Sunday, July 08, 2007

Argentina-Peru: Facts and Figures

With his mind set on a third Copa America title, Coco BASILE knows that, in order to achieve that, he will have to lead his men to victory against Peru in Today's quarter-final match.

COCO has an impressive record in Copa America (a tournament he won twice -Chile 1991 and Ecuador 1993-) as he will look to win tonight to get to 17 games without defeats.

History, just like against Paraguay, is on the Albicelestes' side.

Let's take a look at some facts and figures about the history between these two teams:

  • This will be the 50th official match between Argentina and Peru.
  • Argentina have won 29, scoring 89 goals and conceeding 39.
  • Peru have won 5.
  • There were 10 draws.
  • The most famous meeting took place in Rosario with controversy all over a 6-0 win by the Albicelestes, host of that 1978 World Cup. Years after that, QUIROGA, born in Argentina but represented Peru as a goalkeeper in that game said in an interview that the match was arranged as Argentina needed to win by a huge margin to qualify. There were numerous voices out to deny QUIROGA's statement but the feeling of foul play was forever installed.
  • Argentina and Peru have a rich history of World Cup Qualifying matches. The first time they ever played was in 1969 and after two legs, Peru eliminated Argentina and knocked them out of Mexico 1970 World Cup. It was 2-2 in Buenos Aires and 1-0 for Peru in Lima.
  • In 1985, again in a World Cup Qualifying match, Argentina secured their ticket for Mexico 1986 with a famous Daniel PASSARELLA's goal (or was it Ricardo GARECA touching the ball as it was going in). If it wasn't for that goal...Diego MARADONA would have never had the chance to shine in that World Cup the way he did it!
  • In World Cup Qualifiers, Argentina have won 7, drew 3 and Peru won 2 (both in Peru, one in 69 and the other in 85).
  • In Copa America, Argentina have won 11, scoring 36 goals and conceeding 19.
  • Peru won 3
  • There were 2 draws.
  • The first time they met, Argentina won 5-1 in Lima (Copa America 1927).
  • The last time they met was in Chiclayo, Peru. Argentina won 1-0 (Carlos TEVEZ). It was also a quarter-final stage.


Rio said...


Rio said...

starting lineups

Roy said...

Hey Rio,

the link isn't working. It gives this error. "La página a la que intentó acceder no está disponible."


Rio said...

try Go here and click on the link

Rio said...

most depressing game of this tourney coming up....

maybe they'll go to pk :D first PSO of the tournament gogo!

Rio said...

WOW, i hope you guys saw what just happened! just WOW!

Anonymous said...

I posted this last night in the Par-Arg live coverage part, not too sure if people got a chance to read it, but I will repost it.

Well I was out last night with a few friends and one of them was from Peru, he was telling me that he was preying that Paraguay would tie Argentina so Peru would avoid Argentina. I laughed and told him get ready to get whooped on, and called a bold predictions 4-0 win. He said if some how Peru can just play for a 0-0 draw and then go straight to PK's they might have a shot. I started to really think about this, because their is no ET and etc, straight to PK's. That has got me worried to the later rounds, for example if Argentina faces Mexico and then the two sides go straight to PK's after 90min then who knows, I started to think about the WC and the pk loss. Does anybody share this same concern?


Roy said...

This is ridiculous. A RED CARD?! That was barely worth a penalty kick, let alone a red card. Mexico is going to the semi's. Its currently 3-0.

And Jack, there is Extra Time... Isn't there? I remember during the Argentina/Paraguay game, the GolTV announcer said that there is Extra Time and Penalty Kicks in the knockout stages. Maybe he was wrong? Hopefully not.

Rio said...

ya, the red card was harsh

it proves how dangerous a game it is to play negative football though. that call totally took paraguay out of their game, and forced them to do something they aren't capable of. even if martino did substitute on offensive players and they capitalized on the couple chances, they would of have to play a 10 men game without some defensive elements against mexico for the rest of the match, and would of probably lost anyway.

Anonymous said...

Nope, recall that final on Copa America in 2004, Brasil scored a goal late in the 90th min and they went straight to PK's, no extra time.

Rio said...

there's no OT in these 1/4 finals. if the game tie at 90th minute, it's PSO

Seba said...

Just to confirm there is no extra-time in this Copa America. Straigh to PK.

So Mexico fans will be pleased if they are to face Argentina, as their is no extra-time and no Maxi RODRIGUEZ playing for us this time!

For those of you afraid of getting to the PK shootout, I've got only 13 letters to say to you:


Rio said...

just saw the replay. that was definitely a red card. bobadilla clearly fouled Nery.

it doesn't matter how harsh the foul was. it's a foul that prevented a goal from scoring. therefore a straight red. even if it was a handball or something small that prevented a goal from scoring, it would of been a red card.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, seems like Mexico,Brasil,Uruguay have all hit their peak in their last games. Lets see how Argentina does in the next couple of hours.


linda said...

And to think, I said last night that if Paraguay could defend like they did against us, it would be a tight result. Ah well, red cards change everything.

No changes to our starting line-up except for Diego Milito replacing Crespo. After watching the subs against Paraguay, I think Basile knows best by now.

Rio said...

brazil and paraguay not necessarily have hit their peak.

mexico.. bahh.. i just can't stand these fucking mexicans having their pride pray because they killed a paraguayan team that was forced to attack with 10 men and then gave up 30 minutes in...

anyway, game on. kill it kill!

Rio said...

ray hudson from GolTV just said, to those about to die, I salute you :D

Anonymous said...

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