Thursday, March 05, 2009


I just had a party for my eyes after seeing and hearing Diego MARADONA during a roughly 2-hour long interview in TyC Sports.

He's just in the best state I've ever seen from him.

He got three shirts with his grandson's name and the number 10. One from Independiente, one from Boca and the other one as a present from the hosts of the show of Argentina.

He confessed that he played an international cup match (against Denmark in 1993 -in what was one of the tournaments that gave birth to the current Confederations Cup. Argentina played Denmark in Mar del Plata as Copa America holders facing the champions of Europe). Diego said: "I played that match without sleeping the night before. I keep saying to myself 'what a player I would have been if I didn't have problems with drugs'".

He said he'll talk to RIQUELME privately and he'll tell him where he wants him and how he wants him. He said he needs RIQUELME to be able to dribble past a rival and then link up with the forwards. He said this season he is not seeing RIQUELME is being able to do it.

Then he said he'll give the number 10 shirt for the next World Cup to a player that can pass the ball, be a star, take the full weight of the team on his shoulders.

Joking with the journalists at the studio he said that his daughter Gianinna told him her son will be a ballet dancer or something like that. Diego said: "I swear I'll burn down every dance academy in the country! I'm serious" and he laughed.

He also joked and said: "I'll put a plaster boot in Benjamin's right leg because I want him to be a lefty like his grandfather!"

Back to football matters, Diego confessed how happy he is for having MASCHERANO and GAGO playing together in midfield and he didn't rule out a possible 3-3-1-3 formation to face Venezuela on 28 March for the World Cup Qualifiers.

Diego hinted that he could play with three forwards: MESSI on the right, AGUERO in the middle and TEVEZ on the left, but insisted he would never reveal his formation or lineup before communicating it to the players first.


John said...

It’s nice to hear that Diego is very happy about life at the moment. After all the trouble that has endured him, he deserves this.

I don’t see why his grandson should not be a ballet dancer. Imagine with a gifted left foot, dancing his way through his entire opponent. After all Diego; didn’t you dance against the English in 1986, heh?

3-3-1-3? Well not too sure about this tactic being suitable as we don’t have players who could contribute both in defense and offense from the wing.

Dave P said...

Carrizo; Zanetti, Demi, Heinze(Cata); Mascherano, Gago, Jonas; Riquelme; Aguero, Tevez, Messi

thats what my 3-3-1-3 would look like

andaman said...

Thank you for the story Seba. It's good to hear and see that Diego is happy. He turned his life around and now he's enjoying it. New job, new grandson, new calmness in his being. All the best, D.

Looking forward to Diego's los albicelestes first 'real' match.

Anonymous said...

3-3-1-3 was Bielsa'a favourite formation also...

Good to see he's happy right now.

p2bn said...

Nice to him happy. Ahh we fans. We just become happy and cry and take everything as our own. Especially us Argentinian fans:-D, we definitely are different in a different way. Anyways, he is as good a player could be, now he should try to become the greatest coach there was as well :-D and he has time, energy and a great life for it.

Vamos Diego
Vamos Albiceleste

Anonymous said...

zanetti papa janus there's 3 players suited to 3-3-1-3 wide areas

and also demario there's another and there's zabaleta and they other Olympic fullback.....

-----bardisso-- de--henze-----------



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