Sunday, March 29, 2009

MESSI's amazing run v. Venezuela

No audio, but as Diego said: "If he scored that one, we all had to leave the stadium, pay another ticket and come back in".

Thanks to Messidona19 for the link!


Saurabh Bhattacharee said...

What a great run! and nobody could have described it better than Diego:)

A really great game indeed. Even though Venezuela were always expected to be push-overs, the quality of play from Messi, Mascherano and Co. absolutely top-class.

Just listened to the podcast. I must say that it has been such a delight to have seen the evolution of the blog from soccernet site to vamos argentina to its current shape.

I have not been able to give as much time to football as earlier. But it is always a pleasure to read the offerings on Mundo Albiceleste.

My congratulations to Seba and John and wishing a lot more treats on Mundo Albiceleste

Sebastian said...

Thanks for your words, Saurabh! You really are one of our earliest readers!

Keep an eye (and a ear) for our next podcast, coming up before the Bolivia match.

messidona19 said...

great and accurate passing by veron and like i said yesterday in chat when you guys were proposing for maradona to substitute him " keep messi on so that we can watch his magic"!

pisingh said...

wo- guys the site is developing real nicely. I dont post much but gotta say Veron really played well when coming on and linked with Messi with instant one touch passing. I was extremely sad to see Riquelme leave but if Veron can play like that for us I think we can ensure we have something different in the locker than the fast running football offered by our nippy forwards.

Lopez, India said...

Hey Great news for us.

Brazil held by Ecuador. The final score was 1-1.

Ecuador equalized just one minute before the end of the game.
We are now at 2nd palce with 19 points, one point ahead of Brazil.
Brazil might yet drop to fourth place if Chile win their game in Peru later Sunday.

things are moving posive for Argentina :)

Anonymous said...

Chile won :)

Anonymous said...

Chile won :)

Anonymous said...

Chile won :)

andaman said...

Dream start for El Diego and Co.

Messi is just being Messi. FABULOUS!!!

rupert said...

great run, should have finished it though. Maradonna did the business against us (england) in 86 and his goal is the best I have seen (not the hand one hehe!) BUT even if Messi had finished Gigg's run against Arsenal would be behind Marradonna and not Messi's run.
Messi though is the best player in the world at the moment forget Ronaldo (and I am utd fan) Messi is the man and will be for a long time and that is coming from an English Man Utd fan.

Sebastian said...

Thanks for your comment, Rupert and welcome to Mundo Albiceleste.

As I said many time, we welcome fans from rival teams to discuss anything with us. I think those views are a great addition to our site.

I have to agree with you regarding MESSI and his status as world's best (right now).

However, even when I saw that GIGGS' goal against Arsenal, I still think it will rank behind MESSI's goal against Getafe (the one that's very similar to Diego's second goal v. England in 1986).

But there are many goals like that (individual efforts including dribbling past several players).

I remember one Saudi Arabia goal in (I think it was) USA 1994. That was really something (v. Belgium I think. I may be very wrong because I'm not checking and it's just coming from my memory).

Then Roy WEGERLE's goal for QPR v. Leeds (I'm a QPR fan, you know!) is also something special.

Anyway...keep posting here, Rupert, even when we support rival national teams and even when you will, most likely, support Brazil when they face us! ;)

John said...

You're right. It was Saed Al-Owairan against Belgium in USA'94.

messidona19 said...
and are two of the maradonesque goals i've seen maybe even better ! but they're at lower level

VJ Rabid said...

Great video, Seba. Messi's an unbelievable penetrator.

As beautiful as Messi's dribble game is, do you think Argentina's chances of winning the World Cup could increase with more drives starting with entry passes to the penalty area?

The Spanish are masters of this and my impression is that it had something to do with their winning Euro 2008.

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