Thursday, March 12, 2009

The other boss' opinion: GRONDONA speaks

"There are always some troubles in every family. We'll try to minimize the pain that this situation has caused".

"Football has this things. It's difficult. When there are situations like this. I'm hurt, but at the same time, I'm not surprised".

"I always speak with players and managers. It's one of my duties. I have no problems speaking with RIQUELME".

I would like to point out that he didn't say: "Yes, I'm going to call RIQUELME". He said he had no problems talking with RIQUELME but didn't imply he wants to call him or will call him.

"I think both Diego and RIQUELME haven't offended each other on television. They spoked publicly but without offending each other. I think it all got out of proportion".

"Diego MARADONA came to my mother's funeral (she died the same day RIQUELME made his announcement), but of course we haven't spoken because it wasn't the right time".

"MARADONA is the number one today for Argentina. He is the one in charge. We didn't bring BILARDO to use him as a Plan B in case MARADONA failed".

Then GRONDONA spoke about football-related issues:

"We have an advantage over most national teams with players the like of MESSI, TEVEZ, AGÜERO. They make a difference. They are in a league or their own."

"I think goalkeepers play a huge part in the success of a football team. If you revised our history, you'll find great goalkeepers behind every successful campaign. Take FILLOL as an example. Nowadays, we've got excellent prospects in that position. I think CARRIZO is a proven goalkeeper and he's been excellent every time he played for Argentina. Sergio ROMERO too. He was brilliant in Beijing and he went through almost the entire tournament (after USTARI got injured) without making any mistakes".


John said...

Let's hope there will happy ending to all this mystery. Whatever decision that will be made, must be in the best interest of the National Team.

Having said that, I'm still sceptic about Roman's future under Diego. He has a lot to answer not just to the manager but also to the team as a whole.

Sebastian said...

John: forget about RIQUELME playing for the national team. His ego and his pride are simply too big to let him turn around in his decision.

Reports in the media are suggesting that more than 10 regular national team players have called Diego from Europe to let him know he has their full support.

There's something bigger than a simple feeling that suggests RIQUELME is not a very liked character in the dressing room and therefore, the core of the national team have welcomed his resignation.

If it was any other player, I would keep a glimmer of hope in him changing his mind. RIQUELME? Can you imagine working under MARADONA after saying what he said and after not even naming MARADONA in his televised announcement? (Remember he kept saying: 'The national team manager' instead of saying Diego or MARADONA).

RIQUELME in our national team is something that's in the past.

The sooner we move on, the better.

Agustín Remiro said...

Amigos, luego de tanto tiempo actualizo el blog para avisar que le daré de baja porque a partir del lunes 16 de marzo comenzará a estar online el sitio, donde podrán encontrar toda la información del básquet argentino y la palabra de los protagonistas.
Espero que me acompañen en esta cruzada como lo hicieron en el blog.
Un abrazo y espero que nos mantengamos en contacto.

Anonymous said...

i feel so bad for Carrizo. He is not playing as first choice goalkeeper right now. He is good against France and arguably the best goalkeeper for Argentina right now.

Higuian should be called for the National Team. He is proven a good player with many goals and assists
I hope Maradona can think better, because it is a waste if that talented kid(Higuian) play for France.

Roy said...

Someone will have to step up in order for this team to succeed. It's just that simple. Messi is not a playmaker and he never will be. You have to be born with it and he isn't. Veron is not the answer. Aimar might be, same goes for D'Alessandro. Our first real test will be against Venezuela. Let's see how we do.

Here's the squad for the Qualifiers(that was released today).

Carrizo, Andújar and Vilar

Zanetti, Papa, Heinze, Díaz, Samuel, Forlín, Angeleri, Martín Demichelis

Mascherano, Gago, Maxi, Jonás, Battaglia, Luis González, Verón, Di María, Daniel Montenegro

Messi, Agüero, Tevez, Lisandro López, Milito, Lavezzi

No Cambiasso, no Higuain, no D'Alessandro. Surprised, especially about Cambiasso. As for the line-up, please start Milito and gave him a shot. If he doesn't succeed, then his National Team career is over. But you have to show confidence in him.

Anonymous said...

do agree with you roy higuain and cambiasso should be on the list .think diego should built team around some key players and cambiasso and pipita should be considered.

Anonymous said...

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