Saturday, March 28, 2009

Players' ratings by Dave P.

Dave is an American follower of Mundo Albiceleste and he has a passion for rating players (and in my opinion, a great eye in doing that).

He has posted his players' ratings after our win over Venezuela in a comments' box, but I'm deciding, without even asking him permission, to post those ratings here.

They may not reflect my views or the ones from John and Roy, but we're all together in this and if we have some differences in our opinions, we'll discuss them in the comments' box. That's what we love doing, isn't it?

Without further intro, here are Dave's players' ratings. Please, I encourage you to share your opinions with us.

Dave starts by saying:

"Wow, great victory. So much talk and speculation with Maradona and the 3-4-3 line up and coming home to Argentina. Exceeded the expectations from the Albiceleste fans and then some. I’ll be it Venezuela is one of the more weak teams, which tweaks some of my ratings, but still pure domination by Argentina."

CARRIZO: 7- What can I say nothing really going on but when he was called upon to make a save did so with confidence. One sketchy clearance but made up for it in quick reactions to Heinze’s dumb chest back. Bad form at Lazio, but still Argentina’s #1

ZANETTI: 7.5- Not really tested in the defense all night, Venezuela was content with sitting back and rarely had possession to attack our defense. That being said Zanetti the 20 year old 30+ year old made great runs all night including the one Maradona like run from our box to over half that started our first gol. Very smooth, calm, typical performance from Zanetti; Let him play forever.

ANGELERI: 7- Good first start for the Estudiantes defender. Not really tested at all but when there was a push from Venezuela was always in good position, and again confidant and no hesitation.

HEINZE: 6.5+?- Like Angeleri good performance confident in everything that he did EXCEPT for that one trademark dumb casual defending move that we hate Heinze for. What was he thinking with that chest back to Carrizo from the PK spot with a man on his back??? Just boot it out. Glad that Demi will be back next game.

Maxi RODRIGUEZ: 7.5- Some good runs in the first half putting pressure on the wings and combining with Messi well. Unlike the France game where he did nothing, his head was in the game all the time, played well, and smart in possession. In the 2nd half had a very breath taking run off a Carrizo save which allowed him to score our 3rd GOL. Great work back on defense to help out the back 3. Happy to see Maxi in good form.

MASCHERANO: 8- Great hustle all game as usual, great tackles in the midfield, and was one of the main reasons why our back 3 was never under any immediate pressure. Truly taking on the role as captain very well. Also, smooth on the ball, what else is there to say a typical gritty performance by Masche.

GAGO: 6.5- Sort of a quiet game for Gago. Took a little bit of time to settle down in the first half, had a few arrant passes. Like Masche tracked back and helped the back 3, great defensive play with Masche, probably two of the most hard working defensive mids in the world right now. In the second half was a lot smarter on the ball and had a few cheeky touches that set up Messi and started some counter attacks.

Jonas GUTIERREZ: 8- Wow! impressed by this man’s ability to run at defenders and at the same time sprint back to play defense for the entire game each and every game. Great calmness on the ball, another reason why the back 3 had no pressure because of his incredible work rate. Him combined with Gago n Masche are incredible hard workers that deserve to start every game. Took on two defenders and had a nice pass to assist Kun in his GOL.

TEVEZ: 8-As usual the workhorse up front, pressuring defenders and making runs from the left side to the right and vice versa. Showed great skill on the ball and played well with Messi n Aguero. Especially with his pinpoint pass to Messi to grab our first gol. Then, great finish at the start of the 2nd half that put Venezuela way out of it, great body control to volley the ball home with power, a true scorer at heart. Should have had another gol but was called offside which was BS. Was apart of 2 of our gols, I have been saying that Tevez needs to be a permanent starter for our team and proved it tonight. CARLITOS.

AGÜERO: 6.5- Of the three up top played the worst. Quiet game with two blatant missed chances that definitely should have been gols. If you are the center forward for Argentina those must be finishes. Two positives from El Kun though. One, his cross to Maxi was immaculate, perfect placement to him on the top of the box, and the other, his gol, it was lucky that it deflected but it was a great run at the defender and a strong cut to the center. His replacement, Milito had no impact on the game at all.

