Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mexico is now. Should we be scared?

Well, time now really is at a premium for me. I will hardly have a moment to sit down and type and watching the semifinal against Mexico and eventually a final match will be a difficult task.

Knowing this, I can't write a lot of things in this space and that's why I thought of asking questions instead.

Here are some things to talk about:

Who should start at the back? Is Gabriel MILITO still worth of a spot in the starting 11?

Who should start in midfield?

Who should start up front?

And most importantly: ARE WE SCARED OF MEXICO?

I hope I can join this debate. But don't wait for me...go ahead!



johnny said...

Seba-sorry to hear you are so burdened with work. Good luck with being able to watch what you want to watch. Any office talk about racist norteamericanos ?

I guess I vote for keeping G. Milito in, but that is a weak vote. I would really rather see Diaz in his spot. I like Rio's idea of dropping Messi back, inserting Carlos and sitting Veron. Only thing is, I love seeing Carlitos come off the bench, fully rested, and give the defense fits. Scared no, concerned yes. With our back line and Mexico's speedy attackers we will have to bear down and be tough.

niraj said...

well mexico could thrash paraguay 6-0 cause of mainly two reasons...paraguay was down to ten men...and they lost their first choice keeper...mexico got 2 penalties...i also really get nervous when argentina plays mexico or brazil...these teams seem to give always problem to our team although almost everytime we are the better team...the thing is that these teams try to score goals and thats it...nothing like playing beautiful game but we play beautiful game but forget that football is won by goals...i have seen it through arnd 8 yrs of watching argentine football...we just love to play then score and we never are so goal hungry as the brazillians...but this copa america has been different with even roman scoring alot...so i am 100% sure we can beat the hell out of mexico and possibly the men-in-yellow..... but messi and tevez should play and if possible veron is not for these 2 upcoming games i think...but i have this intuitive feeling that this time we will definitely win....
i wrote this comment for the previous post so i will add sth up as i couldn leave this comment on the other post...
1.milito shud either be left out or given a last chance at the first half...
2.veron as i stated shud be left out and if gameplan goes wrong..aimar sholud come in very soon...
3.messi and tevez will destroy mexico.....FOR SURE....
4.WHY THE HELLL should we be afraid of mexico....cause they beat brazil...and destroyed paraguay...common we have the best team possible and i dun know what team will we need to win any cup if we become afraid of mexico or whoever with thing team...so i belive we will just win..maybe mexico will make our heart beat a bit faster but at last we will win...FOR SURE...........

Seba said...

Johnny...not a big fuss about that stupid act by the USOC (for those who don't know, the press attache for the United States Olympic Committee wrote in a board at the Main Press Center in Rio: "Welcome to the Congo". Then he said he meant he wrote it because of the heat there is here but there was no turning back as the press wrote an article. He was sent back to the US, but now everything is cool).

A little bit off topic now:

SAVIOLA is wanted by Real Madrid's new manager, Bernd SCHUSTER, who said: "He's got goal, he is young and he can offer a lot". Looks like we are going to see a CONEJITO BLANCO (White little rabbit).

On the other hand, and despite his form at the Copa America, Gabriel MILITO looks to have everything set to join FC Barcelona.

They say his agent already arranged and signed a contract for Gaby to join Barça for 22 million Euros (A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY, IF I MAY ADD!)

johnny said...

I guess Barca will team Gaby with Puyol. I wonder what this means for Marquez, Gaby's opponent tomorrow night. Marquez did not have such a great campaign for Barca recently. Like many players it appears he might have fallen out of favor in Catalan country. Did anybody see where Real Madrid's jefe said the new coach must not only win, but win "with style". What a pressure cooker job.

Anonymous said...

I might start Gabi Milito just because the defense has now been working together for a while and I wouldn't want to disrupt whatever communication they have developed. Also, Milito works well under pressure so he could really shine in this game. Having said that, Ayala's status worries me more because he already has a yellow card and should he get another one would not be eligible for the final (if we beat Mexico). Nery Castillo is very good at drawing fouls (and cards from what we saw against Paraguay) so I would worry about losing Ayala because he is an aggressive defender. But yes, ideally I would start the same back four just for continuity but if I had to switch someone I would put Burdisso for either Milito or Ayala (Zanetti definitely stays and Heinze is our best option on the left, just make sure he takes some ritalin or something beforehand so that he doesn't lose his concentration, hehe).

In the middle, I would definitely start Riquelme and Mascherano and maybe Cambiasso but probably bench Veron (the guy is out of position and has not looked comfortable there at all) and bring in Aimar (better partnership for Riquelme) or move Messi down.

For the top, if Messi is not on the right wing then he and Tevez would be the forwards. If Messi in lower down in the midfield then I would have Tevez and Diego Milito starting with the option of removing Diego at some point, moving Messi up, and bring in Aimar (to either go on the right or take out Cambiasso and put Aimar on the left, Gago in the middle and Mascherano on the right, like at the end of the Peru game).

Regarding Mexico, I don't think we should fear them but I do think we should have a healthy amount of respect them as an opponent. At the moment they look very strong but like every squad competiting (including us) are not perfect. The defense made some mistakes which Paraguay was not able to capitalize on, they are traditionally inconsistent and they are not as creative in attack as we are. At the same time though, if they manage to contain Riquelme we could have problems (which is why I would like Aimar in there as well. Aimar, Riquelme, Tevez and Messi are too much for most defenses to contain). Also we will need to be very aware of their fowards, especially Castillo.

They will be the toughest opponent we have faced up until this point but I believe we can beat them. Still, it could come down to luck. I'm not going to say who will win but I will say that I hope we continue our improvement and play the very best game we have played to this point.


Anonymous said...

Nery Castillo is "doubtful" vs Argentina on Thursday. He stated that he will not line up vs Argentina unless he is@ a 100%. I think this is just a plot for them to throw us of the game plan.

Anonymous said...

On Wends*-Typo!

Gonzo said...

I want Cata Diaz

Nery Castillo is pure garbage, plays dirty

Mexicans have no chance

We have champions, captains, highest paid players in many of the greatest teams in Europe and South America, players who have conquered all and play against the best defenders, midfielders, and forwards in the planet all season

Mexico brought some tacos

Tevez, Messi, Cambiaso, Aimar, Mascherano, Riquelme, Heinze, Diaz, Ayala, Zanetti, PATO


Asil said...

G. Milito will start, no doubt.

I would like D. Milito to start with Tevez upfront. We need height. But Veron should be benched.

I think Mexico is playing like they have nothing to lose. Thats scares me...

Rio said...


paraguay got trashed because they were forced to play a game they didn't plan. and their coach was very conservative to not substitute on offensive options when they were 1-0, in order to have something to fall back onto.
that cost them the equalizer because the players aren't attackers after all, and once it was 2-0 they were dead.

basically the man down wasn't the biggest issue. biggest issue was paraguay had to come out to attack at 0-1.

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