Friday, July 06, 2007

U20: Argentina looking to advance in Canada

After an anonymous debut against the Czech Republic (0-0), Argentina showed their complete arsenal and destroyed Panama 6-0 in their second Group E match.

Today (6 PM Buenos Aires; 10 PM GMT), Kun AGÜERO and his team-mates will take on North Korea and they look favorite to win and advance to the eight-finals as group winners.

Yes. There are still some matches to be played in this first round, but it all looks set for a possible show-down with non-other than the U20 version of the mighty team in yellow (you know...). And then, after they defeated Portugal last night, Mexico could be waiting for us in the quarter-finals with Giovani DOS SANTOS -FC Barcelona's rising star and a clone of RONALDINHO-, as their main player.

One of our regular visitors here at Mundo Albiceste (Arg10), will be attending the match against North Korea tonight and will send us his pictures and comments as soon as he can!

Team news:

Damián ESCUDERO, one of the most exciting prospects of our team, have suffered an injury against Panama, and might miss the rest of the Youth World Cup.

Sad news indeed.

Other than that, Little Argentina look ready to jump to the field and repeat the performance they had against Panama.



Seba said...

Anybody watching?

In the most sensational move, I've managed to lock myself inside my boss' office (he is out for the day) and I've got a big screen with the game on, while I pretend to be working!

5 minutes. First half. No chances for any of the teams so far.

Anonymous said...

Stuck@ my work. Eating Dots and drinking snapple for my sugar rush.Viewing the score@Livescore.


Seba said...

Jack...have you tried watching it here:

Nothing happened so far in 27 minutes.

AGÜERO had a good effort from outside the box and the keeper saved it.

I can't stand Mauro ZARATE. He just don't want to pass the ball. Wants to do everything on his own.

I've never seen a player so individualist in my life. Not even ROBBEN or Cristiano RONALDO.


Seba said...

Ooooohhh! Scary!

North Korea scored, but it was disallowed for offside.

Double pleasure here!

As the Brazilian commentator had to SHUT THE F**K UP as he was celebrating like if it was ROBINHO scoring!

Still 0-0.

33 min.

A dangerous free-kick for us now...

Seba said...



Superb free-kick!

1-0 and the commentator is very quiet now...

johnny said...

What a blazer by Aguero !

Seba said...

AGÜERO hits the post with another free-kick.

40 min.

Seba said... have your second superclasico tonight!


If they draw or Brazil loses, we might face them in the eight-finals...

Freddy ADU seems to be kicking the ball well, lately.

Will he give us joy tonight? hahaha!

Soyderiver said...

Nice shot! Good thing the Koreans are short. hehe. Right over the wall!

Seba said...

FAZIO (1,94mt) should be able to score a hat-trick if we have 3 corner kicks in this game! haha!

Seba said...

HT whistle.

soyderiver said...

No kidding! I think Fazio is taller than Romero!

soyderiver said...

I'm surprised the game is still thiss close. We are out-classing them on every level.

Seba said...

FAZIO, should he establish himself quickly in Sevilla, could be one hell of a centre-back for Argentina in the future!

He'll be 22 in 2010 and could be up for a long international career. Not only he is tall, he is fast and he's got good positioning.

22 in 2010
26 in 2014
30 in 2018
34 in 2022

Age is on his side...will he become REALLY good?

With AYALA retiring from international football rather sooner than later, I think we will need him to!

A different kind of centre-back, but a great prospect.

Seba said...

AGÜERO missed a sitter after a great counter-attack.

I like INSUA!

A rare specie! A natural born Argentine left-back.

soyderiver said...

great pass from Acosta but Kun shoots wide. Should have been 2 nil there.

Anonymous said...

Ok after eating a whole box of Dots and wolfing down a 32Oz bottle of Snapple I feel sick. Is the game good? How are they are working together? vs N.Korea?

Seba said...

Oh no FAZIO! Please!

(he gave away the ball in a terrible way. Then we recovered!)

Man! I'm saying good things about you here! Don't let me down!

Seba said...

The game is quite boring. Typical TOCALLI stuff.

If we were attacking the way we can (with these players), then we would be winning 3 or 4 nil, EASILY!

But TOCALLI opted to make a defensive substitution (CABRAL in for ACOSTA) and he is happy to wait for N. Korea and hit them in the counter-attack.

TOCALLI is not a good ambassador of the Albiceleste.

Seba said...

There you go...a dangerous chance for N.Korea and a yellow card for SANCHEZ.

Free kick for them.

19 min. second half.

Seba said...

Now Kun is replaced. DI MARIA is on.

soyderiver said...

