Friday, July 13, 2007

Is it just me?

Or do you also think about the match against Brazil more than what the doctor could advise?


allan ng said...

I don't think beating Brazil will be a problem, it is just a matter of the winning margin. I am thinking we will win by 2 goals and I hope Kaka, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo are all watching.

What I am interested in is the U20 quarter final between us and Mexico. Sergio Aguero vs Giovani dos Santos, two of the brightest stars so far in the tournament.

Rio said...

I've done enough thinking about brazil. It's been giving me headache through out my painful childhood.
I remembered to this day what my dad said after the 86' wc final, "Just one more to go then we equal brazil". 17 years now, they have 5 and we still at 2. WTF!

it's the big jesus in Rio!

Now you know why i use this name?

Anonymous said...

Rio, you are very lucky to have seen that 86 WC final, I was just 2!. Sure I can say Argentina has won a WC in my lifetime but I am just fooling myself. I am what my father was, just always worried about the team. He has eased up on the game but is still a loyal fan, but not diehard like me. Today I went and had lunch@my favorite local Argentine restraint “The Buenos Aires Grill" out here in southern California. My family is good friends with the owner’s family (You know how it goes). I spoke to the owner for sometime by the bar, and asked him what he thinks will happen on Sunday, he laughed and said you worry too much and let Argentina go out and play. I was hoping he would give me some assurance so I do not doubt myself. I told him how history has a funny was of repeating it self and the last two times Argentina meet in a final, Brasil came away with the title. And the last time we had our full team, Argentina lost to Brasil in the UK( Granted diff time and the team seems to be clicking better now). All he said is trust me, Argentina is a far superior team then this Brasilian and will win the copa america. So I had my lunch and went back to work( was about 20min late for work, but I hope nobody noticed, hell it was friday!). See I am a big time history buff. 2004 the Copa Amrica I want to forget is some how very similar to this one. In 2004 going into the final Argentina had 14 goals( 15 to this one), and allowed 3, same as this one. Argentina beat Columbia 3-0 (Same as Mexico this time around), and Brasil beat Uruguay On PK's in the semi's( Just like this time), and Adriano had 6 goals going into the final (Same as Robihno). So I look@ numbers very carefully, and say I wish this game was already played so I can stop killing myself. Yes this is not the powerhouse Brasilian team and I do expect Argentina to win by a two goal margin but we never know. Funny thing Rio, how you said your father said one more till we catch up to Brasil. See I think my father lost the passion for the game after the 1990 final, and I can recall him saying "Argentines are destined for heartache". Yes Leo Messi is becoming a hero to many fans and children, riquelme is playing some of his best football and we have a coach who won us our last copa america. But again it is Brasil, and I recall my friend Max telling" Those Brasilians use voodoo", I find it very funny. But no matter what Argentina needs to win this game, so they can ease us up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Crespo is fit to play the game on Sunday. What do you think Coco will do? Bring off the bench? I saw Crespo going down as a blessing in disguise. Crespo laughed and said he will come in if they are up 3-0. I think Messi-Tevez link as worked great, both of them cause major havoc, can not maintain Messi,Tevez and Riquelme the sametime.

Please Please do not give up FK's and do not breathe on Robinho in the box, just because he may go down.


Anonymous said...

That's funny, I love going to the Buenos Aires Grill myself!

That said, Argentina has a history of losing to Brazil, no matter how much better our team is.

There will be a load of pressure on our boys, but if they relax and play the way they've been playing, we'll win easily.

I see Messi having the game of his career, and hopefully Riquelme can score from a spot kick for the cherry on top.

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

RESTAURANT*(I was reviewing my story), The hell did I learn how to type, bare with my I am under the weather. Also the last time Argentina scored a wonder goal(Maxi), it was aganist the Mexicans and this time it was Messi. I really believe if Argentina had beaten the Germans they would of won the 3rd WC. I think Argentina has the right players to win this, but for some reason they start playing from the 45min and on. Can Argentina just go into HT up 2-0?. What I like about this team i when they went up, they still attacked.


Rio said...

don't underestimate this brazilian team. they have the same creativity brazil always had displayed, and they have very dangerous set piece plans.

if crespo is fit, it would be cool to put him in either at the begining to tire brazilian defenders (which can be risky if they score) or later on if we're ahead to sub out tevez and maintain threat in the front with his fresh legs.

I think we need to drop into defense asap if we can get a go ahead goal. instead of seeking for 2nd goal and maintaining offensive formation. brazilian will bombard the shit out of us, and they've achieved surprising success with that, it has to be taken seriously.

again, minimizing damage > getting unnecessary goals.

Anonymous said...

If Argentina does score first they will need to cont playing the same way. We saw what happened in Germany. The best defense is offense! Having the ball and just moving it around, I hope and prey Coco does not take out Riquelme in the 75min and brings in Gago for another defender( Will not happen, just saying worse case) if Argentina is up by a single goal. Again if Argentina does score it will open up the game, and will have gaps for Messi and Tevez to attack. Leave Crespo out for 75+min then bring him in. Argentina needs to get the lead so if Brasil scores first Argentina will not be stunned, sure they have been down in this copa america before but this might be a psychological thing more than anything.

Rio said...

it's different. pekerman went to negative football playing 4-5-1.

