Saturday, March 28, 2009

Press conference Diego: "I couldn't be happier"

Diego MARADONA's full press conference transcript:

"It was a perfect match for us. We scored when we had to. We kept the ball when we had to. We created a lot of chances with our little guys and I would like to hear from those who were asking us to come from the wings and send crosses in. Sometimes there's no need for that".

"The team loosened up after our first goal and we really had no problems".

"Things to improve? I didn't like the fact that they won our backs easily sometimes. If there were better with their long balls, it would have been tougher".

"The team knows what we have to do. Today we were faced by a team that has improved a lot over the last few years. We had to work really hard to break them".

"To those who whistled VERON everytime he was on the ball, I'd like to tell them that VERON, with his big toe really swollen, had to receive a shot there because I asked him to do it. Because I needed him. People didn't know about this and it's OK. But I'm telling them so they know better now and appreciate what VERON did".

"MESSI had a great game, but he wasn't the only one. I liked HEINZE, Jonas, GAGO, TEVEZ, Kun...all of them".

"What I said to MESSI? The number 10 shirt is yours. There's nobody better than you to wear it".

"It's a pleasure to see MESSI play. It'd be fantastic to see him playing like that everyday. Had he scored the last chance he had, we had to get out of the stadium, pay a new ticket and come back in!".

"I liked CARRIZO. I gave him all my trust and when goalkeepers are only asked to respond a couple of times, it can be tricky. He responded very well and I'm happy for him".

"I celebrated when Jonas GUTIERREZ fought for a ball he lost in midfield and I jumped like if he had just scored a goal. That's the kind of attitude that really motivates our team".

"I didn't see Benjamin (his grandson) on the pitch tonigh. I've seen him last night. He's so beautiful. It was a pleasure to have him around".

"I want speed with MESSI, TEVEZ and AGÜERO. I also like their attitude. They'll fire on goal as soon as they have a chance. They will take no prisoners in that regard".

"My midfield from tonight, is my ideal of a midfield. Jonas on the left, Maxi on the right and GAGO and MASCHERANO in the middle. I wish I could have them everyday".

"I'm just here to help the team with my experience, but the win tonight, belongs to them. They got out of a bad situation they were in. The merit is all theirs".

"We haven't conceded yet and that's a great thing. I wish that doesn't change anytime soon".

"I'm working as a national team manager because I need to do it and my players need me as well. I couldn't be happier".

"We'll miss Jonas in Bolivia. It was a silly play. I regret that. I have some thinking to do ahead of our next game".

"Carlitos won his battle against his anxiety. Everytime he came to play for Argentina in the past, something bad happened. He was too nervous. But tonight he had an excellent game and I'm thrilled with the ovation he got when I replaced him".

"MASCHERANO ended up with a cramp.'s not a surprise. Did you see how much he ran?".


lopez india said...

seba can u plz upload the goals . thanks

Anonymous said...

Well I did not get the chance to watch the games but I did take a peak at the score a few times. I knew they would score more then a couple goals, 4-0 is fine, even though a couple of them came to a big thanks to the Venz GK. Again I do not know how to take this win, because a 4-0 win is always good but again it was vs Venz jr team for the most part, I guess you can say their golden generation.

But I think next few games will be tough, nothing is given. At Bolivia, then Colombia comes in town who beat Argentina and ALWAYS plays Argentina tough and very physical. Then a trip to Quito, then Brasil comes in town then travel to Paraguay. It is not fun by any means! I think only "easy" that are really left are Venz which was today then Peru. Everything else is not granted. I know they will qualify but it will not be cruise control by any means.

September 5th is the day I can not wait for. This might be the last time Brasil comes to Argentina for a long time(Or Unless Copa America is in Argentina in 2011) because they host 2014.

Was it just me or was it odd seeing Messi wear the #10. I liked his #18, but if he stays at that number then I guess I am buying a new Messi jersey!

P.S. Thanks for nice support for my final which went quite well!


messidona19 said...

i want di maria to replace jonas next match