Sunday, July 22, 2007

Let them grow!

And give us the title in South Africa 2010!

Congratulations to our beloved Little Argentina, Youth World Champions in Canada 2007.

Sergio AGÜERO won his second Youth World Cup in a row and this time he achieved what Lionel MESSI did two years ago. KUN have been named the best player of the tournament and he also became the top-scorer with 6 goals in 7 matches, including one in the final.

Maxi MORALEZ, the little fellow, have won the Silver Ball as the second best player of the tournament (and he was also our second best scorer with 4).

You can vote for the best goal of the tournament here:, where Angel DI MARIA and Kun AGÜERO (with two of his goals) are contending for that prize. We can help them!



Seba said...

Off topic. PanAm Games.

Three gold medals for Argentina today.

Miguel ALBARRACIN won gold in judo (60kg), after defeating Cuban Yosmani PIKER in the final.

Leila VANZULLI won the artistic skating women's free skating.

Tennis: Our women's doubles (formed by Jorgelina CRAVERO and Betina JOZAMI) defeated Colombia ( Karen CASTIBLANCO and Mariana DUQUE) 6-2 and 6-4 in the final match.

JOZAMI also won the bronze medal in singles, by defeating Mexican Melissa TORRES SANDOVAL (6-4, 7-6 (7-4).

With these three medals, we surpassed Mexico and we are 7th in the standings with 8 golds (same as Venezuela but they have more medals in total)

Paula PARETO (48kg) also won bronze in judo by defeating Salvadorian Zuleyma GARCIA.

Other results:

Field hockey: The boys defeated Chile and they will now face Canada in the final match (July 25th).

Boxing: We've got two semifinalists. Luis RUEDA (60kg) defeated Mexican Noe LOPEZ ROSAS.
Diego CHAVES (69kg) did the same with Tureano JOHNSON from the Bahamas.
They will fight again on Tuesday. A win and they secure at least the silver medal. They have already secured bronze.

We've got 8 gold medals, 6 silver and 18 bronze.

Here's the medal standing:

allan ng said...

Congratulations to Little Argentina, Kun Aguero and Max Moralez! Well done!

I also think Ever Banega is one fine midfielder, I guess European clubs will be lining up to sign him.

Let's hope the successful teams of 2005 and 2007 will mean a senior victory in the not too distant future.

alwin said...

Yes Allan, i couldn't agree more with you..BANEGA is WORLD CLASS!!

andaman said...


Well done Juniors.

Anonymous said...

Fine work for Benega .I thought he was outstanding in this match.
When Czech took the lead ,I had some paranoid about our senoior team has faced .Luckily ,Aguero scored back very fast and that kept us on track again .And the 2nd goal was something unbelievable.It made me very happy after got disappointed by the senior team .VAMOS ARGENTINA

Anonymous said...

Aguero might find it hard getting a spot on the ntl team starting line up. Tevez,Messi, Ahr Milito but when he does the sky is the limit for the kid., so on and so on. For Maxi Moralez, oueee I am not too sure how he will fit in the line up on the natl team, I think he is a bit too small, but man can this kid run around. BANEGA with Masche,Gago wow that is going to be something else. Gago already labeled as the new Redondo(Lets not push it,Oh I WISH I WISH if we only had him in the 98 world cup).I am not too sure how this team will translate on the future team, but the defense of this team is so solid which will not shock me to see most of them in the future. Hey Seba and whoever wants to answer this, what do you know about the future u-20 team of argentina's it is only a couple years away.


Asil said...

Luv Banega! And congratulations to Argentina!

Hopefully, our defense will be the next generation.

alwin said...

On the HARRY PORTER weekend, we won our elusive 6th crown at Youth level, did PORTER take the gloss out of it all..nope? Not a CHANCE..VAMOS AGENTINA!!

andaman said...

No way jose, I mean alwin. I don't even care what happen to Harry WHO? at the end. This weekdend is solely for the albicelestes boys!!!

John said...

Once again Little Argentina are living proof that we are the best Youth Team in the World. I saw the game and let me tell you that I was pretty nervous when the Czech scored but then again it only takes a minute for Kun & Co. to show their pure class in this remarkable comeback

BENEGA was simply breath taking to watch and he, KUN, MORALEZ will join the likes of MESSI, TEVEZ, MASCHERANO and the rest to give COCO more headache and aspirin to swallow.

