Saturday, March 28, 2009

The dream is born again

No, I won't get too carried away. By no means I'll allow myself to do that. It was a home game against a team that had never even win a single point against Argentina in history. It was also very clear that the difference in quality between the players from both teams was abysmal.

That's why I'm not referring to this compelling 4-0 victory, with goals from MESSI, TEVEZ, Maxi RODRIGUEZ and AGÜERO. I'm talking about the things that surrounded this clear triumph.

This is not a match report. These are just a few lines from me to talk about the feelings I was left with after watching the match.

It's been an incredibly long time since I've seen a crowd so fired up for a match of this characteristics. It's also been a long time since I've seen eleven players clearly committed to the cause. Completely behind their manager.

That, to me, it's way more important than winning by 4, 6 or 11 goals.

That, to me, was the most crucial aspect that was lacking in recent times with our national team.

Plenty of positive signs to get from this match.

Let's make a list (I'll try to put the most important first):

1 - We got the three points.
2 - We won comfortably.
3 - Diego passed the test of his first official match as Argentina manager.
4 - No apparent injuries.
5 - The team showed patience when Venezuela were putting 9 men behind the ball.
6 - ZANETTI is timeless, eternal.
7 - MASCHERANO is everywhere. In fact...he is helping me type this text!!!
8 - MESSI finally had a breakthrough match at River Plate. He needed to show he could do it.
9 - TEVEZ played like a world class player that has the complete trust of his manager.
10 - The entire nation is behind the best number 10 in the history of the game.

I guess 10 items on this list should suffice.

Diego would like it that way.

Argentina needed to start dreaming again. There won't be any guarantees when it comes to results and attractive football in the future. The road to South Africa is still full of obstacles with trips to Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador and Uruguay. With Brazil coming to Buenos Aires too, but I'm looking on the bright side here and I'm confident it will take a lot of effort for any team to beat Argentina from now on.

We will discuss everything that this win over Venezuela left us on our next edition of our brand new podcast show.

Stay tuned for news about that. Until then, congratulations on your team's victory!


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1 comment:

John said...

Yes! We can start dreaming again but like what you’ve said Seba, there is still a long road down the way. All the 10 points which you’ve highlighted is absolutely true.

After all the fracas that involved with Roman decision, today the entire focus was on the National Team and that goes to show the majority of the fans are behind Diego.

I’m going to keep some of my thought about the game for our next podcast.