Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Diego: "It is all about the shirt. The rest doesn't matter"

As I saw MESSI scoring one for Barcelona against Lyon (5-2 win) and I spoke on Skype with John from Malaysia, I listened to Diego MARADONA talking to FOX Sports.

Here are a few things he said (I couldn't hear the whole interview, but here are the best bits I could gather):

"I would be happy to talk to RIQUELME. If he wants to come talk to me, I'd have no problems. My priority is our national team. It's not MARADONA or RIQUELME. It's about the shirt. The national team shirt is the most important thing. The national team shirt is the only one that starts every match for us".

"I want to make very clear that I did everything in my power to take the situation to the best possible solution".

Now they are announcing in the program I'm watching, that they will repeat the best parts of the interview. I'll come back with more Diego quotes as soon as I have them.


John said...

It was great conversation between me and Seba throughout the early hours in Malaysia.

And Diego is spot on. It’s not about the name at the back on the jersey. It’s about the national emblem that is embodied on that front of it that only matters.

p2bn said...

Hello guys!

Well I am in state of shock to be honest. So I was watching Barca smash Lyon to smithrens; I thought, lets see what the guys are doing and tuned in. First thing I saw Preview of Diego's official list. So I went through it, and I was like Where is Roman? So I tuned back to match thinking I will read more later because Henry scored the second one while oblivious to the Roman situation. Then Messi scored as always the wonderful goal, then I came back, scrolled down and saw the news and I WAS LIKE WTF(sry if its not allowed) but I TRULY WAS DUMBFOUNDED. Roman seems to have this issue that team needs to fit around him and not him around the team. Barcelona, Villareal and now the NT. He better start coaching then playing. We have 10 other players who themselves are at least somewhere near top of their game. If football were played by one man, umm well we wont need the 10 others but its not cause its a team game Roman.

To be honest, being a super avid fan and defender of him every moment and a person proud that he had birthday just 4 days before mine together with messi, I just cant stand him acting as a KID. PLAYERS COME PLAYERS GO, NT WILL BE THERE and thats what matters. Grow up Roman or sadly its ARIOS AMIGOS. We all want you to play. I nearly cried when he said he will leave after last WC, but now I am angry with him really. I just hope he doesnt chicken out, if he does let it be.

Vamos Albiceleste