Friday, July 06, 2007

U20 WC: Argentina to face Poland in eight finals

Despite playing a terrible game in which North Korea deserved to, at least, score one or two goals, Argentina won 1-0 thanks to a Sergio AGÜERO perfect free-kick and advanced to the Youth World Cup eight finals as Group E winners.
Argentina will face Poland next Thursday (12 July) in Toronto.

We went very close to have a totally different kind of rival. When South Korea equalized in their game against Poland, Brazil and the USA were also levelled. But Freddy ADU worked some magic on the right and after his shot took a deflection, Josmer ALTIDORE scored his second goal of the game and sent Brazil to Group D's third place.

If this tournament had the same structure as the World Cup, then Brazil would have been packing their things and going back home!

But they are lucky that four 3rd-placed teams will advance to the second round.

Now they'll probably face Chile, a team that have won both of their games 3-0 and look to be red-hot at the moment.

Argentina will have to improve a lot from Today's performance and Manager Hugo TOCALLI will have to understand, once and for all, that he has to respect the history of Albiceleste and ATTACK!

Don't you think, after he assisted PEKERMAN in last year's World Cup, he should have learnt the "Berlin Lesson"?


Albo said...

Great win for USA U-20!!!
Argentina has some great players but I haven't seen much of a team yet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Argentina played very bad.
Zarate can't find his form, and Cahais was on the bench.

They were content with a tie, and it showed.
Hopefully they'll come at Poland with everything they have.

Roy said...

Hey Seba, I have the pictures and videos ready, but I seem to have forgot what email to sent them to?

Seba said...

Great Roy!

Sent them to:

As for the videos...maybe if you can upload them to Youtube or somewhere...

My connection speed is terrible...

Anonymous said...


I was just wondering if you could do a little posting about the Argentine players in the U-20 tournament; I would love to learn more about this team!
(if you have already done that, then sorry to have wasted your time)


Roy said...

Hey Seba,

I just sent them(under So it might go to your Trash section or something:). Hope you guys enjoy them.