MESSI: 9- Wow great game from the electric Messi. Scored the first goal with an excellent run and placed shot. In the first half was a threat every single time he touched the ball running at defenders looking for one two passes and combination. Always active. In the second half came right out and smoked past two defenders to place a ball into the box for Tevez to finish. Truly is a joy to watch, at times I thought the Venezuela defenders were hypnotized by him. Quieted down in the middle of the second half, but out of nowhere within the last 10 mins he deiced to treat the fans to his magical skill. Two runs in which he took on pretty much the entire Venezuelan team with ease. Unlucky to not have scored twice.


VERON: 7: Came on with around 20 mins left, played well, had a calming affect on the game which added more stability to Argentina. At times it felt like it was just him and Messi on the field, enjoyed passing it around and holding possession. Good work, did nothing wrong.

DI MARIA: 7: Came on a couple mins after Veron. Played well in the attack but lacked the defensive presence on the left that Jonas/Maxi had on the wings. More of the flash and flare than the workhorse mentality. That being said played well and beat defenders, had a couple of chances go wide.

Diego MILITO: N/A: came on with around 10 mins left. Did nothing bad or nothing tremendously good.


John said...
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Anonymous said...

Vamos Argentina, great win, will be watching replay here in Australia in 2hrs, really exited and looking forward to it, Always support the shirt, and whoever wears it. Pronx (Australia)

John said...

Dave P, you have the best analytical skill when it comes to player review. Salute you brother!!!

Now here is my player ratings: -

CARIZZO 7 - Not many action from him but when needed he was quick to react.

ZANETTI 8 - Energetic as always, simply evergreen

ANGELERI 7 - A good debut from him, though rarely tested

HEINZE 6.5 - Had his moment of madness, thank God nothing happen

MAXI 8 - Never failed to amaze me, the best right flanker in the world in my opinion

MASCHERANO 8.5 - For every Venezuela attempt to go forward he was their Achilles heel.

GAGO 7 - I’m going to be modest about him but he was relatively quite

JONAS 7.5 - An extra ordinary workaholic player

TEVEZ 8 - With a goal and his passion, you couldn’t ask for more from him

MESSI 9 - The mythical No.10 has found it’s heir. Amazing and glittering to watch, as always

KUN 7 - Had his moment but was pretty quite. Kudos for the goal at least

VERON 7 - He had a tough time from the fans but kept his cool and composure

DI MARIA 7 - He had a couple of chances but we’ve seen better days from him

MILITO - Not fair to judge him as he only made a cameo appearance

And what Diego, he was the most charismatic figure from the sideline since Fatih TERIM from Turkey.

Alejandro Camacho said...

Some commenters attribute the chest back to Angeleri; are you both sure it was Heinze, or are you just assuming it?

Sebastian said...

Alejandro Camacho, it was definitely HEINZE who chested it back to CARRIZO. No doubts about it.

johnny said...

Great work from Dave ! Crazy Johnny has hereby retired from rating players !!

Sebastian said...

Hey Johnny! Don't do that! If you want, you can still send in your ratings!

Here are OLE's ratings, just to compare (in Spanish, but if you can't read it, just concentrate on the number from 1 to 10 that they give to the players):

Juan P. Carrizo (7): No necesita que lo maten a pelotazos para demostrar que es arquero de Selección. Mucho aplomo y reflejos ante el derechazo de Maldonado, único tiro chivo de Venezuela.

Javier Zanetti (6): Esa potencia física que sorprendió hasta a Maradona lo asiste para resolver cuando tiene problemas. Una apilada a pura polenta para el 1-0.

Marcos Angeleri (5,5): Debut correcto. Las manchitas: a veces bartoleó de más y fue amonestado.

Gabriel Heinze (6): Tiene condiciones más aptas para ser central en línea de cuatro, pero así y todo rindió. Puntal de arriba.

Maxi Rodríguez (6): Ambición para llegar al área y buscar su gol, el 3-0.

J. Mascherano (8): Por algo Diego dice que Argentina es Masche más 10. Un león, está en todos los baches y hasta se animó a patear al arco. Terminó acalambrado, pero no dejó la cancha.

