Monday, March 30, 2009

Brief news while we wait for the match v. Bolivia

As expected in the build up for such an important match, there is plenty of information coming up every second.

Here are some of the most relevant stories:

DIEGO 2011?

In the wake of a successful start of his managerial career with Argentina, Diego MARADONA could be offered a contract extension by the AFA to keep him as the boss for the Copa America 2011 that will be played in Argentina. This is simply some speculation, but considering the increase in Argentina's profile and the improvement in tickets sales, the AFA would be keen on having Diego even after the World Cup in 2010.


Out of contention to face Bolivia because of injury, Ezequiel LAVEZZI and Diego MILITO (whom originally planned to travel with the team to La Paz), will be making the trip back to Italy to start the recovery process. Both are sidelined by minor muscular injuries.


Following his yellow card and the suspension that will also sideline him for the game against Bolivia, Jonás GUTIERREZ will not be traveling with the team to Bolivia on Tuesday. Instead, he'll return to Newcastle to re-join the Toon Army in their quest to avoid relegation from the English Premier League.


Juan Román RIQUELME didn't watch the match between Argentina and Venezuela. He went to Miami, USA, to take a break with his family. He had a dinner at the Bella Luna restaurant at Aventura Mall and was spotted by an Argentine fan who lives there.


After Juan Pablo CARRIZO's comments of willing to leave Lazio because he has not been playing as a starter, the President of the Roman side is considering the possibility of fining him when the goalkeeper returns from South America.


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messidona19 said...

good that riquelme retired , he doesn't seem and never seemed interested in the national team , the fact that any player will refuse the chance to play and challenge for the world cup means something

Anonymous said...

Riquelme loves his comfort zone. But I am happy he came to the States for a break, and Miami is a great place to take a vacation.