Friday, July 27, 2007

30 Pumas ready to roar in the Rugby World Cup

Marcelo LOFFREDA announced the list of 30 players that will represent Argentina in the Rugby World Cup.

Here are the 30 names that will wear Los Pumas colors in France.

1- AGULLA, Horacio (Hindú Club)
2- ALBACETE, Patricio (Stade Toulousian)
3- ALVAREZ KAIRELIS, Rimas (Perpignan)
4- AYERZA, Marcos (Leicester Tigres)
5- BORGES, Lucas (Stade Francais)
6- CONTEPOMI, Felipe (Leinster)
7- CONTEPOMI, Manuel (Club Newman)
8- CORLETO, Ignacio (Stade Francais)
9- DURAND, Martín
10- FERNANDEZ LOBBE, Ignacio (Sale Sharks)
11- FERNANDEZ LOBBE, Juan Martín (Sale Sharks)
12- FERNANDEZ MIRANDA, Nicolás (Hindú Club)
13- GAITAN, Martín (Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque)
14- GONZALEZ BONORINO, Santiago (Capitolina)
15- HASAN, Omar (Stade Toulousian)
16- HERNANDEZ, Juan Martín (Stade Francais)
17- LEDESMA AROCENA, Mario (ASM Clermont Auvergne)
18- LEGUIZAMON, Juan Manuel (London Irish)
19- LONGO ELIA, Gonzalo (ASM Clermont Auvergne)
20- LOZADA, Esteban (CASI)
21- NUÑEZ PIOSSEK, José María (Aviron Bayonnais)
22- OSTIGLIA, Lucas (Sporting Union Agen)
23- PICHOT, Agustín (Stade Francais)
24- RONCERO, Rodrigo (Stade Francais)
25- SCELZO, Martín (ASM Clermont Auvergne)
26- SCHUSTERMAN, Martín (Leeds Tykes)
27- SERRA MIRAS, Federico (S.I.C)
28- TIESI, Gonzalo Pedro (London Irish)
29- TODESCHINI, Federico (Montpellier Herault Rugby Club)
30- VERNET BASUALDO, Alberto (Asociación Alumni)


John said...

Looks like a very strong team with plenty of European based players.

And from the looks of it, we might have a reunion gathering when our boys take on the Les Blues in the opening match.

However one name seems to be off the radar these days in the Los Pumas side is Nelson QUSEDA? Any idea Seba?

Seba said...

It is a strong set of players, the best we ever brought to a Rugby World Cup. Unfortunatelly, the draw was very very harsh with Los Pumas and we are getting France (the home team and one of the best sides in the World) and Ireland in our group.

If we manage to escape, then there will surely be as the second team in the group, which means we will take on the All Blacks in the quarterfinals...


As for the player you are asking...I'm sure you mean Gonzalo QUESADA. He was the top-scorer in the Rugby World Cup 1999.

Now, his performances are not quite at the same level they were a few years ago.

His inability to tackle made him lose his position at Los Pumas and he is no longer the only kicker we have at our disposal. With Felipe CONTEPOMI or Federico TODESCHINI, we have great options. Not to mention the excellent full-back Juan Martín HERNANDEZ, who can also kick if needed.

linda said...

Some of the opinion pieces I've read think that France might crumble under the pressure of playing at home and present Los Pumas with a chance. What do you think?

John said...

Linda, It's difficult to see that happening but I like our chances. After all if there is any team out there that knows the French better then it has to be the Los Pumas because most of them play there.

Seba, thanks for the info on QUESEDA. One small info you've forgotten about him is that after the 2003 World Cup, it seems he was approach by Tampa Bay BUCCANEERS from the NFL.

alwin said...

Hi Good Morning, or Good Afternoon and Good Evening to wherever you are in the world now,

Good luck to the PUMAS, its going to be tough with FRANCE and IRELAND around and the crucial game will be the opener with FRANCE, hope we can shock the host then since quite a number of the LOS PUMAS play in FRANCE. If not we have all to do against O'GARA's IRELAND.

I would like to pay tribute to the IRAQI national football team for winning the ASIAN cup las night. I hope this would be more than inspiring for any of the ALBICELESTE teams taking part in major sporting events, especially the senior footballers. There will not be a more inspiring tale to put the fire in the belly for the 2010 squad..YOU CAN DO IT!!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!


Soy_de_River said...

So I read that the coach announced the lineups so early beacuse of team issues? Any word on that Seba.