I agree, we should be mopping the floor with these guys. Instead we are just a pass away from the score. seems like they only will shot when the net is wide open. They need to shoot more and test the keeper.

you would tocalli would have learned not to defend a 1 goal lead so early in the game from Pekerman. *cough*lost the world cup that way*cough*

Seba said...

ROMERO was forced to make a last-gasp save.

I don't like this.

How can TOCALLI makes us play so badly????

Seba said...

They are dressed in red but it is Argentina who are making them look like LIVERPOOL!

Seba said...

Another defensive sub.

Alejandro GOMEZ (midfielder with a tendency to defend) replaces Maxi MORALEZ (attacking midfielder who often play as a forward).

TOCALLI is not worth of our U20 National Team.

A total waste.

soyderiver said...

wow. they have taken over this game. Unless we do something exceptional, I think the tying goal is coming.

We arent keeping possesion well at all now.

Seba said...

BANEGA hits the post.

31 min.

soyderiver said...


Who that 18?? What a nice run with the ball.

Seba said...

It was a clear penalty for N.Korea, not given.

Two players fouled the Korean forward as he tried to get a bouncing ball.

We are looking like a small team with no ambition and trying to hold on to an undeserved lead.

Pathetic. I rather lose 4-0 trying to attack.

Seba said...

18 is Angel DI MARIA. Rosario Central player of the season.

Could soon be going to Europe.

Seba said...

TOCALLI is so lucky the Korean forwards are rather bad.

Another chance wasted by them.

Seba said...

Soyderiver...DI MARIA is doing what you asked!

And what a gifted left foot he has!

soyderiver said...

I like Di Maria. Good ball skills. Yeah I dont understand we our coaches insist on making us defend when everyone knows that is not our game.

soyderiver said...

Great save by Romero!! We got lucky there. that should have been the equalizer.

Seba said...

Another chance waste by N.Korea.

This is unacceptable. We are going home early.

The moment we face a good team, we're out!

Don't dream of a 6th Youth World Cup title this time.

Not when TOCALLI is making the calls.

Seba said...

Now ZARATE shots straight at the keeper!

I'm very frustrated with what I'm seeing.

Very few positive things to say.

We are winning thanks to a free-kick.

Not good enough

Seba said...

TOCALLI is the luckiest man in the World.

It's been a while since I last seen a miss like that!

Horrible shot (well..maybe CASTILLO's miss in the last minute against Brazil was worst).

I'm repeating myself now.

There is nothing else to say.

soyderiver said...

another wasted chance for Korea. We are lucky to be playing them. This could have easily been a loss against better competition.

Rio said...

they loosened up a tad too much.
north korean are freaking tiny. I couldn't believe what i was seeing, argentines looked like the big dudes on that pitch.

but now, good news is, brazil is going to try kill US in this match to get a better slot in 2nd round.

johnny said...

Try to kill as they may, they are down 1-0 at 27 minutos !! Go USA !!

Rio said...

hey i just noticed the Kampes post. is it too late to submit questions now? and if not, still to ?

Seba said... not too late to send your questions to EL MATADOR.

I've received plenty of questions but unfortunately I'll have to postpone the whole thing until after the PanAm Games (that start less than a week from Today)

After that, I'll send KEMPES all the questions I've been getting.

Kind of busy lately, eh?

Copa America, U20 World Cup, now the PanAm...

Send them...same e-mail...

Anonymous said...

Did the Brazil qualified for the next round in U20 ,they win 1 and lost 2 matches haha

Seba said...

Amazing Tonymed! Isn't it?

Now they have to wait for other results but there are very little chances they could miss out.

4 of the 6 third-placed teams are through.

Brazil has more points than North Korea. So, in order for them to be eliminated, the following results should occur in every one of the four groups that are still to be finished:

Costa Rica needs to beat Scotland by 2 goals.

Gambia and Portugal must draw. Or Gambia should win by only one goal (so Portugal advances as third-placed team on goal-difference -one goal better than Brazil).

Either one of these results (or the two of them):
Zambia should beat Uruguay.
Jordan should beat Spain.

Then Congo should beat Canada by any margin.

As you can see...very unlikely for Brazil to be knocked out...even when they had a terrible first round...

Seba said...

NOTE: At least 3 out of the 4 scenarios should come true.

If not, then Brazil will qualify.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Seba
But actually ,I wanted them to be kicked out and wished this miracle would happen 5 5 5

Roy said...

Hey guys, just got back home. Im uploading the pictures and videos right now:). I just have to uplaod them on Youtube and stuff:).

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