking on Colombia.

Asil said...

Of course! I'll be watching the game too! I'll be late for work but what the hell, I can't miss the game! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll chronicle Argentina's journey to the final!

Copa America 2007 said...

Ahora tocara ganar la Copa America y acabar con los fracasos del pasado

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