Monday, July 02, 2007

Argentina 4-2 Colombia: Watch the goals!

Tried to upload the goals here but I was unable.

Go to that link and you'll see them!


John said...

Johnny boy you're not alone because the first thing when I woke up, I sneezed and thats was when I realized I'm going to spend a day resting at home.

But after the game I just knew I had to head to the nearest cyber cafe just to see what was happening in our blog and all I can say is that you guys really ROCK!!! 138 comments is just simply out of this world. Only the Albicelestes fans can be as fun and crazy as this.

About the game, the first few minutes was a bit messy which lead to us conceding that first goal. But after that it was all fine tuning especially the second goal. ZANETTI cross is pure classic and ROMAN was just spot on.

As for ROMAN free kick? Well what can I say, it was absolutely JUAN hell of a goal and very ROMAN-tic. At least we're beginning to see the ROMAN we always see in a BOCA shirt, minus the sweet facial expression that is.....

As for Diego MILITO, I do agree with some of you out there that he still needs time but after this game I believe his beginning to show what a striker he is. Come on people!!! Stats and figure don't lie.

Well done boys, another 3 in the bag but still we need to get our defense sort out because we are leaking in silly goals.

Now bring on the Asunción Warriors!!!

Ok got to go and get some aspirin. AAAACHUUUU!!!


Oh yes, some news on Wimbledon tennis

Not so good news indeed. NALBANDIAN is out after losing to BAGHDATIS 2-6, 5-7 & 0-6.

In the men's double, Martin GARCIA/Sebastian PRIETO lost to Harel LEVY/Rajeev RAM 6-7, 7-6, 6-7, 7-6 & 8-10.

Now CANAS is the sole Albiceleste left in the tournament

Roy said...

Some more about the game. I really don't know how they're going to deal with Tevez. I love Messi to death, but Tevez is too good to stay on the bench and be a sub. But with the current formation, I doubt he'll be a starter(unless someone gets injured). My guess would be that Milito will start on Thursday versus Paraguay which is pretty much fine by me. I would like to give Messi a rest(especially after such a physical game) and put Tevez in first.

Riquelme is playing as the Riquelme Boca fans have known, which is always a plus. Now the problem starts from Cambiasso and back. Lets face it, Cambiasso is a good player, but he truly does slow the game down. I would porefer to see Aimar in there instead and I'm sure Aimar can go a full 90 minutes. Now thing is that the defence is really the weak part of the team. Mostly because they're slow. Ayala isn't getting any younger, Milito as we all know isn't the fastest player in the world. Zanetti and Heinze are fast enough. But I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Mohammad O. Ali said...


you can feel the power coming out of the ball

the keeper stood no chance


this is becoming a style of play for the Albicelestes; the speed of striking back in the opponents net





johnny said...

I would be shocked if Coco changes things offensively. Sure, D. Milito will start to replace Crespo, but I think he will go with rest of the starters to this point. He may make some earlier substitutions in the next match. Somebody help me out here-is G. Milito out of the next match because of the two yellows ?

Roy said...

Johnny, yeah. Milito is out for the next match.

I doubt we'll see some changes. Aside from Milito who might lose his starting position if the sub does better. And Im still not sold on Cambiasso, but we'll see about that.

Rio said...

i think we should play 4-2-3-1 now. go for draw. fuck the paraguayans. they are so negative man. to play for win would be like attacking a brick wall, and for what? not worth it.