4-2-3-1 on other hand is 6:4 neutral, or offensive when one of the DM pushes (like mascher did when we switched to it in the previous games).

Anonymous said...

I see where you are coming from. I do agree with you in not taking Brasil lightly, Coco must be telling his players that all the time. I think as a fans point of view we see the name Brasil and we go hmm, this is going to be a tough match up, talent for talent in this game Argentina should win. Masche will be a beast, and zanetti will do his job, ayala, milito, heinze will also do their jobs. All I have to say is beaware of FK's. Also Milito do not run into Robihno in the box. I think for Argentina this is a far more important game then it is for Brasil. If Brasil loses they will say," Hey we took our 2nd team and reached the final", and if they win WOW,"Argentina goes down with VS Brasil's 2nd team".


John said...

Take it easy, Seba. I'm sure you are not alone in this dilemma.

As for me, I'm just being positive about the game. I do have confidence within me that says that this could be our time. But then again I could be wrong.

I was only 6 six years old when the last time we won the WC and 13 we won our last Copa. Long time isn't it? But then again as far my love for Argentina, nothing much has changed.

I have hope and faith in our team.

Pal said...

It's not only you Seba thinking trust me..
me and my best friends ( 2 diehard argentina fans ) are fighting all the time about the match outcome even though it didn't start yet.
he says they they will kick our ass big time..
and i keep telling him what if, we won by LUCK?!
i think that's the only shot we got at winning this.. getting lucky.. honestly i am not trying to put pressure on anyone here..
i do think we got lucky in the last copa america too...

p.s. seba and everyone, if you find your self unable to control your anxiety, i advise u take propranolol ( B blocker ) just ask the pharmcist to give you some along with the dosage... it helps alot trust me.. i use it in exams.


linda said...

The match against Mexico was almost more than I could take. I'm not sure how I'm going to sit through this one.

Being labelled as favourites (even the English press are singing our praises) always makes me nervous.

As for Crespo, I don't think we should risk him unless we're safely a couple of goals up. And no Pekerman-style tactics allowed - but Basile knows that.

andaman said...

You know what I did. I watched the match Argentina v Brasil WC qualify in 2005 when we beat the people in yellow jersey 3-1 and that team had Kaka and Ronaldinho.

I love this Basile team because we keep on attacking even when we're 3 goals up. Please don't drop to defense. This Argentina team is showing the world the meaning of "the beautiful game" that do win games.

And hell, I'm nervous. The game with Brasil is always a mental thing.

Agree with linda, put Crespo in when we're couple of goals up. Messi and Tevez are running riot right now with Riquelme playing some of his best games.

niraj said...

Well....all the argentine fans are bitting their nails ni...I have was born on 87' and in our country the football fever was on from 86' when digeo was showing his every1 was a diehard argentine fan.But since then we just have heartache except the two copa and one olympic..and for me I just could watch the olmpyic, so nothing more and it sucks..98' we lost so against holland and i still remeber the shot batigol hit arnd the last minute and i jumped goallll but it hit the woodwork and it was over...2002...just a dreadful WC..then copa...and then confederations cup....everyone says argentina plays well but they loose.Its very weird everytime.We are the best team but we just loose.My mother suggested me not to support argentina cause they never win until I see them.And when they loosed in confederations I just felt hopeless.But I just cant stop supporting them.Having hope from them and looking at messi,tevez,riquelme,crespo i just know we deserve 2 win.And I hope that now the time has come for the real champions to be champions.
I disagree that after hitting one we should give more care on defence then attack.We always loose because of that attitude while brazil wins because they always seem soo hungry for goals.So we need an all out offensive and I know I would faint if this game also goes for penalties...We are the new Italy in penalties...
But I have full belief in this team and this time we will prevail and I hope this tournament will be the stepping stone for the 3rd wave of argentine football...1st was with mario kempes...then not be afraid....lets just belive in our players....m sure this wont be one more heartache

atleti said...

I have absolute faith in them; no matter what happens, I'll be proud of los albicelestes.

I'm having a little get-together at my apartment for the game!

Anonymous said...

People, people people, why are you so worried? Brazil has been only the 3rd best team in this Copa America, behind Argentina and Mexico. Brazil got lucky to get through Uruguay. Argentina have too many good players for them to lose the Brazil. If they try to maintain one the other will be right there. This is Brazil but this Argentina team will cruise to 3-0 win. Brazil will not be able to control Messi and Tevez with there give and go's. I was more worried about the Mexicans then I am with Brazil. Brazil had a hard time trying to keep up with Castillo, you really think they will have a chance with Messi and Tevez? They are on a mission and will complete it. About 4:30ish everyone here will be cheering together and sharing stories how they jumped up and down when the 2nd goal came for Argentina and how they got nervous when one of the Brazilian shots went over the bar. Ball control will be 58-42 for Argentina. Ans again Tevez will have two goals. He will play that beautiful game.! He is due for a couple of goals. One and one with the GK forget it!

Anonymous said...

Sunday's forecast will be 95deg in Maracaibo with thunderstorms. Argentina will be kicking off about 5pm. How do you this will do to them? They are not a up and down team and they ware their appoints out and give them the KO punch in the 2nd half. So this is the earliest that Argentina has kicked off, what do you think it will do to them? I say nothing really.

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