Please tell me which National Team coach has the luxury from a pool of players that consist of class, beauty and extravaganza? The answer is no one. No one but Argentina

Now lets looks forward to 2010 and before that lets hope our future prodigies will make 7 World Youth titles in 2009!!!



allan ng said...

I just got news that Messi was in HK with some friends for a private visit!

One of the local newspapers got hold of him and took them on a tour around HK.

The newspaper also asked him how he felt about the Copa America defeat and he said he will take revenge against Brazil in the Olympic Games Football tournament in China next year.

Let me see how I can get tickets for these games...

Vamos Argentina! Vamos Messi!

Anonymous said...

brings a tear to the eye, now can we translate this into the natl team I am sure I would of been just as happy if I were with those fans.


Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen this? Kinda got me upset.

Carlos Marinelli, Esteban Cambiasso and Ezequiel Gonzalez.

From what I can recall besides El Burrito and Saviola I do not recall another new Maradona label. Messi and Tevez yes but Aimar,Riquelme not too much. I can recall when Aimar won La Liga he had a great great season. I even recall Marcelo Gallardo being such a great player. But I found this quite strange.


Albo said...

Congrats to José Pekerman and Hugo Tocalli, who started this proyect years ago, and now we are starting to see the results.

allan ng said...

Seba, I think now is the time to turn our attention to the even littlier Argentina as they prepare for the FIFA U17 World Cup in Korea.

Are we going to see Lucas Trecarichi and Federico Laurito in the team? They seem to have missed the Pan American Games.

Rio said...

U-17 is pointless. all about how tall they are.

alwin said...

Rio..might be pointless to you but not to some of us..we just want to see ARGENTINA have success on any front in any sport.



Anonymous said...

When does U17 begin. I"ve just know cause my country"s media never promote it.Anyway ,I"ll cheer Albiceleste"s every squad ant wanna see them lift every trophy they involved

John said...

Thanks Jack for that wonderful YouTube link.

The other Alwin and myself went to watch the Asian Cup quarter-final match between Iran vs. South Korea.

As we were stuff between a large number passionate Iranian supporters and a sea of Korean red, we were wonderful how great it would have been if it was an ocean of blue and white instead.

There's no telling how happy that day would be for us.

Rio said...

heh. wait till you watch the matches alwin, boring as hell...

soy_de_River said...

Let's not forget las chicas! Hopefully they will be able to demonstrate their progress!

alwin said...

There has been rumors surfacing that Angel DI MARIA, one of the stars of the U-20 world cup winning squad that is being linked with THE GUNNERS of LONDON. If it happens, i think it would be great news for ARGENTINE fans as i believe the best place to play nowdays is in the EPL and no better club that plays attractive style football than ARSENAL. Whther he will start or not will be an issue, but i think WENGER likes what he saw expecially in the semi-finals when he made that wonderful pass to setup MORALEZ openng goal.


alwin said...

That pass came in the QUATER FINALS vs MEXICO.. :)

cyber_girl0029 said...

i'm so happy Argentina won!!! I could have cried of excitement!! I will always support Argentina!! Aguero is the best..but i also love all of them great teamwork...kind of sad though for me coz its over i always love watching soccer...of course fifa!!!
Sergio Aguero is the next Diego Maradona!!!

johnny said...

Ha ! And I am the next David Beckham ! Don't lay that on Aguero ! He looks like a good kid and a fine football player. That oughta be enough.:)

And one more- Is Tevez's agent a slimeball, or does it just look that way ? This agent owning player bullshit is nasty. It will all get squared away eventually, but what a depressing scenario.

alwin said...

Johnny..yes he is a slimeball..agree with you on the Agent owning the player rights..its total bull crap, i just don't like it when other things beside football take the attention away from the footballer, when will this case end. I hope to see TEVEZ playing on Aug 11 when the season starts but i can't see it happening as of now thank to these idiots..

johnny said...

I have been amazed by the rancor involved with Heinze's possible departure from Man U to Liverpool. Alex Ferguson is in a snit. Apparently the last time a Man U player left Man U for Liverpool was in the 1960's !! It appears that Ferguson cares not if Heinze leaves, just not to Liverpool. The Premier League sure is full of intrigue.

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