Thursday, March 26, 2009

MESSI: "We can win the World Cup"

Lionel MESSI:

On Argentina's chances in the next World Cup:

"I have no doubts that, based on the quality of our players, we can win the World Cup in 2010"

On playing with a yellow card and risking suspension against Bolivia if he is booked on Saturday v. Venezuela:

"I'm not to worried about it. I'm a forward so I'm not that exposed to getting yellow cards. My team-mates who play in defensive midfield or in defense will have to be more careful".

On whether he would like to wear the number 10 shirt:

"I don't mind the number 10 shirt. I don't think about it. The important thing is to play and do my best for Argentina".

On how he sees MARADONA ahead of his official debut as Argentina manager:

"I see Diego is calmed. I think he's happy after the training we had yesterday. I see a man who trusts this group of players".

"We have a huge deal of respect for Diego and we try our best when he asks us to do something".

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messidona19 said...

i just really admire messi's humbleness , on how he doesn't mind the argentine number 10 although he fully deserves it. i just hope to see him wearing that number more than veron and montenegro because he is the new heart and attacking engine of the team after riquelme left . however i still believe that our most impotant player in mascherano , much more important than even messi!

Sebastian said...'ll be happy with the latest quotes from MARADONA (now up on Mundo Albiceleste).

He insisted and said: "My team is formed by MASCHERANO + 10".

messidona19 said...

oh he's absolutely right. he even said it before he was appointed manager.