Sunday, July 08, 2007

Argentina out to avoid unpleasant surprises

Watching Saturday's matches with only one eye (this is not a metaphor! I have a problem in my left eye! It can't stop crying!) was enough to come to the conclussion that Brazil could have taken a "C-Team" (not even this "B-Team") and it would have been enough for them to make it to the semifinals.

Truth be told, the Chilean had some off-the-pitch problems as some players, reportedly, molested a woman in the hotel and manager Nelson ACOSTA wanted to discipline them before the quarter-final match against Brazil.

The team played in a way that was very consistent with that crisis and Brazil seem to be awaking!

Uruguay, a mediocre team -basing my opinion in two matches I've seen from them- also won comfortably and all the Venezuelan efforts to clear their field all the way to the finals were proved useless.

It's Brazil v Uruguay in a semifinal with a lot of history, played with teams with very little present.

So Argentina, with a lineup still not confirmed by Coco BASILE, will jump to the field tonight at Barquisimeto to face Peru and knowing before hand which team will be waiting for the winner in the semifinal (either Mexico or Paraguay).

What Argentina need to do:

Try to score from kick-off. Put pressure on Peru and after (if) we score early, keep going and looking for insurance goals.

There is no room for complacency. We can't allow Peru to get to the final minutes of the game still with a chance.

A favorite should show all their credentials and do it with no mercy.

The time is now!


Copa America Blog said...

No llores por mí Argentina

Mi alma está contigo

Mi vida entera te la dedico

Mas no te alejes, te necesito

Seba said...

By the way...just help out by voting here:

Ridiculous how Diego is sitting in 24th place behind the likes of Roberto Carlos, Hakan SUKUR and (who the f**k is this) Georgi ASPARUHOV!!!!!

David BECKHAM 5 votes ahead of Diego...makes me want to vomit! hahaha!

alwin said...


The site drives me bananas, i see that all the players voted in the top 5 at least are from the BALKAN (EASTERN EUROPE) region, i guess that is where most of the visitors of that site comes from. Not a chance in on any planet if you are telling me players like "Hakan SUKUR" &"Predrag MIJATOVIC" for example are better than the great DIEGO. How on earth is that logical??, i can't comprehend :)


niraj said...

common guys...the gr8 diego cant be compared with someone...only someone can be compared with the gr8 diego....anyways abt today's game...we need to beat the hell out of mercy.... at all...
vamos argentina

Anonymous said...

Seba , I "ve just voted for the great Diego .It "s really ridiculous as you complained .Ferenc Puskas ( I actually didn"t know)came out first .BTW ,Let"s cheer our man for tonight game .Luckily ,My country broadcast this match live .
Vamos Argentinos ,Tonymed

Kirat Hang said...

Yeah No Mercy Today.My country(Nepal) too gets the livecoverage through Ten-Sports.I'm ready with my Argentine Jerssey,eheh...
Viva La' Argess....!!!

Rio said...

it's better to design the strategy around players, instead of the other way around. Diego = example of such exclusion. He's not too tired, but he doesn't fit in at the current stage.

how uruguay and brazil play. and my 2 cents on how to deal with them

Rio said...

oh, I meant the brazilian diego...

that voting thing is idiotic. dave beckham who?

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