Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Breath in, breath out...and make a wish now!

I will only say this...

...after Mexico and Chile played to another very very very predictable 0-0 draw (which qualified Chile and secured Mexico's top spot in Group B), there is a slight possibility (a possibility in the end!), that a mighty team from South America (that play in yellow shirts most of the time), will be knocked out of the Copa America by finishing last in their group.


If Ecuador get a win by a margin of 2 goals...then the Group B final table will look like this:

México 7 points
Chile 4 points
Ecuador 3 points (with a goal difference of 0)
The Mighty Team in Yellow 3 points (goal difference of -1)

If only life was perfect... the way...I leave it to your imagination to guess which "teaminho" I'm talking about here...


Seba said...

Bad news is that Ecuador manager have changed almost the whole side and there are a lot of key players missing.

Looks like mission impossible for my beloved Ecuador (what? Didn't you know I was born in Ecuador? Well...not really, but I once ate a banana that came from that country and that gives me every right to support them tonight!).

Rio said...
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Rio said...

look like your beloved ecuador wants a quicky before brazilian warmed up and then play defense. is that going to be enough goal differential for brazil?

Rio said...

come on ecuador...

Seba said...

So it seems the mighty team in yellow now is dressed in blue.

0-0 42 minutes.

I just started watching.

alwin said...


alwin said...

Why is it so obvious the results are all setup nicely. The two most recent 0-0 draws involving the "HOST" and the MEXICANS seems to have cast darker shadow than normal..i hate saying this but..sigh..

Seba said...

No need to hate saying that, Alwin.

Those matches were clearly arranged!

And I'm saying this without even watching Chile v Mexico!

It happened. It happens. And it will always happen!

Seba said...

Penalty kick for Brazil.

I have my doubts...

Sergio PEZOTTA (the referee, from Argentina), should have done better!

I have no doubts now. I WAS NOT A PENALTY!


Rio said...

totally bs call

Seba said...

1-0 Brazil. ROBINHO.

He scored a penalty against Chile and now this against Ecuador and both keepers should have saved them.

Don't they do what LEHMANN does? It is simple, he always takes them the same way.

I'm gutted!

But in a way...I still want to face them in this Copa America.

Now we know it'll only be possible if both teams advance to the final.

Rio said...

D.A out for quarter final

atleti said...

I just turned on the TV to see Robinho score a penalty...bleah.

I think I'll go back to bed!

Rio said...

drop a yellow on robinho then brazil can be pronounced dead.

allan ng said...

Give that no. 11 guy in blue a straight red.

alwin said...

So that leaves us with 2 confirmations now:-

1) A win tomorrow and we will face PERU.

2) Anything but a win will leave us with the MEXICANS.

Option 1 is the most desirable and this leave Group C with 2 remaining games of great contrast.

PARAGUAY and ARGENTINA will fight for the crown of the group knowing the top will mean an easier path at least.

COLOMBIA and USA are out of the tournament and will play for mere pride.

At least we know that the ARGENTINA game will be exciting and I doubt it being a bore fest. If I have anything against the COPA AMERICA, I would just like them to have the 3rd game being played simultaneously just like any other tournament I can think off.


Rio said...

what a fucking idiot of a ref

now a dive yellow. booooooooooo

Seba said...

PEZOTTA! You are having a laugh! Clear penalty for Ecuador now...not given!

You're not a proper Argentine!!!!

Shame on you! ;)

Rio said...

knockle ball on the floor comeon

Seba said...

The tournament tree is a complete joke!

So Brazil, second placed in their group, will face one of the teams qualified as third-placed.

Argentina by winning the group will face one of the second-placed teams.

But if we finish second (just like Brazil did), we will face a group-winner!

What's the reward for us?


Venezuela really made it great this time!

Now they get a third-placed team (supposedly they have to get the worst of the two, but so far it is Uruguay so I doubt they will match them again -as they shared Group A and played their last game against each other-).

So they might switch and we could have Venezuela v Chile and Uruguay v Brazil.

Then it is Peru against the winner of Argentina v Paraguay (or Paraguay if we draw) and Mexico against the loser (or Argentina if it is a draw).

So a win gives us Peru and a semifinal against either Paraguay or Mexico.

The potencial final will be against Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay or Brazil.

Rio said...

these tournament brackets are done with poisson models. so they could predict outcomes to certain extend and manipulate the draws to protect the host and favor countries.
also the way copa america develops its 8 quarter finalists is very forgiving compared to worldcup. this problem have existed for a long time, and could only really be dealt with if conmebal allowed more countries into the competition and get at least another group going.

allan ng said...

I think Surinam and Guyana ought to join CONMEBAL and play in the Copa America instead of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Add two more invitees like Australia and New Zealand and make it a 16 team tournament.

All the websites I read say Uruguay will play Venezuela again while that yellow team will play Chile again...

Anyway I hope we teach Paraguay some lessons on how to play football tomorrow.

alwin said...

I would think that the COPA AMERICA and the GOLD CUP should combine..that would be big and ideal.

Whther its VENEZUELA vs URUGUAY or CHILE i really don't give a damn,it just f*&king fixed for them to go all the way i guess. Its not suprising to see host progressing far right? They must come face to face with the Juggernaut ARGENTINA!!!

Rio said...

have you guys seen my comment below?
the starting lineup for paraguay is out.

cambiasso over mascherano for other dm, coco probably wants little more offense in the begining to ensure goal. then we should see mascher go in to let cuchu rest.

the backline is weird. no ayala and heinze, both didnt look too tired after game 2. zanetti is therefore forced to play left back, which isn't ideal. sucks we dont have 8 backs on the team.

palacio will play at tevez's position and tevez will play number 9. this is to test tevez at number 9. so in the long run tevez will compete against milito, instead of what we expected. this is very nice.

also coco seemed to trust lucho and letting him start. if we get ahead and mascher comes on, i think we should expect aimar lean left to make it really boxy, this way he could balance out left right a bit as mascher is really defensive. or, we should see gago come to the left and mascher go to the right, then aimar could stay near center.

Pal said...

the tease started early this time dont you think..
it's alright, everybody needs a laugh sometimes...
well, here are some facts;
1. brasil qualified 2nd in it's group with 6 points, more than enough at this stage.
2. robinho is top scorer in this tournament with 4 goals.
3. argentine led by it's Messi has also 6 points untill now, and zero goals for the kiddo.
4. brasil plays HORRIBLE now nad we still manage to qualify and have the top scorer.

well, looking at the facts above, i think we are in a pretty good situation.
rather than saying that a team in white and blue might get knocked out from the tournament when it plays mexico in the quarter finals,

who knows, we beat the 3rd placed team in the QF, we win by the semi finals, and hopefully our win in the final will be against argentina?! every thing is possible. and for you who doubt it, go and watch the last copa america again, it was fun, more funny than the scenario that i wish for this copz america.

keep up the tease guys.. and i think i dont need to remind everyone -especially supporters of argentine- that whoever laughs last, laughs most... ;-)

Rio said...

if brasil wants a piece of this,
by all means, bring it on :D