Monday, March 30, 2009

Mundo Albiceleste Podcast 02

We at Mundo Albiceleste are firing on all cylinders like Diego's three little guys upfront lately!

This is the second edition of our podcast and instead of three forwards, we played with four up front!

This time we discuss Argentina's performance against Venezuela, we take a look at the other results from the South American WCQ Group and we preview our match against Bolivia in the feared altitude of La Paz.

In addition to yours truly and John in Malaysia, we've got two new voices joining in the debate and sharing their views with us. Want to know who they are?

Right-click on the following link and save it as an MP3 file or listen to it in your computer: download.

Enjoy! And don't forget to send us your views to or right here in the comments' box.


messidona19 said...

thanks for the 2nd podcast , gonna listen to it now!

John said...

This was super fast Seba. Well done. The outlook is exactly what I had in mind.

Anonymous said...

We will play with a 4-4-2 against Bolivia on wednesday(so I read on Ole).Emiliano Papa will play at left back, Demichelis will take Angeleri's position while Angel Di Maria will take Jonas place.Maradona has still to decide who will accompany Messi upfront.

Anonymous said...

great work guys....

Sparrow said...

Hey John

Sparrow said...

this is hamdi .. I'm coming down KL for a week in June look forward meeting you.

Sparrow said...

Hey Sebas

I wanna share with you my friends today that I come from Mauritius, Indian Ocean. I was born in 79 during the reign of the Albiceleste.

My first world cup was 1986, I was 7 and really understanding football.

I was 9 when my parents convinced me that we were not living in Argentina and that our country was Mauritius. Always thought we lived in Argentina.

So i'm Argentine by heart. My dream is to visit 'my country'. I would be much easier for me now that I live in Toronto.

2010 the yr of the great 10!


John said...

Hey Hamdi,

Thanks for sharing with us about your background. It was nice to hear from you.

You and I share the same dream which is to visit 'our country' one day.

Looking forward to your visit to KL.

VJ Rabid said...


This podcast was a marvel of global telecommunications, and more importantly, people coming together. People from Argentina, Malaysia, Canada and the United States getting together to discuss Argentine soccer is something.

If I like your podcasts this much already, I can't until you guys polish up the presentation.


VJ Rabid

Sebastian said...

Hey VJ! What do you mean with "polish up the presentation"???? You want us to add someone from Poland??? hahahaha! Just kidding!

Thanks for your comments.

This is all home-made, you know. No budget whatsoever, so I doubt we can improve it very dramatically from how it looks these days.

But we are always open to new ideas and suggestions that I'm sure will help us take the podcast to the next level.

Sparrow! My co-country man! You are an Argentine by heart! Thanks for sharing your story with us (a wonderful story nonetheless).

I also dream of seeing fans like you visiting Argentina and fulfilling their dreams. I'll be a great feeling for me.

I know the day will come. I know it!

Rune said...

Hi guys!

Just finished listening to the second podcast. Really great work from all of you:-) Thanks. I predict a 2-1 win for us, goals by Demichelis and Maxi.