F. Gago (6): La versión de Pintita en la Selección de Maradona es más agresiva que la que mostraba, por caso, en Boca. Comprometido, intentó ser eje ante la ausencia de Riquelme, aunque de a ratos estuvo impreciso.

J. Gutiérrez (5,5): Es importante en el equilibrio y la zancada por izquierda, a veces le faltó claridad para decidir.

Lionel Messi (9): Aparecieron las pinturas que delinea en Barcelona. Logró irse vivado de Núñez gracias a un gol, una asistencia, slaloms varios y una jugada sobre el final que, si terminaba en gol era para bajarle la persiana al Monumental. Honor a la 10.

Sergio Agüero (5,5): Es útil cuando la bola le llega al vacío, se pierde si se la dan de espaldas, más allá del esfuerzo. Igual, asistencia y gol.

Carlos Tevez (7,5): Pase a lo Román en el 1-0, volea oportuna para el 2-0; como Agüero, más cómodo de frente a la valla.

J. S. Verón (5): Jugó infiltrado y se lo vio menos participativo que lo usual.

Di María (5): Inquieto.

Milito: Buscó su gol.

messidona19 said...

nice ratings dave!

messidona19 said...
this is the link for messi's last minute venzuela move

Dave P said...

thanks guys, i look forward to more positive play against Bolivia

andaman said...

I was away during this weekend and didn't have cable or internet access to the game (very frustrated I tell you). But I am verrrrrrrry excited with all the comments and can't wait for the torrent I'm loading to finish to see the game.

Salute to the boys and THE MAN, the greatest 10 of all times.

Thank you for the ratings Dave P.

At least I guessed one thing right. I thougth to myself, what kind of goof will Gabi Heinze made this time. Oops, he did, didn't he...

johnny said...

Two things:

1. I hereby state my continued support for Jonas Gutierrez as a starting 11 member of the NT. He may need my support as he will miss the match against Bolivia, and hotshot Di Maria might be gunning from every angle !!

2. A question that has been on my mind for awhile. Given that so many of us have big reservations about Heinze-why does he continue to start, and why does he continue to have apparent value for some of the biggest clubs in football, i.e., Real Madrid and previously Manchester United ?? There must be positives that we tend to overlook. Inquiring minds want to know.

Sebastian said...

1. Agreed on Jonas. Based on what Diego said after the match, I guess you have to rest assured that Jonas WILL continue playing as a starter for Argentina. Diego said: "That midfield of Jonas and Maxi playing wide and GAGO and MASCHERANO in the middle is my ideal of a midfield. I wish I could have them for every match".

2. So you're telling me there is an answer to every question???? If there is an answer to this one, then somebody please let me know.
Here's my guess:

HEINZE is a player that is friends with everybody. He is a very likable guy. A positive character for the group. I'm not saying he doesn't have a single positive attribute as a player. You can say he can do an OK job at left back (he played most of his games for Argentina as a left-back), but the most important thing is that he can adapt to many positions in defense. Yesterday he played as a central defender but a little bit towards the left and that's not even his natural position either. He is a central defender (like he was at Scotland and France). That's something very valuable for managers too. He is good in the air and he plays with tremendous passion. list all his negative aspects, I'll probably need two or three blogs the size of Mundo Albiceleste! ;)

messidona19 said...

okay well heinze might not be the same player as he was in his first season with Man Utd 2004/05 but he is being chosen because he is better than burdisso and collocini , samuel is injury prone and gabi milito has been out for a year where he was starting to cement his place in the defence , and although it is this season that heinze is sliping a lot and making mistakes every match but i guess it's his experience that's keeping him in the team and there are coaches which choose you or not not matter what you do with your club (look at lippi and del bosque not choosing cassano and raul respectively)

allan ng said...

So anybody missed Riquelme?

I think Maradona is right to play 3 up front. Messi, Aguero and Tevez really can work out lots of gaps in opposition defences.

But for that to happen he needs to have a very defensive minded, yet offensive when needed, midfield, which he has in Mascherano, Gago and Gutierrez.

But I doubt he will keep them for stronger opponents. I think he will only play two up front against stronger opponents.

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