Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A preview of Diego's first official squad list

As announced on TyC Sports (a sports cable channel here in Argentina) the following will be the names included on Diego MARADONA's first squad list ahead of the WC Qualifiers against Venezuela and Bolivia.

Please, have in mind that this is a preliminary list and it remains to be seen whether there'll be additions or changes to these 27 names.

Let's take a look:

Juan Pablo CARRIZO (Lazio)
Mariano ANDUJAR (Estudiantes de La Plata)
Federico VILAR (Atlante -Mexico-)

Javier ZANETTI (Inter)
Martín DEMICHELIS (Bayern Munich)
Daniel DIAZ (Getafe)
Walter SAMUEL (Inter)
Gastón ANGELERI (Estudiantes de La Plata)
Gabriel HEINZE (Real Madrid)
Juan FORLIN (Boca Juniors)
Emiliano PAPA (Velez Sarsfield)

Javier MASCHERANO (Liverpool)
Maximiliano RODRIGUEZ (Atlético Madrid)
Jonás GUTIERREZ (Newcastle United)
Fernando GAGO (Real Madrid)
Luis GONZALEZ (Porto)
Angel DI MARIA (Benfica)
Sebastián BATTAGLIA (Boca Juniors)
Juan Sebastián VERON (Estudiantes de La Plata)
Daniel MONTENEGRO (Independiente)

Lionel MESSI (Barcelona)
Carlos TEVEZ (Manchester United)
Lisandro LOPEZ (Porto)
Sergio AGÜERO (Atlético Madrid)
Ezequiel LAVEZZI (Napoli)
Germán DENIS (Napoli)
Diego MILITO (Genoa)


Lazaro said...

Nine midfielders and seven forwards? That's a lot of forwards... And the defenders aren't that spectacular, either. Argentina has the best srikers in the world, but the team looks a little unbalanced, no?

Sebastian said...

Good point, Lazaro. But remember this is only a preliminary list.

I expect it to be reduced.

Regarding the balance you mention, I guess we're going to have to wait and see which players will make the final cut ahead of the next two matches.

As it is right now, I think Diego is bringing players that will give him plenty of options.

He can pick a variety of formations and have a strong starting XI whatever he decides.

By naming all these players, I think Diego is also sending them a message and telling them they better be ready because their chance could be just around the corner.

I think he brings the motivation of the squad to a higher level.

messidona19 said...

i just never understand the reason why higuain and garay never get chosen??!!! samuel should replace heinze coz the defence is really poor. the midfield isn't spectacular either. i think we're gonna miss riquelme's talent and cambiasso should be there too. he's inter's best midfielder for christ's sake! montenegro is a fine choice , although he's not that young. but maradona's bias towards napoli and boca players is not good , denis shouldn't be there , instead we have cavenaghi , higuain and zarate to choose from!
all in all not very impressive but it's OK

Anonymous said...

I think Higuain is simply overrated. Garay is not playing with Santander, he was poor during this season.

Cambiasso never performed with the NT. Hell, everyone dislike him in Argentina.

Finally Cavenaghi is injured. Zarate is too selfish for my liking.
Basta de Denis.

messidona19 said...

dude u can't say that denis is better than higuain. lavezzi is good but he's not a natural goalscorer. higuain also has passing skills and is hard to shake off the ball and is fast with it too. and u can't tell me that heinze , diaz , burdisso (injured) , collocini and papa are actually better than garay whom when i first heard off was dubbed the new ayala.
i agree with u that cambiasso never performed that great for argentina but he can be a good understudy to gago or mascherano in case of injury. we both know that mascherano and gago never score goals for their team whereas cambiasso can come up and surprise u with a goal.
yea i also agree that zarate is selfish but he's not bad, he can run up on defences and do something out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

Higuain not being called up once again. What a shocker he calls his lads from Napoli. I do not like Denis , Milito I just do not see as a NTL team player. Lopez I have heard people rave about him. Now if I was Higuain I would just jump ship to play for France. I have seen him play for Argentina in Los Angeles and scored a couple goals but that game was not dubbed as an "A" national team. The kid needs to get called up.

As for Zarate ahnnn, I do not know but I do like him over Lavezzi. I do like the addition of Di Maria. And why in the world is Papa from Velez called up? The guy is to small and too slow for the game. He was horrible vs France. If he had called up Pato for GK that would of been it for me.

I would of started an anti-campaign. I know this is not the list for the WC but he needs to call up some other players then the rusty players we have seen as in Denis,Milito,Papa and etc. And not calling Cambiasso who works just as anybody on the pitch. These two games should be fairly ok. The game in La Paz is always tricky though but I hope they can manage.


John said...

No Gonzalo HIGUAIN! No Mauro ZARATE! This is shocking. I think the both of them have scored more goals than German DENIS this season. What a surprise!

I guess Diego MILITO names does justify as he is the leading scorer in Serie A. That’s fine with me.

Overall not a bad team but still is too strong for the likes of Venezuela and Bolivia. We should be okay.

Agree that the trip to La Paz will be tricky.

Anonymous said...

Why Carrizo is not playing anymore. I think he is the best goalkeeper for Argentina right now. So bad for the squad

Sir Raul

Yoseph said...

First of all Lavezzi is the real deal. ANyone who disagrees JUST WATCH his highlight video from Serie A this season. He IS Napoli. Watch for interest from other teams on him. He belongs up front w/ Tevez, Messi, Aguerro, (and him). And also WHERE IN THE WORLD IS Pablo Aimar, he still plays tremendously competitive football and footballers around the world agree is one of the most talented MF's. Just watch his highlight video @ Benfica, he gave some unbelievable passes to Suazo and the Delanteros. I know he's small and injury prone and gets cold when he doesn't play, who wouldn't?? He's an ASSET and coach Maradona needs to look into that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vamos Payaso, Vamos Albicelestes!