Thursday, March 26, 2009

MASCHERANO: "I can play in different areas"


On adapting his game if Argentina play with three or four men at the back:

"In general, by default, I'm a defensive midfielder and I have always played there, but I have played in other positions too and sometimes, during matches, you are forced to play in different areas. Sometimes I find myself in the middle of the two centre-backs or deep down the wings chasing somebody".

On playing with a yellow card and the risk of getting suspended if booked:

"We need to be careful and try to avoid committing silly fouls because we need to go to Bolivia in full strenght".

On being a captain:
"The fact of playing for Argentina is the best thing that can happen to a player. Being a captain was something completely unexpected for me. I'm young and I was surprised when MARADONA picked me. I'll try and do my best from now on. Like I always did".

"Diego came to Liverpool to visit me and he told me what he thought and the plans he had for me on the team. From that moment on, it was impossible not to accept that honour with pride".

On playing for MARADONA:

"He's special. All he represents is special. At the beginning we were all in a state of shock! Now we're getting used to his presence in the dressing room and he's getting his message across with the team."

On the season so far for Liverpool:

"We are doing our best. We've got a great team, but we don't have a squad that's deep enough. Chelsea and Manchester United are more powerful in that regard. Just as an example, when we were beating Manchester United 2-1 recently, FERGUSON had the luxury of replacing CARRICK, PARK and ANDERSON with fantastic players such as SCHOLES, GIGGS and BERBATOV in a multiple substitution. Fortunately we scored the third goal and we won 4-1 in the end. We don't have the luxury of having such as squad, but we're fighting really hard and we will continue to do that until the end."

On his team-mate Steven GERRARD:
"He is the emblem of Liverpool. I can't add anything to his talent as a player, but I can say that he is a quiet guy, easy-going and a great person, loved by everyone in Liverpool".

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