Thursday, March 26, 2009

News after the training session

While everything is set for Diego MARADONA to address the media at a press conference in Ezeiza, it's a good time to talk about what happened in training this week.

On Tuesday, the supposed starters were involved in a training match with a team from Tristán Suárez, a club in the Argentine lower divisions (currently playing in Primera B, the third tier of Argentine football).

Wednesday was the time for the supposed substitutes did the same and played against a Tristán Suárez XI with Federico VILAR playing as a goalkeeper for them. VILAR suffered the impressive scoring power of Diego's 'substitutes' as Argentina defeated Tristán Suárez 7-0.

Those who faced Tristán Suárez were:

ANDUJAR on goal;

A back line of three men, formed by Juan FORLIN, the youngster from Boca Juniors; Walter SAMUEL and Angel DI MARIA surprisingly giving a hand in defense (considering Martín DEMICHELIS didn't take part of the training session because he is suspended. However, DEMICHELIS replaced the Benfica star in the second half).

In midfield, four players that could start for most of the national teams in the world: Luis 'Lucho' GONZALEZ, Sebastián BATTAGLIA, Juan Sebastián VERON and Daniel MONTENEGRO.

Up front? Lisandro LOPEZ, Diego MILITO and Ezequiel LAVEZZI (look at that striking power! And they are currently second choice for Argentina! Not bad, isn't it?)

The scorers? Two of my favourites: Lisandro LOPEZ had a brace and...listen carefully...five goals from Diego MILITO (one of them coming from the penalty spot).

Not a bad training session and good to know there will be enough fire power on the bench against Venezuela.

The probable lineup so far (could be confirmed by MARADONA in this upcoming press conference) would be:

Juan Pablo CARRIZO;

Three at the back: Javier ZANETTI on the right, Gabriel HEINZE on the left and looking favourite to take on the role of sweeper: Marcos ANGELERI.

The Estudiantes defender said today in an interview that he played his entire youth career in that position for the team from La Plata and that's the role he is more comfortable with.

The wide midfielders will be Maxi RODRIGUEZ on the right and Jonas GUTIERREZ on the left, and they will be anchored by captain Javier MASCHERANO and Fernando GAGO in the middle of the park.

Up front, your favourite choice (according to our poll) of three little fellows:

Lionel MESSI coming from the right (just as he does in Barcelona), Carlos TEVEZ playing on the left and Sergio AGÜERO in the middle of those two.

Those are the favourites to start on Saturday. There are, however, as we mentioned on our podcast, different options and names that could change things slightly.

Daniel DIAZ could play to the right of ANGELERI and if that's the case, ZANETTI could occupy Maxi RODRIGUEZ's spot as a right midfielder. In my opinion, this is unlikely.

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Roy said...

You know, I have a good feeling about these 2 matches. We're clearly going to beat Venezuela and I think(hopefully) Diego is going to save his "big guns" for Bolivia. Aguero clearly cannot go 90 minutes right now(I'm basing this on his last few matches) so better to use him against Venezuela then at altitude against Bolivia.

Messi---Aguero---Tevez against Venezuela.

Messi---Milito/Lopez---Tevez against Bolivia.

The more I think of it, the more I think Diego will do what Pekerman did. Use 2 different sets of players/teams for the Qualifiers. Which is why I'm expecting to see Lucho Gonzalez and Di Maria against Bolivia. Gonzalez to be more the playmaker and Di Maria to send in some crosses for our target man.

Sebastian said...

Interesting, Roy. I kind of agree that the starting XI will change from Saturday to Wednesday.

For starters, I don' think we'll play with 3 at the back in Bolivia. So there you go...either Carlitos or Kun will sit on Wednesday. I don't see MESSI missing that game (if he doesn't get a yellow).

Also...there are a lot of players with a yellow card and they would miss the trip to La Paz if they are booked on Saturday.

I was working on a post about it when Diego's conference started and now I don't know if I'll have the time to put that "yellow list" up.

I guess it's still early to talk about the probable lineup in La Paz and a lot will depend on those yellow cards and how the players respond physically against Venezuela.

I'm all up for the inclusion of one from Lisandro and MILITO and I wouldn't mind Lucho coming in, but pace on the wings with Jonas and Maxi will also be crucial to have an attacking presence if we don't play with three up front (which I don't think will be the case).

Sebastian said...

Just a correction, people.

I read a wire yesterday that had the information about the friendly match with Tristán Suárez wrong.

It was 5-0 and the goalscorers were: Lisandro LOPEZ (2), Diego MILITO (2) and Lucho GONZALEZ.

I apologise.