Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's TEVEZ time!

I've got news about the lineup with which Argentina will start on Wednesday against Mexico in the Copa America's second semifinal match.

Following a great performance against Peru, Carlitos TEVEZ will start in place of Diego MILITO. The rest of the team, will be the same with: ABBONDANZIERI; ZANETTI, AYALA, MILITO, HEINZE; MASCHERANO, VERON, CAMBIASSO, RIQUELME and MESSI to go alongside, of course, Carlitos TEVEZ.

Mexico speedy forward Nery CASTILLO is in doubt with a problem in his knee but the best news (from a personal point of view) is that I've managed to get the night off from work and I'll be able to watch the game!

It was easy! I cover for a Brazilian friend tonight and he covers for me tomorrow! That's what brothers are for! hahahaha!

So, hopefully, I'll be joining you for another exciting match coverage here in Mundo Albiceleste.

Till then....IT'S TEVEZ TIME!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that, I have wanted Tevez-Messi to link up. This is not the WC which ET is not added. Argentina just better not give up FK from dangerous areas, that is all. If Argentina has control of the ball then Argentina will in, they better not give up the ball. With Tevez and Messi and Roman pulling the strings I think we are in good hands. The Mexicans love to play the offside trap so that is another thing Carlito's need to watch out for.

John said...

Great to know Seba that you’ll be given the time to watch the game as I was looking forward to read your match coverage because unlucky for me, I’ll be at work. Dammed!!!

As a response to the previous article and current one, here are my views: -

Gabriel MILITO should definitely start without a question, even though his Copa America campaign has not been that great to speak off. But I still feel his is the best option we have to partner AYALA. Cata DIAZ seems to be promising but then again I wouldn’t gamble on revamping my back four that has been together for the most part of this tournament in a crucial match like this.

Yes!!! AYALA’s yellow card is very much concern for me as I wouldn’t want him to miss the final should he get another booking against Mexico.

And that guy, CASTILLO can be very dangerous

The great thing about tomorrow’s line up is that is good to see MESSI upfront with TEVEZ, alongside ROMAN, they could be very tricky and for this the Mexicans will without a shadow of a doubt fear us. However I remember this partnership when we played against Holland in the World Cup and the only problem we had back then was scoring goal.

This something we just can’t afford to do against these Mexicans, we need score and we must score and we must settle this game within 90 minutes. I know we can.

Rio said...

it's not 100% certain tevez will start yet

Seba said...

Spot on, Rio! Thanks for that.

I based my post in some reports I read earlier. Now COCO said at a press conference that the lineup is not confirmed yet.

johnny said...

Oil rich Hugo does not have enough energy to light a football field !

Roy said...

Haha, Johnny I take it your watching the Uruguay/Brazil match?

IF Tevez does start, than its good and bad. Good because, well, it's Tevez. Bad, because Tevez makes an excellent substitute. Question is, does Coco want to risk having a not so good first half to save Tevez for the second? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

allan ng said...

I actually think that the Mexicans will be less worried about the speed and trickery of Tevez and Messi, because they are more used to that in Mexican football.

But if we had the height of D Milito (or the sorely missed Crespo), then that might cause them more problems because, apart from Marquez, they are not very used to defending high balls.

I am sure Nery Castillo will start, he will not want to miss this game. If he did anything good against us, his manager could start rubbing his hands and wait for the big money offers to come in.

Forlan just scored to make it 1-1 between Uruguay and the yellow shirt people as I type.

Anonymous said...

Man that Brasil game. When Uruguay had a shot to win it in PK's I told my dad,Brasil is going to win it, no matter what they seem to have the luck on their side. Does not matter if it is Pk's or ET goals or something they pull it out!


Anonymous said...

Now I was nervous between the BRA-URU PK shoot out what will I do if Arg and Mex go to a PK SO. During the WC I could not bare to watch that PK shoot out, I left and told my cousin to give me a call and tell me what happend. Well he did not call and I knew what the result was. Please please win this game in regular time.



Roy said...

What bullshit. Utter bullshit. Doni(Brazilian goalkeeper) was 3-4 feet infront of his line, which is illegal. The goalkeeper always has to stand on his line on penalty kicks. The GolTV announcers were talking about how its in the FIFA Rulebook and stuff, yet referees always allow it. Interesting...

Anonymous said...

Yes that was BS! I just shook my head. Now Brasilian coming of a high like this will this make them a team that is "destined". Brasil did not look that great or good in that game. Argentina needs to go up aganist Mexico and push the medal to the pedal. I wan't Argentina to play Brasil and just beat them with passion. Nothing less then a championship is a failure.


Anonymous said...

It just gets under my skin how they get so lucky and Argentina is always set for heart ache. I just do not get it. Tha well time to watch the replay of BRA-ARG in 1990 WC.

Rio said...

there was a PK at 80th minute not given to brazil. the PSO problem could just be viewed as a make up no-call.

the fact is, this brazilian defense looked shaky. I'm not nearly worried about them as I'm worried about mexico defense.

Also, watch out 2nd yellow for ayala. if he gets it even if we win it'll be a huge hit as we'll have to start milito + burdisso for final.

Pal said...

