Thursday, March 19, 2009

Venezuela with young squad to face Argentina

With 10 days to go before we see Argentina take the field again for the World Cup Qualifiers, Venezuela, our rivals on 28 March, have announced their squad, which includes 13 players from their local league, some who play in places like Spain, Italy, Germany or the MLS and one from the Argentine league as well.

But the main story behind the list is the fact that manager César FARÍAS is calling up 10 players from the U20 Venezuelan team that managed to qualify for the country's first ever FIFA World Cup in any category at the South American U20 tournament they played at home earlier this year.

Caracas FC will provide five players to the national side and Venezuela will be missing key midfielder Ronald VARGAS (injured playing for Bruges, Belgium, during the last weekend).

Here's the detailed information on our rivals with the U20 listed in bold.

Renny VEGA (Caracas FC, Venezuela)
Rafael ROMO (Llaneros de Guanare, Venezuela)

Francisco FAJARDO (Aragua, Venezuela)
Carlos SALAZAR (Aragua, Venezuela)
Franklin LUCENA (Caracas FC, Venezuela)
Gabriel CICHERO (Caracas FC, Venezuela)
Guillermo RAMIREZ (Caracas FC, Venezuela)
Jose Manuel REY (Caracas FC, Venezuela)
Jose Manuel VELASQUEZ (Deportivo Anzoategui, Venezuela)
Gerzon CHACON (Deportivo Tachira, Venezuela)
Juan FUENMAYOR (Valerenga, Norway)

Cesar GONZALEZ (Huracán, Argentina)
Rafael ACOSTA (Cagliari, Italy)
Anyelo PENA (Estudiantes de Merida, Venezuela)
Francisco FLORES (Guaros de Lara, Venezuela)
Tomas RINCON (Hamburg SV, Germany)
Roberto ROSALES (Ghent, Belgium)
Juan ARANGO (Real Mallorca, Spain)
Jorge ROJAS (Red Bull New York, USA)

Giancarlo MALDONADO (Atlante, Mexico)
Alejandro MORENO (Columbus Crew, USA)
Yonathan DEL VALLE (Deportivo Tachira, Venezuela)
José Salomón RONDON (Union Las Palmas, Spain)
Nicolas FEDOR (Salamanca, Spain)

After the match in Buenos Aires, Venezuela will play Colombia at home on 31 March.


Roy said...

13 from Venezuela(8 of which are U20) and the rest from not soo good teams. There is no excuse if we lose this match... at all.

Anonymous said...

If they do not win by 3 goals or more it's somewhat of a failure. The country of Venezuela cares more about whats going on with their baseball team then this game.


Sebastian said...

Points taken, but don't you think it would be wrong to put this kind of pressure on our players?

They don't have to think of how many goals they will score on Venezuela or how young their players are. They need to fight for every ball and try and play their best possible associate game. Results will come with that.

Don't forget we are having a difficult time playing at home in this WCQ. We drew with Ecuador and Paraguay and we barely defeated Uruguay and needed two set-piece goals to beat Chile. Our only comfortable win was over Bolivia.

We need to get maximum points from our next four home games (Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Peru), because we have difficult trips to the altitude of Bolivia and Ecuador and tough visits to leaders Paraguay and neighbours Uruguay.

That said, I can see where Jack is coming from, but I'd say let's take one match at a time think only about winning and not about whether it'll be a failure to win by less than 3 goals or something.

Anonymous said...

I get you Seba, I just dont want a 1-0 "a win is a win" kind of a game. We are close to 1 year left. If this team has to kick in to gear its now. The next game in La Paz will be much tougher. We need to see some flashes of magic from the team. But I think the team can manage a 3 goal win. In the the past the team played much better in WCQ games. The team does struggle at home and it makes me wonder. I do think most of have circled September the 5th when Brasil comes down. I think by then we may have an idea where the team stands.up.


John said...

On paper no doubt we should win by a good margin (3 or 4 goals). However I say lets take it easy because it is Diego's first competitve game. I'm sure all the players will want to give him the best impression to enhance themselves for future call ups.

Something tells me that Venezuela is using this game to give their young players some high level exposure before the U20 World Cup. Good for them.

But it is painful to know that we won't be there. Argghh!!!

Back to the game, I am confident that we can collect three points from this game.

Anonymous said...

Seeing our current form in the qualifiers, i'm taking a win, even a 1-0 win.

Anonymous said...

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