Hi everyone,
let me start by congratulating myself, and all argentina supporters who wanted to face us in the finals for tonights win against uruguay.
it wasn't the prettiest of matches but we will do our best if we meet in the finals.
i would also like to add something very important, this brazilian team isn't like how dunga and all the brazilian press want us to believe it is, i mean it's a solid balanced team and if anyone told me, Ronaldinho.. kaka.. adriano.. i would say ok. but come on, this is brazil, we are not about 3 or 4 players. we are the history of soccer. past, and future, the present is to be decided in the finals.
to make it short, i dont want anyone to believe we are the underdogs.. i dont want the argentines to have the pressure for being HOT favourites..
throw that pressure away, forget about being favourites, lineup your best team, get past Mexico, and we will be waiting you in the finals..


Rio said...

the question is, who do brazil have that can strengthen this defense. besides people that are 33 years or older...

Anonymous said...

After 1990, Argentina don't seem to have the winning mentality, or is it just plain lack of confidence or luck ??? If we look back and compare the strength of the Argentine national team since 1990, we will note that the 1990 team wasn't the strongest and yet it went all the way to the 90 WC final (because of Maradona ?), we could have even won the 90 WC had Caniaggia not been suspended.

I think it all boils down to this thing call "mental strength", which I think has been lacking in the Argentine team after 1990. Perhaps the lack of a leadership, maybe ?

I have no doubt that we always have one of the strongest, if not at times the strongest team, but I just couldn't win anything convincingly.

Nevertheless, I will still continue to support Argentina and all Argentine players in Europe .. It has been 17 years for me now, I believe there will be a turning point ...

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on that. I think it is more of a mental thing then anything. If Argentina does not win this Copa America, things might go downhill yes we have Messi,Tevez,Masche and etc but how much will it bother us that taking a full squad and not getting the title.Last Copa America was heart ache, beating Brasil 3-1 and just controling that game from start to finish was pure heaven, then getting trashed 4-1 was another downfall. World Cup we saw a team that played better then any other team and still lost to the host nation. One of the biggest matchest of the year Argentina beats France in France and yes in a friendly. Now can Argentina win all 6 games in Copa America and finally get back to its winning ways? Riquelme is playing better then ever, Messi in 06-07 has been from another planet, Carlitos has been the people's player and we have a few vet's that deserve to win something before leaving us for good. I think we have the right coach and he is doing everything correct. So this has been the first time I have seen Argentina consistant for a while, 4 goals when they start their players, will Argentina score 4 on the Mexicans? Not too sure however I do see a scoreline of 2-0, goals coming from Tevez and Riquelme(Or maybe a defender). Just be aware of giving up free kicks. And Pato please do not push the ball down when you are tying to catch it.

Anonymous said...

I think it is not just the coach.

We need leadership on the field. We have got very play makers, eg Veron, Riquelmen, etc... but somehow they seem to have mood swings.. one game good ... another game not so good. As a loyal supporter, we tend to ignore all these unspoken gestures or behaviours.

We need a captain who is mentally very strong, stable, exudes confidence and can command respect from the other players. I think Mascherano is a good candidate to be groomed to provide captaincy for the next few years ..

We have the players to win almost anything on earth today .. By a stroke of luck we have a core group of top players who are young, such as Mascherano, Maxi , Tevez and Messi, perhaps even Gago and Aguero .. Not too often do you have 5 or 6 very top players in a national team. So if we don't have good leadership, the team will be move along and perhaps even disintegrate.

If you use the orchestra as an anology, we have all the best players on hand .. what we now need is a good conductor and a good first violinist. Then as an Argentine supporter, we will enjoy every game because we know we are going to do well ...


Rio said...

I don't work tomorrow.
so I'll just get up, do some cleaning. then sit down with some beer and chips infront of the tv...

If we lose, I'll kick my fiancee and her fucking dog out of the door and go to sleep. If we win, I'll ditch the bitch, call up friends and go to bars.

good plan?

linda said...

I would have been concerned about Tevez and Messi being our strike force, except they play together very well now and can both score goals.

Mexico is certainly not to be underestimated, and I'm really worried about Ayala. Milito should start because despite any problems he has, he's still a classy defender and our best option.

God forbid, but if we lose...I think I'd need some time to myself.

Having said that, I think there's always hope for the future, especially if you look at our current crop of brilliant young players. Remember, Masche's only 23. Same for Tevez. Messi's only 20. We'll be fine.

johnny said...

RIO ! Be nice to your fiancee and her aggravating little doggie ! Unless she is mexican and the doggie is a chiwahwah ! Too bad for Uruguay. I went to bed early, but was not surprised this morning at the result. Seems it turns out that way more often than not. News and notes-looks like Saviola is a sure thing to Real Madrid. Looks like Gaby M. is a sure thing to Barca. I forgot about Puyol's knee injury, so Gaby will definitely get playing time right away. The Carlitos transfer to ManU will likely be settled by some freaking governing body, as WestHam have dug in their heals and are refusing to release Carlitos. For such a beautiful game, football can be a mess at the administration level. Anyway, let the hype start for tonight's match, get out the mate and beer, and say your prayers to the futbol gods !

johnny said...

Instead of working, I have been watching videos on Youtube of Riquelme all morning. I've got it bad. I may need a 12 step program soon.

Anonymous said...

It's been confirmed. Tevez is starting instead of Diego Milito. The rest of the lineup remains the same as what started against Peru.

Vamos Argentina!